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Looting against the war in Edinburgh!

20-03-2003 23:00

Edinburgh was again facing a traffic collapse when 2 demonstrations blocked Princes Street on Thursday, the day when war broke out.
The protest at noon broke out from Parliament Square and onto Princess Street. Police tactics got more confrontational with horses, motorcycles and lots more forces employed to try to disempower the protesters, such as tried by speech-showering politicians.
This did not stop demonstrators running into the capitalist shops owned by multinational corporations and looting stuff whilst shouting anti-capitalist slogans, redistributing it to fellow protesters or just throwing it away.

Some people were arrested or detained by the police during the protest.
A solidarity picket took place in front of the police station.
The Peace protesters were released as soon as the last demo finished.

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Banner drop and civil disobedience in Aberdeen!

20-03-2003 23:00

The city centre was brought to a standstill when protesters broke through the policeline in Aberdeen to reclaim public space from commercial business making.
A banner drop was also taking place. Some people were arrested.
Read this excellent report by Aberdeen Anarchist Resistance!

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Direct actions when bombs drop- now!

20-03-2003 23:00

Direct actions and protest are also planned for Friday the 21st in front of the Scottish Labour Conference in Dundee.
More calls for demonstrations are out for Saturday, when anti-war demonstrators will meet up in Glasgow and in Edinburgh at 12 noon at Parliament Square, and all over the world in bigger and smaller cities to raise their voice against the war.

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Edinburgh Anti-war Protesters storm the Castle and block Princes Street

17-03-2003 23:00

An Anti-War demonstration took place this morning in Edinburgh, amongst the protesters mainly school students, who went on strike.
The activists stormed Edinburgh Castle, which is not only a main tourist attraction, but also a military garrison. After blocking the entrance for about an hour, the demonstration moved on to the front of the Scottish parliament, and then, further to Princes Street, where the traffic was blocked and a sit-down took place.
Later, the protesters tried to raise their opposition in front of the US consulate, but police hemmed the protesters in and allowed them to leave in small groups.

[ full story | pictures]

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Peace Activist Dies After Bulldozer Runs Over Her

17-03-2003 23:00

On 16 March 2003 in Rafah, occupied Gaza, 23-year-old American peace activist Rachel Corrie from Olympia, Washington, was killed by an Israeli bulldozer. As a volunteer with the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), Rachel had been staying in Palestinian homes threatened with illegal demolition. Throughout a 2 hours confrontation between the ISM and the Israeli Army Rachel and the other activists had clearly identified themselves as unarmed international peace activists. Witnesses say that Rachel was clearly visible to the bulldozer driver, and was doing nothing to provoke an attack. Initial report; detailed reports on Electronic Intifada. A statement by the parents of Rachel Corrie here.

Another foreigner was also injured and has been hospitalized - at this stage his nationality is unknown. Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) spokesman Captain Jacob Dallal was reported as saying in Ha'aretz newspaper, "This is a regrettable accident," "We are dealing with a group of protesters who were acting very irresponsibly, putting everyone in danger." Israeli troops have shot and killed several other internationals in different incidents during the Intifada: German doctor Harald Fischer, Italian cameraman Rafaeli Ciriello, and British United Nations worker Iain Hook.

A protest was called at the London's Israeli Embassy on March 17th, whilst in Manchester a vigil is taking place on Thursday 19th.

For more information see: [IMC Israel] [IMC Palestine] , [ISM]

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School students on strike take direct action against the war

17-03-2003 23:00

After the successful action on Monday, today about a thousand peace protesters took to the street in Edinburgh, and about a hundred in Glasgow.
There was a mass "die-in" on Princes Street, the main shopping mile in Edinburgh, the crowd included the comedian Mark Thomas, calling for a one minute silence.
Protest against the war was also raised in front of the Scottish parliament and at the US consulate.
There was at least one arrest, and the protest was mainly refreshing, enthusiastic, optimistic and inspiring.

[ full story | audio files 1 | audio files 2| audio files 3| pictures | pics 2]

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Anti-War actions at RAF Leuchar- Tornado damaged!

12-03-2003 23:00

Access has been gained and a hangar was entered at the Royal Air Force base in Leuchers near St.Andrews in Fife, when a Tornado Aircraft was damaged by 48-year-old Ulla Roder. Tornados are among the aircraft being deployed to the Gulf and part of the air-defense.
Also, Roz,33, from Edinburgh, and Petter,22, from Glasgow, face two charges at Cupar Sheriff Court relating to the perimeter fence and spray painting.
On Saturday a group of anti-war activists held a protest at the very same base near St.Andrews in Fife .

[update and description of action |full report | Trident Ploughshares |BBC report | Anarchist Black Cross | Earth Liberation Prisoners]

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Faslane Peace Camp needs more guests!

10-03-2003 23:00

Faslane Peace Camp, exists to protest against nukes and war for 21 years, and has become the activist centre of Scotland.
The next big direct action will be at the Big Blockade in April- see Calendar, but at the moment, Faslane Peace Camp is in urgent need of guests.

[ report | Faslane Peace Camp | Blockade]

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Aberdeen is marching against the war

08-03-2003 23:00

The biggest march in Aberdeen for perhaps a decade took place on Saturday the 8th of March protesting the war on Iraq, and the persecution of the Palestinian people by the Israeli military state.
Activists in Aberdeen and beyond are preparing for the next direct action, taking place next Friday at 12 noon in front of the local army recruitment centre on Belmont St.
[full story | another report ]

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Edinburgh March against the War - 6.3.2003

06-03-2003 23:00

On Thursday, 6th of march, there were two demonstrations happening in Edinburgh, which joined together in front of the Scottish parliament.
Both demonstrations were quite large compared to other demonstrations in the last years.

[ report | pictures of SSP]

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Italian Protesters Stop U.S. Military Trains

25-02-2003 23:00

Activists opposed to a probable war in Iraq took advantage of a national train strike to start a series of blockades of trains in several northen Italian cities. On the night of Friday 21st Feb, about 120 Disobbedienti protesters stopped a train in Padova that was moving U.S. military equipment from Vicenza to the U.S. base of Camp Darby near Pisa, forcing the train to take a different route. The protests continued Saturday, with organizers stating that thousands of activists were involved in the actions across the country. Some of the actions and blockades that taken place include Padova, Brescia, Verona, Bologna, Fornovo,Monselice, Ferrara, Empoli, Tombolo, and Pisa [1 | 2], with reports that the protests are rapidly spreading across Italy. Meanwhile the British consulate was also occupied in Torino [Photos]. Other actions are also expected in Ferrara, where police attacked a crowd of 1,000 people, as well as in Udine. At Magdalena Isle near Sardinia, another 1,000 activists were roughly cleared out by police. For breaking news and updates in English language see Global Radio feature and IMC-Italy Trainstopping feature.

The press release announcing the blockades stated that activists were targetting rail stations because "the military are using the civilian transport network to move military equipment. There are 26 trains expected and we want to block them because we don't want this war." Read more

At the same time, since the 23 February, the train personnel has been defined as "military personnel" by the Italian governemt. Although so far the train workers do not get much support from their official labour union, the dock workers' union has announced that they will not load military equipment on the ships.

Live radio reports from Sherwood Comunicazione | IMC-Italy

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Huge demonstration in Glasgow!

15-02-2003 23:00

The peace demonstration in Glasgow was absolutely massive. It was at least the 50 000 reported earlier, but numbers were also said to be 80 000 or even more.
The march was colourfull and peacefull, there were no incidents. Four “ arrests ” were made, but people were released without being taken to the police station.
Protests against politicians plans to bomb Iraq's citizens in the name of humanity and the greed for oil were held all over the world, and are said to be the biggest in a long, long time, probably since the Vietnam war.
Protests occurred even in small villages and cities, like the 600 persons strong demonstration in Lerwick on the Shetland Islands. (BBC)
Approaching the elections in Scotland on 1st of may 2003, there were people present across all political persuasions. The university of Strathclyde distributed an “ International survey of anti-war protesters ” (tel: 0141 548 2214). This survey is co-ordinated by Prof. Walgrave of University of Antwerp, Belgium and distributed at the protests all over the world, asking the protesters about their political beliefs and experiences.

[ report from Glasgow | personal account |another personal account | pictures of Glasgow demo | more pictures | even more pics | further pics | nice pics ]

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International Demonstrations against War and Imperialism, 15th of February.

15-02-2003 23:00

On Saturday, 15th of February, masses will take the streets all over the world to protest against the forthcoming war in the greed for oil and economical control of resources. As the politicians are getting shit-scared, the suspension and abolition of democratic, constitutional and human rights to assemble on the streets to voice alternative opinions are excluded in the lie of "security". The demonstration in Glasgow is expected to be one of the largest Scotland has seen in a long while. The Labour conference will simultaneously take place, and Blair is planned in to speak at 2pm.
[more feature on global imc about February, 15th | feature on global imc about the cancelled demos | call for red and black block at Scottish demo | International anarchist call for global action against capitalism and war]

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No more speakers in our name!

13-02-2003 23:00

Scotland's parliament was temporarily reclaimed today, when First Minister's Question Time was interrupted three times. Anarchists and allied anti-war protesters heckled their “ representatives ” over the Scottish Executive's disinterest in the wishes of the Scottish people - as exemplified by Labour's support of the war on Iraq.

“ No more talks in our name ” on Saturday either, when the after-demo rally is banned. Also there seem to be calls out to have also demos starting from the south of Glasgow and the East.

[ Anarchists in the Scottish Parliament | Glasgow rally banned| Anti-War webpage on infoshop]

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No-Nato Days Of Ation In Munich

09-02-2003 23:00

Saturday 8 February:
25,000 people demonstrated against the "security" conference in Munich today, where the heads of NATO, defence ministers and the war industry met to plot upcoming military aggressions. The demonstration that took place in the city was peaceful and cheerful, despite continuous provocations by large numbers of riot police.

Friday 7 February:
Convergence Centre searched- journalists and demonstrators arrested!
At about 11 pm on Friday, 7th of february, the bavarian police (USK) entered the convergence center in Munich, where the anti-war demonstrators gathered. Demonstrators and Journalists were arrested by the police - a terrible attempt to criminalize the protest against war. lates reports inform that he police arrived with over 40 minibusses and raided the centre.( Video footage was taken of all the persons present without their permission, and all identidies were checked and registered.

The legal team stated, that no motive was given by the police for the raid. Journalists present to the scene were not allowed access to the convergence centre by the police. Reports vary also in the justification of the raid - according to the protest organisers it seems the whole operation was planned longterm beforehand. A report on IMC UK by flopserver states:
Maybe, before there was some struggle with the civil agents (agents provocateur) of the police.

For more information and latest updates see Indymedia Germany.

The days of action against the Nato started on thursday 6th with a rally and a "pro-capitalist cheering satire demonstration".

A Pink and silver inspired demo also took place in downtown Munich. A speaker was also arrested because of calling for desertation to war.

More background information about the anti-nato protests see here.

Pictures of the closed convergence centre, shot by police

Massive searches and storm of the convergence centre

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Critical mass against the war in Edinburgh

27-01-2003 00:00

On Sunday, 26th of January, a crowd of cyclists, drummers, pedestrians and wheelchairs took the street to protest against the forthcoming war and to deliver a clear message of “ Don't attack Iraq ” to the American embassy.

[full story | another report | more impressions]

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Global Days of Action against the War on the Gulf War anniversary

20-01-2003 23:00

Glasgow Anarchist Students prepare for a weekend of direct action, starting Thursday 16th of January. This weekend will see global anti war actions on the Gulf War anniversary January 17-19th. Actions have been called in Argentina, the USA, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Pakistan, Australia, Egypt, Belgium, Spain, Canada, Italy, France, Japan, Indonesia, Britain, Germany, Austria, Russia, the Phillipines, Switzerland, Bahrain and South Korea.
[Glasgow events against the war | global events against the war ]

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Solidarity with Glasgow Anarchists facing repression

19-01-2003 23:00

Some of the brave Glasgow Anarchists who took direct action against the war by occupying the Adam Smith Lecture Theatre on campus for 21 hours are now to be facing the repressive intimitation methods of the powers that be.
As usual when the state and other representatives of power lack arguments, they try to suppress civil courage and resistance by abusing their bureaucratic hierarchies to prove their self-righteous, elitist, capitalist, sell-out neo-liberal attitude.

The demands are and were:

  1. to the Chancellor of the University of Glasgow to step down; because of him investing the universities pension funds in war-profiteering companies.
  2. the Army to be booted off campus instead of the brave Glasgow Anarchist students; because the army does not belong there, whereas courageous, independant-thinking ethically sound students do.
  3. For the university to keep the Slavonic and Philosophy departments. Because philosophy makes more sense than war.
  4. Read Adorno!
    Reading tip especially for university professors and politicians: Minima Moralia. For more brains and more discussions and less intimitation or superiority policy.

For all to support the Glasgow Anarchists Students meet on Friday, 24th, 9.30 outside Hillhead Underground to protest against the university hearing. [full story | link to former article]

For more demands on libertarian education go to: lib ed magazine
Free University Copenhagen
[ women | abz | all powers | publications | on knowledge production | all power ]

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Blockade of BAe and Ark Royal

13-01-2003 23:00

On Monday 13th, protesters took direct action against the War. BAe, British Aerospace was blockaded in Edinburgh, and access to the Ark Royal, before leaving towards Iraq, was blocked, too, when it was stationed at Loch Long (near Faslane Trident sub base).

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Stop the war

14-12-2002 23:00

On Saturday, 14thof December protesters tried to inspect weapons at the Raytheon arms manufacturer in Glenrothes, Fife. The action was organised by the local 'Stop The War Coaltion'.
[ full story | rock against war in Kirkcaldy ]