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UK Smash EDO Newswire Archive

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Green Councillor to Present Petition Calling for Brighton Council to Discuss EDO

09-12-2009 10:10

Press Release

For immediate release: 9/12/2009

Photo opportunity: Infostall outside the council meeting at 4pm, Thursday 10th. For more information contact Andrew Beckett or Chloe Marsh: 07754135290.

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Celtic FC VS Hapoel Tel Aviv Palestine Protest Success At Football/Soccer Match

06-12-2009 17:35

This article explains the success of the joint palestine solidarity protest organised by the STUC (Scottish Trade Union Congress) and SPSC (Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign) against the negative mainstream media spin during the Glasgow Celtic football club versus Hapoel Tel Aviv football/soccer match.

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Smashing Smash EDO update

04-12-2009 20:59

Past, on-going and future Smash EDO update...With lots of ways to participate!

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Sign council petition to condemn EDO

03-12-2009 12:54

On 10th December 2009 a petition will be presented to Brighton and Hove City Council, demanding that the council table a motion condemning the activities of Brighton based arms manufacturer EDO MBM/ITT.

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NPIOU Make an appearance at Decommissioners trial

01-12-2009 22:28

today was the first hearing in the decommissioners case (

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Tunbridge Wells picket against Barclays

30-11-2009 22:59

Activists in Tunbridge Wells Puckett Barclays in support of SnashEDO day of action

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Leafletters Target Barclays in Hastings

30-11-2009 22:42

Hastings Against the War leafletted their local branch of Barclays this Saturday in support of the Target Barclays day of action.

actions have, so far, taken place in:
Cambridge - /en/2009/11/442521.html
Brighton - /en/2009/11/442445.html
Wrexham - /en/2009/11/442394.html
Falmouth - /en/2009/11/442538.html

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Leafletters Target Barclays in Falmouth

30-11-2009 10:58

Kernow Action Now (KAN) leafletted the Falmouth branch of Barclays this Saturday in support of the Target Barclays day of action.

Several cops turned up (apparently a rare occurrence in Falmouth) and cops were also posted outside Barclays' Truro branch

Read KAN's statement on the Target Barclays campaign here -

actions have, so far, taken place in:
Cambridge -
Brighton -
Wrexham -

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Smash EDO - Brighton Target Barclays launch Demo Pics

28-11-2009 21:49

On the 28th a large demonstration was held in Brighton outside the bank's North Street branch, a letter was handed in to the branch manager, thousands of leaflets were given out and two Barclays customers, after reading the leaflet, told picketers that they would close their accounts. A Barclays spokesperson, speaking to the Brighton Argus, said “Barclays Group provides financial services to the defence sector within a specific policy framework." One can only guess that framework is to generate as much profit as possible for themselves

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Target Baclays Action in Cambridge

28-11-2009 17:40

barclays cambridge
Some pixies carved on the side of the market square barclays a message against its investments in the arms trade.

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Barclays Bank in Wrexham targeted

28-11-2009 15:48

Redecorating Barclays' brand new shop front
Activists held a demonstration outside the brand new branch of Barclays Bank in Hope Street, Wrexham this morning in solidarity with Smash EDO's Target Barclays Campaign. Barclays have located their shiny new 'shop front' branch, at a cost of more than £1 million, in a pedestrianised area with some very useful railings right in front of the doorway, just perfect for mounting a visual display to make the point about Barclays' links with the global arms trade.

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Press Release - Smash EDO Launches Anti-Barclays Campaign

26-11-2009 09:54

Press Release

26th November 2009

Contact: Chloe Marsh or Andrew Beckett for further details
Tel: 07754135290, E mail:

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Smash EDO Events Update

22-11-2009 22:15

Here comes your sporadic campaign update. In this email
-New campaign started against Barclays
-Remember Gaza Smash EDO mass demo
-Council Petition
-Fundraiser at Hector's House

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Target Barclays - Shut ITT

21-11-2009 21:15

Smash EDO are calling for autonomous actions against Barclays Bank to force them to stop providing 'market maker' services for ITT Corporation on the NYSE.

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Decommisioners Court Case adjourned til next year

24-09-2009 12:49

see for details

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UN Report Finds War Crimes In Operation Cast Lead

15-09-2009 16:55


Press Release


xxxxxxxxxx UN Fact Finding Mission finds strong evidence
of war crimes and crimes against humanity
committed during the Gaza conflict;
calls for end to impunity

15 September 2009

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SMASH EDO: Petition and week of events

12-09-2009 18:29

After a rare week off from the noise demos to focus on the DSEi arms fair Smash EDO will be back outside EDO as usual for weekly noise demos on Wednesday between 4 and 6pm. Come along!

In the meantime, there has been a petition set up for the Foreign Office demo to demand an end to arms exports to Israel. Please support the decommissioners' actions by signing it and circulate widely. To add your signature go to