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UK Smash EDO Newswire Archive

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Raytheon in Bristol Blockaded

05-11-2008 09:50

yes, with only two rooftop occupations, a noise demo and about twenty arrests in the last 3 weeks, it was time they pulled their finger out!

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Halloween Haunting at Brighton Bomb Factory

29-10-2008 09:53

29th October 2008

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Message from Smash EDO - thanks to all those who cam to Shut ITT//Halloween Demo

23-10-2008 12:09

the Shut ITT demonstration was held last Wednesday in Brighton...

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Smash ITT demo. The first bit (in pictures).

18-10-2008 15:39

Scuffles at the very begining.
Following on from their particularly colourful and attention grabbing demo in June see:


The Smash EDO/MBM/ITT campaign called another march in Brighton.

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Smash ITT. The middle bit (in pictures).

18-10-2008 15:30

While some stay to pay homage to guarians of Home Farm road.
With many of the demonstrators detained at the entrance to Home Farm road, others decided to take the cross country route with a mobile sound system. It has to be said that the Smash EDO Kids have impeccable taste in music. CONFILCT, OI POLLOI, CRASS, INNER TERESTRIALS, all the old favourites provided an appropriate soundtrack to what was happening in the field. Cops leaving the scene were spotted humming the tune to 'Do they owe us a living'. Probably...

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Smash ITT. The end bit (in pictures).

18-10-2008 15:22

Back on the road into town.
So following the rural riot above the EDO/ITT factory, the protesters headed back into town. Only to discover that the Police still had not learned their lesson when it came to turning a peaceful situation into a potentially violent one. More arrests were seen and another pointless kettle was made in between the level and the lanes. Most avoided it and took their buckets and spades to the beach...

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Photos from Shut ITT

17-10-2008 17:37

A few photos from the demonstation. More on there way on

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Smash EDO - a fitwatchers perspective

17-10-2008 10:23

Once again the ability of Smash EDO to stand up to police bullying and intimidation was impressive and inspiring. This was perhaps most obvious as the police blocked the march to the EDO factory and marchers stood their ground against police batons and pepper spray.

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UNICEF to pull out of The Baby Show over links with the arms trade.

16-10-2008 14:28

This story is due to appear in The Guardian tomorrow, but has been forward to DISARM DSEi after the freelancer concerned (who has done all the work on the story), was shafted by both CAAT and The Guardian.

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Smash ITT/EDO. Witnesses needed for assault on photographer.

16-10-2008 10:19

Yesterday at around 2.15pm protesters emerged from the woods above the ITT factory into an adjoining field. They had brought with them a sound system. Also in the field were two Police dog handlers and several other officers in riot gear. At one point during the clashes a photographer who was recording the Police action was assaulted. A dog handler set his dog on him causing serious injury.

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photos of today's demo Smash EDO 2

15-10-2008 20:30

A mass protest against Brighton-based arms manufacturers EDO MBM/ITT

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Smash EDO Press Release - Campaigners Close Down Bomb Factory

15-10-2008 19:58

Smash EDO Press Release
15/10/2008 For immediate release

Contact Chloe Marsh or Andrew Beckett: tel - 07754135290, e-mail

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Photos Of Today's Smash EDO Demo 1

15-10-2008 19:36

Photos of the mass protest against Brighton-based arms manufacturers EDO MBM/ITT

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Shut ITT! - Full Timeline

15-10-2008 09:59

A mass protest against Brighton-based arms manufacturers EDO MBM/ITT has just started. Organised by the Smash EDO campaign, the event is called Shut ITT! and is the third such demonstration this year. Last June, Brighton saw the Carnival Against the Arms Trade, organised by Smash EDO too. The 600 or so protesters then managed to reach the Brighton bomb factory despite police attempts to stop them.

Below is a full timeline put together by the Indymedia Dispatch team. It's being updated as reports come in, so keep an eye on it!

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cops at brighton station at 10.30

15-10-2008 09:38

there are cop cars at brighton station and driving around St Peters church near the Level

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EDO cops in pre-demo propaganda

14-10-2008 11:20

Brighton rag The Argus serves as police propaganda tool. last week the Argus printed a few lines on the demo without publishing any letter or press release from Smash Edo

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Sussex Police erect new cameras at Falmer Station for Shut ITT demo

13-10-2008 17:25

Smash EDO are planning a demo on Oct 15th from Falmer Station

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FITwatch at EDO

13-10-2008 16:18

FITwatch spotter sheet
Download and print the FITwatch spotter card, and engage in a little FITwatching of your own at EDO this Wednesday...

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Bath Bomb #15 out now

13-10-2008 16:03

The latest offering from the Bath newshounds...