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Ewa Jasiewicz in Israeli detention centre for witnessing childs death

palsolidarity | 18.08.2004 14:09

Ewa Jasiewicz wants to stress that the reason she has been detained by Israeli security in a detention facility at Ben Gurion airport is because she witnessed the death of Baha Al-Bahesh in Nablus, Palestine, on the 22nd of September 2002.

Following the death of 13 year old Baha Ewa went on national television to bear witness to his murder, thereby identifying herself as a Palestinian solidarity worker and complicating her return to the country. Baha was killed by a bullet through his chest, shot by an Israeli soldier while Baha himself was unarmed. By denying Ewa entry to the country and imprisoning her Israel's security forces are trying to silence the fact of Baha's death, and all other victims of the occupation in Palestine.

I've put up a picture with Baha in the centre at a demonstration with international activists, including Ewa in the background.