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Smash EDO: Callout for noise demonstrators!

Smasher | 09.11.2010 23:03 | Smash EDO | Anti-militarism | Iraq | Palestine | South Coast | World

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As you may have noticed if you came to ITT's Hammertime, the police have been even more short-tempered than usual with your average Smash EDO demonstrator lately. Not only did they nick around 25% of the demo on that day, but there has also been an increase in arrests up at the weekly noise demos, with added cop aggression. Arrests tend to be for 'prevention of breach of the peace' -which is not chargable and therefore generally don't have to be justified in court by the police. Whether this growing trend is the result of their annoyance at recent high profile successes -such as the decommissioners' acquittal- or just one of their sporadic clamp downs on the freedom to protest, it is important that it does not go unchallenged. There needs to be solidarity and increased resistance up at EDO! Since the beginning of the campaign the weekly noise demos have been its backbone: the fact that people show up there every week is proof of the determination of the anti militarist movement in Brighton and beyond.

We are calling on people to make an effort to come up to the noise demos, held outside EDO on Home Farm Road every Wednesday between 4 and 6. Bring a camera that takes video if you have one for documentation purposes.

If you were arrested on Hammertime and have not yet been in touch, we would also urge you to email us on this address asap as we now have a solicitor who is interested in taking on a civil case against the police. The more people who get in touch the more effective the case will be. Please forward this message to any arrestee you might know.

And finally...We are currectly looking for bands who might be interested in playing a benefit gig for Smash EDO in the near future. Either a self organised one elsewhere or one that we can help with here in Brighton. If that's you get in touch on this email address.

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