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UK Anti-militarism Feature Archive

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Campaign to Smash Edo

15-01-2005 16:56

We will be here until EDO aren't

Smash Edo is a group of people campaigning to remove EDO MBM Technology Ltd from Brighton. EDO MBM is a subsidary of the multinational arms manufacturing company, EDO Corporation. At EDO MBM's factory on Home Farm Road, Moulescoombe, they are manufacturing bomb racks, release clips, arming mechanisms and targeting equipment; all of which has been used in the recent Iraq invasion. The campaign wants to shut down EDO MBM through raising awareness and direct action (Read more).

The campaign has been active for some time now. From Sunday 29th August to Thursday 2nd September there was a 5 day protest camp, with daily protests and a non violent direct action day. See reports [1] [2]. Several actions have taken place: Reports: [1] [2], and [Indymedia UK feature]. Recently there was a public meeting, and every thurday at 4.00 there is a Bring The Noise Demo, at Edo factory, Home Farm Road, off Lewes Rd. There have been several arrests, and in December 2004 six activists were fined a total of £1500 to be paid by the end of January. Currently several other activists are on trial for aggravated trespass - for a roof occupation. See [Press release] [Report]

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A Beautiful Occupation!

09-01-2005 15:57

Reports from Hebron and Jayyous in the West Bank by two British Peace activists. Four Palestinan children between 6 and 8 years old are arrested for playing in the street whilst the Israeli regieme conscripts its youth who are little more then children themselves to enforce an illegal apartheid system.

Read all reports by these activists: |1||2||3||4||5||6||7||8||9||10||11||12|

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Activist who visited Sheffield now in Israeli Prison

22-12-2004 12:49

Kelly, one of two activists who visited Sheffield in April to talk about Palestine and show a film, has now been imprisoned in Israel for filming.

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The Crime of Filming Repression in Palestine

20-12-2004 11:41

Kelly Minio-Paluello (23), a community activist from the USA and a member of Britain's National Union of Journalists, was brutally arrested by Israeli Border Policemen while filming a peaceful demonstration on Tuesday outside Ramallah, in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. She is currently being held in Hadera Detention Centre awaiting deportation. She has not been told why she was arrested or when she will be deported or informed of her rights.

Update: Kelly was deported on 24 December, and is now back in the USA.

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Anti-War Action In The Cabinet

08-12-2004 16:02

On 23rd November, the Day of the Re-opening of Parliament in London, 4 activists did a series of theatrical die-ins to highlight what they call "the slaughter in Iraq"; they performed several die ins outside Downing Street, outside Parliament - and sensationaly, in yet another government security breah, .... INSIDE the Cabinet Office.

Anti-War protesters made a mockery of Tony Blair's key election pledge of security by entering the government building just minutes after the Queen's speech had announced new measures to tackle terrorism. As the whole of Whitehall bristled with armed police, the protestors by-passed supposedly impenetrable security to gain access to the Cabinet Office, which has a direct underground link to No 10 Downing Street.

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Victory for Iraq Pillage Protestors, case closed as Prosecution runs scared

25-11-2004 23:00

Anti Iraq Pillage NUJ Press conference.
On tuesday the 23rd of November almost 7 months since human rights activists Ewa Jasiewicz and Pennie Quinton were charged with aggravated trespass for entering the Iraq Procurement conference,a major contract signing event attended by the Iraq interim government ministers and Brian Wilson, Blair's envoy for reconstruction in Iraq held in London last April. In what was unquestionably a political decision by the CPS both women have been fully aqquited and awarded costs, despite a strong case against the protestors who managed to disrupt the conference when they unfurled banners and informed conference attendees that their order of business was infact nothing less then the pillage of Iraq and therefore illegal under the 1907 Hague regulations and the Geneva conventions.
The women's defense argued that they could not be charged with aggravated trespass, 'the of disruption of a lawful event' as infact the Iraq Procurement conference was unlawful as it was facilitating the pillage of Iraq which was under occupation by the US and the UK at the time of their action. Naomi Klein who was to have been a key witness at the trial attended a press conference at the NUJ on wednesday the 24th of November to speak about the implications of the CPS's decision in relation to this first attempt to put the Pillage of Iraq on trial.
See also Fallujah Eyewitness Newswire article (27th Nov).

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Stop Global War - No Nato convention in Venice!

17-11-2004 16:32

Actions against the NATO in Venice

The NATO parlamentary took place in Venice's Lido between the 13th and 18th of November 2004. Social movements, NGOs, civil associations and activists called for a mass prostest and demonstrations against NATO and global war on Saturday the 13th. Read background information and an open letter to the city explaining the reasons for the mobilisations.

The two main days action took place as follows:

Friday 12 - 'Grassroots sanctioning against a militarized city': Timeline of events. Photo Gallery and Video of the actions against the delegates' hotels.
Saturday 13 - 'In Falluja people die, In Venice you won't celebrate': Timeline of events. Photo Gallery and Videos 1 | 2 | 3.

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Protests and Blockades Against the Attack on Fallujah

11-11-2004 21:48

Since the latest round of attacks on Fallujah by "coalition" forces started in earnest two weeks ago, and amid fears of a massive civilian death toll in the Iraqui city, London has seen a series of protests, actions and blockades in the Whitehall and Westminster area.

These started on Sunday 31st October with road blocks and the scaling of the gates to Downing Street, as well as the Foreign Office being splatterd with blood red paint [pics]. On Sunday 7th, there was a protest at Parliament Square, followed by campaigners laying flowers at the Cenotaph, before locking on and blocking Whitehall [see reports and pics 1, 2, 3, 4]. The next evening, on Monday the 8th, demonstrators meet up for non-violen direct action against the attack. They started by blocking the road at the top of Whitehall, followed by a loud protest in Leicester Square where the Queen was attending a cinema premiere. The action ended with a blockade in Picadilly Circus [Report]. On Wednesday the 10th demonstrators blocked Piccadilly Circus [Report and Pics]. And on Friday the 12th a rally for peace and protest against the attack on Fallujah took place in Brixton.

For more information on protests around the UK see: Indymedia-UK full feature

Photos from Fallujah | Interview with a Fallujah refugee

News from Iraq: Al-Muajaha | Electronic Iraq | Iraqi blog | Juan Cole blog | Empire Notes blog | also see Jo Wilding and her blog.
UK Protest + Iraq Info Upcoming London Events | Voices in the Wilderness | Stop the War Coalition | Justice Not Vengeance | Iraq Occupation Focus | Jubilee Iraq.

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Local opposition to the onslaught in Fallujah

10-11-2004 23:00

A mother mourns

Opposition to the mindless and bloody onslaught in Fallujah was marked in Leeds by several events. This banner was one of many actions taken in the city. Others included:

  • A demo at Dortmind Square at the University
  • A demo outside the Students Union and Hilary Benn MP's office on Wednesday
  • Stencilling and subvertising all over town (why not join in!)

In York a demonstration called on the day the troops walked in attracted around 30 people at a few hours notice. The image of the death of civilians, with a mother mourning, was reprinted in the local paper the next day. [Report]

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Die-in makes a real impact in Cornmarket

10-11-2004 11:09

Update 10/11/04: On Saturday the attack on Falluja started. Since then there have been protests and actions all over the UK, including vigils in Oxford. Keep an eye on the calendar for more protests or plan your own and tell us

Last Thursday, with the horror of the US build up to the attack on Falluja coming ever closer dead bodies in Cornmarket made a sombre impact. The public were noticeably moved to see a number of bodies, some of whom appeared to have blood on them. They were lying on the street in Cornmarket, the main shopping street in Oxford. All around them were statements chalked on the pavements giving information and explanations. This caused people to stop longer to read what they said. Others took the leaflets or read the posters which had more information.

This was a 'die in' organised by OSAN to remind people of the over 100,000 Iraqi's who have already died since the invasion. With a loud speaker Moslem women and others read out the names of those who have died, their age and how they died. For many of them the cause of death was shrapnel. While I was giving out leaflets I watched the public stopping and with puzzled stares look at the bodies while they listened to the names of the dead Iraqis. It was as if they could not move on and a great sadness seemed to hang over the street. Many people told me they were in support. Of course there were the others who said that it was a waste of time or that we were wrong but the main response was one of real sorrow, feelings of desperation and a need to show we do not agree with what is happening during this very illegal occupation.

report | report + pics | OSAN | NOW | Voices

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Protests Against Fallujah Attack

08-11-2004 14:29

Update 14th Nov: Protests against the attack on Fallujah continue all over the UK. Over the weekend 12th - 14 Nov there were protests in Glasgow, Brixton, and outside the BBC building in London in response to the BBC's "one-sided and misleading" reporting of the attack. A proposed picket of the Glasgow Labour Party offices has been called for Monday 15th, as well as a call to lobby those responsible for cutting off water in Iraq.
Photos from Fallujah | Interview with a Fallujah refugee

Since the war was declared over ("Mission Accomplished") the anti-war movement has been fairly quiet, but that is now changing. Protests have been occuring across the country in response to the assault on Fallujah. On Monday 8th, the day the assault started, there were protests in over 30 towns and cities around the UK, including vigils and protests in Swindon, York and Brighton.

Four people were arrested in Edinburgh as the US Consulate was spattered with blood red paint and covered in anti-war slogans. A further protest took place on Tuesday the 9th.

In Cambridge, protestors staged a
rush-hour demonstration, a rally in Market Square, as well as taking to the roof of the Guildhall with banners [more pics], and spraying anti-war graffiti.

In London hundreds demonstrated outside Downing Street while others blocked roads and painted anti-war graffiti.

Protests also occured in the much publicised build up to the assault with the 'Campaign for Justice for Gordon Gentle' Protest in Glasgow on 30th October, Manchester on Sat 6th Nov, and an activist breaking into the US bomb store at Welford and chalking anti-war slogans onto the bombs on Thurs 4th.

In London several protests and action took place including road blocks and the scaling of the gates to Downing Street, as well as the Foreign Office being splatterd with blood red paint [pics]. On Sunday 7th, there was a protest at Parliament Square, following which campaigners layed flowers at the Cenotaph, before locking on and blocking Whitehall.
London reports and pics [ 10 Nov 1 2, 3 ] [ 7 Nov 1 2, 3 ] [ 6 Nov ].

In Oxford campaigners petitioned their MP, demonstrated ('Naming the Dead') on the 4th and held a Vigil on Sat 6th.

In Wrexham there have been vigils and graffiti on bridges.

News from Iraq: Al-Muajaha | Electronic Iraq | Iraqi blog | Juan Cole blog | Empire Notes blog | also see Jo Wilding and her blog and John Pilger article..
UK Protest + Iraq Info Upcoming London Events | Voices in the Wilderness | Stop the War Coalition | Justice Not Vengeance | Iraq Occupation Focus | Jubilee Iraq.
Indymedia Bristol and Scotland. Indybay Iraq news page.
Protest/Meeting Announcements on the Newswire Cambridge, Manchester, Sheffield, Southampton.

Newswire Posts: Iraq :
14 Nov [ 1] 13 Nov [ 1| 2 ] 12 Nov [ 1 ] 11 Nov [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 ] 10 Nov [ 1 | 2 | 3 ]
9 Nov [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 8 Nov [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 ]
7 Nov [ 1 | 2 | 3 ] 6 Nov [ 1 | 2 | 3 ] 5 Nov [ 1 ] 3 Nov [ 1 | 2 | 3 ] 2 Nov [ 1 | 2 ]>br> 31 Oct [ 1 | 2 ]

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Protest Against Fallujah Massacre!

07-11-2004 21:57

Protestors on the roof of the Guildhall (City Council)
All over the UK protestors have been turning out to oppose the attack on Fallujah. As horrors unfold in Fallujah, many people want to make it clear that they view these attacks as appalling and murderous.

In Cambridge this has also happened with a variety of different protests: Graffiti has appeared overnight in various locations around Cambridge, including Alex Wood Hall, home of the Labour Party. A rush-hour protest took place at Elizabeth Way, where a banner was displayed and leaflets distributed.

At lunchtime on the day the assault started, CamPEACE called for people to protest in market square. While this protest was going on, two people climbed onto the roof of the Guild Hall [report | photos] and hung a banner saying "Fallujah: Stop the Massacre."

Cambridge people have also published items on this newswire discussing the implications of the attacks on water supplies in Fallujah [short piece | full briefing | fax action]; the mainstream media coverage of the attacks and the Government's misleading response to the Lancet Iraq Mortality Survey. If you know of other protests that have taken place or are being planned please publish details on this newswire. We must oppose this assault in everyway possible.

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Fairford Coach case in Court of Appeal

09-10-2004 15:02

Denied The Right
The Fairford coach case is at the Court of Appeal this week, on the 14 and 15 of October. The coach detainees will be taking the police to court once again over the basic human right to protest and the right not to be detained. The following press release recently appeared on the Fairford Coach Action website.

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Pinochet stripped of immunity

26-08-2004 20:57

General Pinochet
General Augusto Pinochet has been stripped of his immunity from prosecution today by the Chilean Supreme Court.

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Israel condemned by NUJ for treatment of independent journalist, Ewa Jasiewicz

17-08-2004 22:00


Journalist Ewa Jasciewicz now held in detention for over 14 days as Israeli court fiasco continues.

19 AUGUST: Ewa is to be released from jail, but has still been forbidden by the IDF from entering Palestine.
20 AUGUST: Ewa remains locked up until at least Sunday, following an appeal by the Israeli Government [reports: 1 | 2 ]

The National Union of Journalists has condemned the Israeli Government for its treatment of journalist Ewa Jasiewicz, who was detained whilst entering Israel last week and remains in prison.

Ewa's appeal against deportation from Israel will be heard on Thursday, August 19th.

[ Telephone call from Ewa | Background on Baha | Ewa on Iraq | The "Intifada of the Empty Stomach"]

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Remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki

03-08-2004 19:04

"The appearance of people was, well, they all had skin blackened by burns. They had no hair because their hair was burned, and at a glance you couldn't tell whether you were looking at them from in front or behind. They held their arms bent like this, and their skin - not only on their hands, but on their faces and bodies too - hung down" - Hiroshima grocer.

It's almost 60 years since the nuclear bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, on the 6th and 8th of August, 1945 (respectively). So far we have managed to avoid it happening again, though the USA is looking to build "usable nukes" or "bunker busters".

To remember these tragic events, there is a peace camp at USAF Lakenheath and there will be two vigils in Cambridge.

Newswire [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 ]

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Independence day at Menwith Hill

07-07-2004 15:52

On the 4th of July, at Menwith Hill Spy Base, protestors came to declare Independence from America. They were joined by Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army (CIRCA) and Sheffield Samba Band.

Clown Bloc were the highlight of the day, especially when we stopped at a gate, with 100 ft giant golfballs from space surrounded by razor wire, fences, fluoro police etc. The clowns formed a wall and waved us on..."Move on please, nothing to see here!"

heavy policingReports of the day were all positive, except for the complaints about the heavy handed policing. They "surround[ed] the demo with cops, not letting people leave the demo when they wanted too, and generally using their power over people to make them feel controlled and disempowered." "There were far too many police present and they were a little rough to, begin I saw a bit of pushing and shoving". "Refusing access to public footpath, which nearly kicked off at the start of the march".

sambaPolice took the names and address of drivers as they arrived, filming car number plates and passengers. The woman guiding round the base "said (after the pushing/shouting incident), that the organisers of the demo had really tried to work with the police, and as the police were being so aggressive with people, maybe they shouldn’t work with them next time."

Report, Comments and Pictures | More Pictures | Sheffield Samba's Photo Album

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Insurgent Clowns on Patrol in Yorkshire

06-07-2004 14:57

A rebel clown at Menwith Hill

On Friday 2nd July CIRCA, the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army, took to the streets of Leeds to poke some fun at the ridiclous so-called hand over of power to Iraq. The first stop was the office of Labour MP Hillary Benn — Minister for overseas development.

Unfortunately Mr Benn was not in his office and so after 15 minutes on the stairs below his office the insurgent clowns set up a 'clown checkpoint' outside the building.

After that the rebel army had some lunch and then dispersed only to regroup sometime later at the recruitment centre for the air force, army and navy. About half the clowns set up their own recruitment table outside centre whilst the other half went inside to volunteer to join up. Those inside showed off their skills with the feather duster rifles, dogfighting with sherbet filled plastic aeroplanes and the firing of balloon propelled rockets. But the army were not overly impressed with their skillful display and so they called in the police for help. After while the clowns went outside to work on their own recruitment stall. The competition was obviously too much for the real army and so recruitment centre was closed for the rest of the day.

Two days later the clandestine army reappeared this time on the annual 'Independence from America' day at the illegal US listening base at Menwith Hill in North Yorkshire. Here the clowns used a combination of foolishness, mockery, mirth and love to lighten the atmosphere of the over-policed demonstration and provided, what one person said was, the 'highlight of the day'.

Report and pics 1 | 2 | 3

More Pics: 1 | 2

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Clown Army Invade Leeds

04-07-2004 18:47

The Recruitment Centre closes early today. Ha ha ha!

In the week of the 'hand over' of power in Iraq an army formed "the Clown Provisional Authority in Leeds." Stating that "Our action is a last resort. We have no quarrel with the people of Leeds. Our purpose is to ridicule, mock, tease and undermine the rich and powerful war profiteers."

On Friday they visited: the Army recruitment centre, making them close for the day.

A visit to Labour Party offices was made to offer Hilary Benn, Cabinet Minister and MP for Leeds Central, "the position of Minister for International Clowning Development. Any further signs of careerism or profiteering from government representatives will result in custard pie interrogation and severe tickling."

Reports and Pictures: 1 | 2
Sheffield IMC report

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Gleneagles Confirmed as G8 2005 Venue

11-06-2004 01:26

Following months of speculation over the location of the 2005 G8 Summit in the UK, and reports that all police leave in Edinburgh and Scotland will be cancelled next summer, the Gleneagles hotel [official website] in Perthshire, Scotland has finaly been confirmed as the venue (G8 dates: 6th-8th July 2005).

The last time the G8 met in the UK was in Birmingham in May 1998. Then up to 70,000 people encircled the centre of Birmingham, forming a human chain and demanding an end to third world debt [pics]. On the same day up to 7,000 people took control of the centre of Birmingham for the second Global Reclaim the Streets Party [pics 1 | 2 | 3][video] - with actions and protests happening against the G8 in around 40 cities across the world, with over 400 social movements taking co-ordinated action under the banner of Peoples' Global Action (PGA).

Six years and many huge mobilisations later, people in the UK have been organising around the G8 for several months. A growing new network of local groups has been created called the Dissent! Network, with nodes across the country. Dissent! is planning a series of awareness raising events through the year and has been calling for both local and international participation. Many people and groups are now focussing on planning protests and direct action campaigns against the G8.

Recently many NGO organisations are also co-ordinating on a level unseen since the Jubliee 2000 drop the debt campaigns, and are set to try and take advantage of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown's aim to pitch the UK presidency of the G8 as a positive step towards reducing third world debt and around issues of development and trade [see guardian article] - 2005 is also the 20th anniversary of the Live Aid concert. Several groups are expected to use the European Social Forum in London in October later this year as a platform from which to launch campaigns. Recently several Trade Union leaders, politicians and Globalise Resistance have also issued their first call for protests.

See also:
Recent UK Savannah G8 Solidarity Actions
The People's Golfing Association (PGA) [statement][pics]
"Anarchist Group's Gleneagles Website Exclusive!"*

Corporate Media Coverage of Gleneagles G8

For more on G8 - see the Indymedia G8 Reports Section