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SHUT ITT! Oct 15th Advice and info

Smash EDO | 19.09.2008 21:43 | Smash EDO | South Coast

Meet October 15th at 12 noon opposite Falmer Station, through the underpass, next to the Sussex University sign. Good directions to Falmer can be found at the following link by Sussex Uni:

With less than a month to go to the next national mass demo against EDO MBM it is high time to start the preparations! Anyone planning to come to Brighton for the demo is encouraged to frequently visit the SHUT ITT! home page on . During the weeks leading up to the demo this page will be updated with emerging info, local contact details, support phone numbers and anything else you might need to know.

If you are organising transport from your area -or would be willing to do so- please get in contact as soon as possible so that we can spread the word about it. You are advised to set up a new, local Smash EDO e-mail account for this purpose.

Some notes on travelling...

If at all possible, arrive the day before the demo in Brighton. Accommodation for early arrivals will be provided.

After the success of the Carnival Against the Arms Trade we expect this demo to be met with a show of force from the police. Try to get to know the people you are travelling with, get into affinity groups and work together creatively on the day. It will make things both safer and more effective!

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