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UK Smash EDO Newswire Archive

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Smash EDO Press Release - Campaigners Say "Shut ITT!"

13-10-2008 09:45

13/10/2008 For immediate release

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Brighton Against the Arms Trade - 2nd Public Forum

05-10-2008 13:50

6th October

Brighton Against the Arms Trade - 2nd Public Forum

Venue Cowley Club/Time - 7.30pm

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Open Letter to Sussex Police from Smash EDO

03-10-2008 11:09


Anti arms trade campaigners are planning a mass demonstration against the arms trade on Wednesday October 15th from Falmer Station. Recently Sussex Police hand delivered letters to known campaigners calling for 'organisers' to meet with the police to 'discuss their intentions'.

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SHUT ITT! Oct 15th Advice and info

19-09-2008 21:43

Meet October 15th at 12 noon opposite Falmer Station, through the underpass, next to the Sussex University sign. Good directions to Falmer can be found at the following link by Sussex Uni:

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Smash EDO Smashing Update

18-09-2008 10:17

Smash EDO Events

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22nd Sept - Brighton Against the Arms Trade

17-09-2008 22:26

Monday 22nd Sept

Brighton Against the Arms Trade - Public Meeting, 7.30 pm, Brighthelm Centre, North Rd, Brighton

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ASBO Hotline

13-09-2008 23:52

Stamp down on anti-social behaviour

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TONIGHT-Filmmakers Against War/Nick Broomfield/Smash Edo/Andy Worthington

08-09-2008 08:13

Portobello Film Festival
Monday 8th September
As part of Portobello Film Festival
at Inn On The Green, 3-5 Thorpe Close, W10 5XL (2min from Ladbroke Grove Tube)

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Shut ITT! Mass demo against EDO-MBM/ITT October 15th

05-09-2008 18:32

After the big, lively and successful Carnival Against the Arms Trade
in June, it is now time to think of the future. The next big demo
against EDO will be held on Wednesday the 15th of October and will
meet at noon opposite Falmer station in Brighton. Again, the theme
will be red and the sound will be rebellious!

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Anti Arms Trade Campaigners on Trial in Worthing Magistrate's Court

28-08-2008 08:24

Smash EDO Press Release

Thursday August 28th

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ITT Corp assisted in the killing of 90 Afghani civilians.

27-08-2008 18:31

In the 1930s and 40's ITT built the bombers that massacred civilians in Britain.

Today ITT are one of the top ten arms suppliers of the US armed forces and are currently assisting war crimes in Afghanistan.

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ITT - EDO MBM Begins Full Scale Paveway IV Guided Bomb Production in Brighton

22-08-2008 17:04

After 4 years of developmental setbacks the Raytheon IV guided bomb is now in full production in the UK.

The new weapon is intended to replace the Paveway III guided bomb, the most commonly used munition in the 2003 'shock and awe' bombing of Iraq.

EDO MBM Technology Ltd (now owned by ITT Corp) are UK design and production partners on the new 'smart bomb' with Raytheon, Portsmouth Aviation, and Thales.

Once again EDO MBM is found to be at the heart of UK and joint US/UK military operations in Iraq and Afganistan.

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Smash EDO Press Release - Man Arrested For Playing Waltzing Matilda

21-08-2008 08:35



21ST AUGUST 2007

Press Contact Andrew Beckett or Chloe Marsh

For more details tel. 07875 708873 or 07754 135290

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Musical Noise Demo Tomorrow at EDO

19-08-2008 17:59

Come along to a special noise demo of political resistance/anti-war songs outside EDO, Home Farm Road, Brighton, Wednesday 20th, 4-6pm.

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Press Release - Conspiracy Prosecution Comes Unstuck

14-08-2008 08:04

Smash EDO Press Release

Thursday 14th August

For more info call Andrew Beckett or Chloe Marsh on 07875708873 or email

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Anti War Conspiracy Trial Shambles Draws To A Close

11-08-2008 14:21

Smash EDO Press Release

Monday 11th August

For more info call Andrew Beckett or Chloe Walsh on 07875708873 or email

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Smash EDO Shut ITT national demo myspace

05-08-2008 18:04

the myspace is back

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Smash EDO Update - Support Campaigners in Court

03-08-2008 20:34

Support Campaigners in Court

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EDO Corp Fraud Whistleblower in US Court Battle

01-08-2008 13:46

A former EDO Corp employee in the US claims that flaws in troop protection equipment made by a newly acquired subsidiary of the company were covered up so as not to place strain on corporate relationships.

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Sussex Police Raid Flat In Glasgow In Relation To Smash EDO Demo

31-07-2008 09:43

Sussex police this morning carried out a raid on the home of ttwo Glasgow anarchists in relation to the Smash EDO demo in Brighton earlier this year.