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UK Smash EDO Newswire Archive

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Film Maker Raided

20-06-2009 12:23

Brighton film maker raided bt Sussex Police

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Names of Gaza Victims to be read Outside Brighton Bomb Factory Today

17-06-2009 09:04

Smash EDO Press Release

Wednesday 17th June

for more info call 07754135290 or email

Demonstration at EDO MBM/ITT, Home Farm Road, 3.30pm

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Remember Gaza - Demo outside EDO tomorrow 3.30pm

16-06-2009 06:21

Wednesday June 17th -Remember Gaza: outside EDO/ITT from 3.30pm (please note the earlier starting time).

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Recession? What Recession? say Arms Industry

08-06-2009 14:12

Global military spending rose 4% in 2008 to a record $1,464bn (£914bn) - up 45% since 1999, according to the Stockholm-based peace institute Sipri. It's great that British companies are profitting

Small Arms and ammunition are supplied across the Globe, including the US and Germany.

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Smash EDO Press Release: Protester Wins Assault Police Case On Self Defence

05-06-2009 15:35

For Immediate Release

5 June 2009

Smash EDO Carnival 2008 Protester Who Hit Back at Police Officer Wins Assault Case after Plea of Self Defence

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Last Hours is back online!

01-06-2009 11:21

After a couple of weeks of being down the radical culture and alternative media webzine Last Hours is back online.

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Smash EDO!!! (by Latuff)

01-06-2009 01:46

Smash EDO
Artwork I made for the renowned Brighton activist group Smash EDO. EDO MBM, subsidiary of EDO Corp (a US-based arms multinational), supplied equipments to the Israeli military, used in the bombing of Gaza.

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Smash EDO update: stay (or get) involved!

28-05-2009 18:56

Now when the dust has settled on the events of Mayday, it is important that we keep up the pressure on EDO/ITT. As always, noise demos are continuing outside the factory between 4 and 6 every Wednesday and there are a few special ones lined up.

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EDO civilian technology company disolved

25-05-2009 12:24

EDO Aerotech Ltd, the civilian aviation technology subsidiary of EDO (UK) Ltd, and sister company to arms maker EDO MBM was finally disolved this month.

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CCTV (ANPR) systems used to track anti-war protesters

23-05-2009 10:00

Link to short video report on BBC - features EDO/ITT protesters.

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NPOIU Pops Up In Brighton Mags Court Hearing

19-05-2009 23:10

4 defendants on trial this week for alleged offences connected to the June 2008 Brighton Carnival against the Arms Trade were blessed with a court visit by the secretive National Public Order Intelligence Unit (NPOIU).

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AMN Action Roundup #1

19-05-2009 00:38

Welcome to the first Action Roundup from for Anti-Militarist Network. To have your events or actions covered either add them to Indymedia UK under the anti-militarism tag, or email us.

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EDO (UK) Directors Resign en Mass. Paul Hills LAST One Left

17-05-2009 21:58

Final cracks in EDO MBM appear to be showing as Brighton arms firm EDO MBM's holding company EDO (UK) Ltd loses all but one director.

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Bath Bomb #22 Out Now

16-05-2009 01:41

This month's issue of Bath's radical newsletter, now out

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Smash EDO: Thank you, Maydayers!

14-05-2009 20:25

A Smashing update about what to do next.

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Caoimhe Butterly (Quiva) talk on continuing Isreali war crimes in Gaza

13-05-2009 00:50

Caoimhe Butterly (Quiva) has been the Freegaza movement,, coordinator in Gaza since November 2008. She witnessed the devastating consequences of the Israeli Attacks on the Palestinian people. Quiva will share with us her experience during the horrific time which the Palestinian people suffered.

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Mayday Mayday Brighton Smash EDO protest

09-05-2009 13:42

Despite the Brighton’s Argus EDF (energy Daily Newspaper of the Year) editor’s, best efforts in outweighing the balance of positive comments from the many residents who don't want an Arms factory anywhere near their town by two to one. All that all that could be offered in it’s pages by way of a reasonable counter argument against the demonstrators was idiotic twaddle like "Why don't they have a bath and get a life", "Why aren’t they recycling their bottles and cans instead of using them as weapons" from the rudely awakened Mr and Mrs Complacent of Brighton

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Were you arrested on May 4th in Brighton

08-05-2009 08:37

we know of three people who were arrested at the Mayday! Mayday! Street Party