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UK Smash EDO Newswire Archive

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Smash EDO: dates for your diaries

01-01-2011 20:08

Here's what's coming up...

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Smash EDO wishes Paul Hills a merry Christmas

20-12-2010 13:13

EDO/ITT is a manufacturer of weapon release components to the UK, US and Israel. They are based in Home Farm Road Brighton

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Who is in charge: the Foreign office, Defence ministry or the Oxford Union ?

17-12-2010 06:19

At the Dorchester hotel - Fox meets Rajapakse
With a fresh batch of 'secret' Wikileaks on Sri Lanka out yesterday, the 'private' visit of Dr. Liam Fox to Sri Lanka, as arranged for this weekend, is canceled.
Questions have been raised in UK parliament on the content of the 'private' meeting the Defence secretary had with Mahinda Rajapakse in the Oliver Messel Suite of the Dorchester Hotel in London, 1st December 2010.

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Update from EDO blockade

14-12-2010 13:27

The blockade action at EDO/ITT in Brighton today went off rather differently than usual....

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Anti repression Surprise demo at EDO

13-12-2010 17:13

See and

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Smash EDO: demo held in support of freedom to protest call to action

13-12-2010 15:12

A loud surprise noise demo was held outside EDO/ITT this morning in response to the freedom to protest call to action ( that had been proposed for the weekend.

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Arresting the War Criminals in UK

02-12-2010 23:57

Sri Lankan President's gone angry. He is breaking things around his new room wherever it is.
He and many of his war criminal entourage seem to be hiding in Sri Lankan embassy.
How they got transported there or when is unknown.
If he is in there then the only thing that matters is how they escape to airport.

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Smash EDO: Noise demo back today!

01-12-2010 11:53

After having taken a week off last week to join the students' demo, we are back outside EDO today as usual.

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No Smash EDO noise demo next week - Solidarity with the Student walkout

20-11-2010 23:55

Smash EDO are going to take a rare week off next Wednesday and go and support the student walk out...

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Smash EDO: Callout for noise demonstrators!

09-11-2010 23:03

Latest from Smash EDO...

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EDL, Brighton, the Crude Awakening, Anti-cuts marches - what can we learn?

05-11-2010 17:53

Lessons for the movement:
The Poll Tax Riots and 4 weeks of actions – EDL, Brighton, the Crude Awakening, Anti-cuts marche. How can we learn and move forward.

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US Activists demonstrate outside Home of ITT CEO

27-10-2010 12:58

A coalition of US activists demonstrated in the home neighbourhood of ITT chief executiveve, Steven Loranger, last week. US campaigners are targetting ITT, the owners of Brighton's EDO MBM, because of their involvement in the design and manufacture of drone technology and their pro-war lobbying activities. One of the participants in the 40 strong demonstration said of Loranger, "We're here today to inform his neighbors about how his personal ambitions impact all of our lives,"

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Smash EDO: Halloween noise demo this Wednesday!

25-10-2010 12:40

This is just a short reminder that this Wednesday (the 27th of October) Smash EDO are holding the yearly HALLOWEEN NOISE DEMO between 4-6 outside the factory on Home Farm Road. Come dressed in your scariest Halloween mask and be ready to spook them out!

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Smash EDO: Hammertime arrestees! Get in touch

21-10-2010 22:25

Quite a few people who were pre emptively arrested at Smash EDO's Hammertime demo last week have told us that they are considering taking civil action against the police. This kind of action is best pursued collectively.

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Smash EDO: news and upcoming events

16-10-2010 20:21

The latest from Smash EDO.

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Smash EDO twitter feeds

15-10-2010 23:28

Smash EDO have finally managed to start twittering!

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SMASH EDO: ITT's Hammertime Reportage

15-10-2010 23:04

On 13th October 2010 hundreds of antimilitarists converged in Brighton for a mass siege of EDO. ITT's Hammertime, named after the hammers used to smash EDO/ITT by the decommissioners, was aimed at closing EDO down for the day.

If you were nicked at ITT's Hammertime and want support email For emotional and trauma support call 07980387900

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Smash EDO protest ends with mass arrests in Brighton

14-10-2010 13:10

The protest at EDO MBM/ITT, a top ten U.S. defence contractor, aimed to shut the factory down for the day. Hundreds of police ensured that no one got near the facility and ended the day with mass arrests. Brighton, United Kingdom, 13/10/2010.

Pictures from the day;

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SmashEDO besiege Brighton bomb factory

13-10-2010 20:25

Today the Smash EDO ITT's Hammertime demonstration saw 300 protesters surrounding Brighton's bomb factory and demonstrating against EDO/ITT for six hours.

The demo was named for the 2009 Decommissioning, when a group of activists broke in to the EDO/ITT factory, decommissioning it with hammers to stop the production of weapons components being used by the Israeli military in the Gaza war. The Decommissioners were victorious in court, when they were unanimously acquitted of conspiracy to commit criminal damage in June.