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PHONE MAN | 31.10.2004 18:37

People in London, horrified by the "inevitable and imminent" massive attack on Fallujah take to the streets in opposition to this crime.

The people of Iraq have surely suffered enough. In the same week as the Lancet report puts the figure of Iraqi dead at 100,000, a series of massive attacks on Iraqi towns and cities is announced. Remember- over the Easter weekend our boys killed 600 Iraqis in Fallujah alone. And now it seems the occupation forces are going to add to these horrific figures in a series of attacks on "key stongholds" or towns as they were once called, throughout Iraq.

This must not happen unopposed. Today- Sunday- in London, a group of half a dozen people took to the streets to raise awareness and make their dissenting voicres heard.

Actions took place throughout London- Leicester Square, Oxford Street, and most recently: Downing Street. They had tried to hand a letter in to the PM, but- not allowed to do so and not content with being penned in nearby, one man climbed the Downing St gates and has been removed by police.



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