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Press Release - Gaza Weapons Factory Under Siege

Andrew Beckett | 18.01.2010 20:53 | Smash EDO | Anti-militarism | Iraq | Palestine | South Coast | World


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Smash EDO hailed today's 'Remember Gaza' demonstration as a great success.
Over 300 people turned out to commemorate the anniversary of the aerial
bombardment of Gaza with banners and symbolic coffins.

A dynamic crowd broke free from police control and streamed through the
woods to surround the factory from three sides.

The factory, target of a long running campaign by the Smash EDO protest
group, was surrounded in a symbolic re-enactment of the siege of Gaza.

'The fact that this weapons' components factory was forced to close for a
day is a fitting memorial to the 1417 murdered victims of the aerial
bombardment of Gaza', said Chloe Marsh, Smash EDO press spokesperson.

The crowd was able to keep mobile and lively, finishing with an impromptu
street party in central Brighton.

At the time of release there were 5 arrests and several minor injuries.

Andrew Beckett
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  1. A turnout of 300 is far from a great success! — Destroy EDO
  2. @destroy EDO — Anti-fash
  3. Good one, roll on! — ninetto