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Local opposition to the onslaught in Fallujah

Leeds Bradford IMC | 10.11.2004 23:00 | Peace not War | Anti-militarism | Iraq

Opposition to the mindless and bloody onslaught in Fallujah was marked in Leeds by several events. This banner was one of many actions taken in the city. Others included:

  • A demo at Dortmind Square at the University
  • A demo outside the Students Union and Hilary Benn MP's office on Wednesday
  • Stencilling and subvertising all over town (why not join in!)

In York a demonstration called on the day the troops walked in attracted around 30 people at a few hours notice. The image of the death of civilians, with a mother mourning, was reprinted in the local paper the next day. [Report]

A mother mourns
A mother mourns

Other protests around the country

Leeds Bradford IMC