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Sussex Police Raid Flat In Glasgow In Relation To Smash EDO Demo

Glasgow Anarchist | 31.07.2008 09:43 | Smash EDO

Sussex police this morning carried out a raid on the home of ttwo Glasgow anarchists in relation to the Smash EDO demo in Brighton earlier this year.

At ten past seven this morning Sussex police accompanied by Strathclyde police entered and searched a flat occupied by two Anarchists living in Glasgow. Five Sussex police officers and an unknown number of Strathclyde officers searched the premesis for one of the occupants who they wanted in relation to the Smash EDO demo earlier this year, much to their dissapointment the anarchist was not in. They then proceeded to search the property and seize property belonging to both anarchists.

Alongside personal effects the police also seized a bundle of copies of Resistance the monthly Bulletin of the Anarchist Federation, copies of Class War newspaper and a large pile of copies of the popular Glasgow anarchist paper the Anarchist Critic/Malicious Mischief. They also took items relating to the Unity Centre, Faslane Peace Camp and the Climate Camp.

They also searched through computers in the flat.

Glasgow Anarchist



31.07.2008 18:59

They had a warrant issued by an English court that was then Ok'd by a Scottish Sheriff. First time I or anyone I have asked has heard of a cross border search warrant.

raidee(is that a word?)


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