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Indymedia UK Ticker | Current event: Climate Camp 2008 (full coverage)

These minute-by-minute reports are produced by Indymedia Dispatch volunteers during major actions. We try to get out reliable, up-to-date and accurate information, direct from the streets and bypassing corporate and mainstream media. You can help get the truth out by calling or texting Dispatch with your reports.. by being the media!

Dispatch number: 0207 043 3783 (for ringing in news and updates or recording an audio message)



Group of 23 people being arrested at Kingsnorth now for breaching the conditions set on the march. Arrests underway as we speak. People passively resisting and being dragged away.


Update from Legal Team: so far 37 people arrested today. All are held in Medway cells. Next 40 arrestees will be taken to North Kent Police Station which is at Gravesend.


The remainder of orange block (23 people) are refusing to leave at Kingnorth's main gate as a protest in response to police threats of violice. Riot police is now surrounding to make arrests.


A crew of pirates have just reached the fence and have breached it at the south side of the power station.. Aarrrgg!


Another person has been confirmed to have breached both gates at the powerstation, but managed to escape again as police advanced.


Report from Green Group participant: Just got back from green guerillas, they successfully made it over the fence by virtue of taking smaller fencing near the coast and taking it apart and then using them as ramps over the first fence. Lots of people got over, about half of them went over. The rest stayed and cheered. The people that stayed proceeded to take even more fencing. So the people inside the first fence put the second fence on the electric fence to use it as a ramp. The electric fence was turned off and then people sort of were confused because they didn't want to jump head top of riot police. Riot police proceeded to march up near where the people outside the first fence were and then finally a few riot cops got into the field but the green guerrillas did a armlock to prevent the riot cops from stopping people going over the fence. Then, our affinity group decided that we didn't want to jump on the heads of riot cops, so we left down the coast.


Orange Block has left the main gates of the power station and are now returning towards the camp


The crowd (Orange Group) at the main gate, which consists of children, has just been given message from police helicopter saying: "if you do not disperse by 1pm, dogs, forces and long handed battons will be used".


1,000 people have just freezed for 1 min in front of the gates to symbolise the need to freeze growth. "Beautiful".


'Pretty Polly' (one of the rafts) was just detained on the river before being released without charge, they are now with others nearing the power station on foot.


A banner reading "shut down kingsnorth" has been hung from a pilon near the power station. Two climbers are still up the pilon. See photos


1 person arrested on approach lane from a group of 4 or 5 people and some mainstream reporters. They tried to walk past the police, who piled on him and riot cops came out, started pushing everyone around.


7 canoeists have been detained (not arrested) and 1 is waiting in the mud where police can't get to, but know it is there. Atmosphere juvenile.


4 arrested inside power station, police needed to cut fence to get to them. Some bikers have reportedly been arrested for aggravated trespass while giving live interview to media (phone interview). 1 person arrested after scalling electric fence. It has now been confirmed that the inner electric power station fence has been switched off.


About 1,000 people who left the camp this morning to march to Kingsnorth Power Station have now reached its frontgate. Everyone is sitting down and having a picnic, listening to speeches. One banners reads: 'climate change is now mainstream but we mustn't let it become corporatised'. Not many police around, mainly on the other side of the gate, atmosphere very good.


3 or 4 groups of 20-30 people on West side of Kingsnorth going up and down the fence right next to the powerplant. Some more of the outher fencing flattened. Groups of people walking in perimeter, milling around.


One person has been arrested as they entered the power station grounds


A group seperate of the large Green Block group have breached first fence in a different place and hung a banner. The second security fence has been breached using the first fencing. Riot police came pretty brutal, a few people are still in, some came out. Lots of people, standing on the fence and are talking to the police (this is the electric fence).


It has been reported that the police have withdrawn from the back gate at the camp. The officers, porter-loo and floodlights have all been taken away from gate 5.


Group of 15 people got over the first power station fence, more going over. Taken down some of the fencing and used ladders. Now trying to work out how to do the 2nd fence. Riot cops and dogs behind second fence which is electrified.


The Orange Group has just turned off roundabout, heading down the road to Kingsnorth Power Station. All chilled and calm, lots of singing, lots of chanting. Sunshine, lush day, much better than forecast!


The 200 strong Green Group has gone past the first fence at the power station.


Update from the Orange Group: 1 arrest for criminal damage and resisting arrest, some kind of fracas / scrum in centre of crowd. Unclear what actually happened. Police tussling, some people whacked. Police dragged one person out of the crowd. Crowd shouting "shame on you, shame on you". The group has now got to A228, coming up to roundabout with the road ahead to power plant. Static at the moment due to police.


Blue Block says they set up camp on public footpath near warehouse, massed with hidden treasure and followed a pirate map which included a (small) bottle of rum. They woke up this morning with 4 other crews and a raft crew all in same location. Coordinated launch happened at 08:20 - police cars were nearby and a helicopter was overhead but they were supposed to launch at 08:30 - but launched early. Police came running down just as they were launching. The rafts floated away in the nick of time with hoisted sails. Police have been watching from the south bank since then. Reports that 5 boats got to jetty, floating there, apparently too shallow for the police to get there! One boat approached by police, told to get back to shore. Paddled around a bit, harbour master chased but they escaped to an island and got away from them! 30-40 forecast reporter saw 15 people launch with 7 boats: a catameran, a raft, lots of boats on the river. Locals were well up for it - the marina were well impressed with safety precautions taken. Many more peopl on the river than normal. Including local boats watching it. Harbour master reported to towing one of the boats - but it managed to escape.


People have been dropped off the rafts, now at the Forth opposite the power station and unfurled a banner.


Some of the Blue Block are now being escorted by police to a pier. Some cyclists are on the ridge of land between the water and the power station and they can see 50 people walking across country towards them.


Police have arrived at the power station fences. The Green Block can now see the fence.


The Orange Block is being held up in the lane outside the main gate. Police were told it will start at 10am and it's not 10 yet. Silly muscle flexing going on. Will be 10am until police will let them move.


Some cyclists have got to the gates of the power station and report that there is a line of riot cops there. Also report of a couple of security of gates but said the got to the gates with no problem.


The Orange Block (main march) is now leaving the camp with big multi coloured dragon. It's very sunny and there is a good atmosphere. Media in attendence.


Blue group update: The majority of members in one of the two teams, Ikea, has been stopped by police and pulled over to the side of the river, the other, Treasure Island group, is still going. The Green Block which left the site earlier via a backfence is now being escorted by police. Up to 600 people are gathering at the main gate (Orange Block) with kids, cyclists, with penguins at rear and a large banner at the front which reads: "Burning Our Future - No New Coal".


It is now confirmed that all the rafts joining in the regatta have been launched into the water.


Around 100 people from the Green Block have just left site by climbing over a back fence.


Its a beautiful sunny morning, the camp is quiet, people are preparing todays actions. A huge dragon has been made for the procession, which is currently being paraded around site.



Peter Le Mare and the crew of the "Be Disarming," sailing round the coast from his home in Cornwall to Climate Camp has been refused entry to Chatham Maritime Marina. See article for more info.


From CC website - "Page 9 of the Medway Messanger contains a short 120 word article, "Police Costs Will be Met", that we can't find online. It tells us that the Home Office will be paying for 90% of the police's costs, and not local tax payers, according to Medway councillor Mark Reckless. This strongly suggests that the decision on the level of policing and the highly politicised style of policing was decided by central goverment some time ago and not local Kent police."


New report on Climate Camp website that twelve people - all naked - are superglued to the doors of the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (DBERR),the department that will make the decision on Kingsnorth.


BBC Kent radio news report that 2 people who were superglued this morning at RBS were arrested.


Police claim that arrests now stand at 34, with 5 remanded in custody. 6 have been released without charge and several others are on police bail pending a decision about prosecution.


Activists from the Camp for Climate Action have superglued themselves to the front doors of the Royal Bank of Scotland’s Oil and Gas Division in Central London. Wielding a banner reading “RBS: Cashing In On Coal”, the campaigners are staging this protest to highlight the links between the financial sector, the fossil fuel industry, and disastrous climate change. See article for more.



20 campers, naked except for their masks, entertained police with an impromptu drumming session at the back gate.


Police arrested two legal observers at the main gate on suspicion of theft of a coat, despite the owner of the coat telling police she asked them to carry it. They were de-arrested around midnight.


E.ON’s replica of the Kingsnorth coal-fired power station has been occupied by one inch tall climate change campaigners. The drama unfolded at the Legoland park in Windsor – sponsored by E.ON – where the Lego Kingsnorth is given pride of place next to Big Ben and Canary Wharf. The six campaigners appeared at the top of the construction at around 11am this morning, before unveiling a banner saying STOP CLIMATE CHANGE down the length of the tower. Lego police are in attendance at the foot of the tower, along with a Lego police helicopter. See article for more.


Update from Bodge House eviction: Around 7.45am about 60 police and 50 bailliffs arrived at the house. Throughout the day the police have been trying to get through the barricades and defences. Local people and media have been at the scene. So far 3 people have been removed from lockons and a cargo net outside the house and have been arrested. 7 people are still inside and are heavily barricaded in, included being hidden in tunnels under the house. The bailiffs have put up security fences and although they have managed to enter part of the building, the eviction attempt has been stopped for today. It is estimated the eviction will take at least another couple of days.


Update from Vopak refinery biofuel action in Thurrock - 5 still locked on - police entering site with sirens blazing and boltcroppers. More arrests anticipated.


Phone call from action at Vopak refinery in Thurrock - 5 arrests. People are locked onto staircase of silo.


It is now confirmed that the police have launched a full eviction attempt this morning at the Bodge House squat in Shipley, Derbyshire. The house is located on the site of a proposed open cast coal mine. See article for more.


London HQ of RBS (Oil Bank of Scotland - 250 Bishopsgate) currently blockaded by 15 students lying in a pool of oil. Group is known as Panda. See article for more. Gatwick train station banner drop still ongoing.


Police have violently dragged locked on protester in human chain out of road at the site of the Thurrock fuel depot. Reports of injuries, people screaming in pain.


2 banner drops at Gatwick. One in the main concourse of the airport. Banner reads "Stop Short Haul". Two activists locked on with handcuffs, whilst others wearing T-shirts with slogan 'Can I hinder' leafletted passengers. Action lasted 15 minutes, no arrests. Second banner at Gatwick train station reads "Let The Train Take The Strain". See article for more.


Climate activists from around the country have shut down the Vopak fuel depot in Thurrock, which is the biggest holder of biofuels in the South of England. See article for more info.



People on the site are preparing for a big storm which is coming their way. Heavy rainfall and spectacular lightning shows are reported as people enjoy bands and dj's performing in main marquee.

5-6 police vehicles at roundabout. A bunch of people arrived on one of the shopper buses were allegedly kicked out. 1 shuttlebus is still running following being stopped. Still doing searches at the car park - no legal observers allowed anywhere near. Police is being reported as quite aggressive.

Seven arrests reported down at round about with the mass breakout group, who are now surrounded. Police are not allowing legal observers nearby and several have been assaulted.

Legal observer assaulted and had legal observer hi-viz vest forcibly removed and stolen.

Shuttle bus driver arrested and one of the minibuses taken by police.. Reasons unclear. 1 shuttle bus still running.

After yesterdays mass break in, about 50 people did a mass break out in protest at being forced to submit to searches on the way out. Other than that, it is lovely and sunny, lots of people, perhaps 1,400? Workshops happening all over the place, well attended, lots of kids playing, great atmosphere. Plenty of power coming in , wind and solar.

Latest reports are that 2 or 3 dog units have been seen driving to the back gate. The MOD is ercting signs warning that dogs are on patrol, and mounted units are patrolling the roads bordering the camp.

Around 5am the police made a push to break into the site at the rear gate. Several hundred people awoke to the alarm and rushed to defend the gate. No police managed to get on, lots of people camping at the top gate now and very well 'manned'.

All riots police now got back into their vans at main gate and driven off. Just a few officers still at the gate. Things have calmed down, although a good chunk of the site is now awake.

Police lighting towers were just switched off. Police sirens going again. People shouting and screams at the gate. Not sure whats happening. Barricade being formed.

The police has just woken the camp using sirens. There is lots of confusion, police helicopter hovering over the camp for some time, then leaves. People have gathered at the front gate. No incursion.



At around around 8pm, approx 150 new people arrived at the site and refused to be searched. They just walked past police and came on site. They told officers that they had no legal grounds to inconvenince them by making them wait to be searched. There was an awsome ceilidh in the main marquee with perhaps 400 people this evening. The radio has been running really sucessfully with so many people up for taking part that the shows have been much longer than expected.

The power shortage today resulted in a meeting of various power providers who have since been matched up their partial kit to form complete solutions. Those who managed to get solar in but not their batteries are working with those who got in batteries but not their wind turbines. Those with wind turbines who had their towers stolen have been teaming up with those who have towers but incomplete turbine. There have been several hundred new people today. Estimated numbers on site are now over 1,200, perhaps even 1,400.

Bike thieves caught on film

Workshops packed, with climate science by Dr Simon Lewis, and mass action training in amongst the over-flying helicopter. By evening, lots of people arriving. Two-hour wait to get 'stop-and-searched' proves too much, and 100 people refuse and head straight to camp!

Police issued demands this morning that they can have a mobile police station on-site, can patrol the site, and can search for items they have lost - eg a CS gas canister and a baton. They forgot to mention a book. Police also started confiscating wheelie bins, which are being used to carry stuff from half a mile down the road which is nearest to where vehicles are being allowed. They suspect the wheelie bins are stolen. However, current correspondence going on with Lewisham Council might prove otherwise. They de-comissioned the wrong size wheelie bins, stopped using them, and gave them to the climate camp last year. Lots of workshops going on, power a big problem today, infrastructure wise lots of work going on. Whilst the big alternative energy providers are on the site, some stuff is still missing e.g. big battery banks and towers for wind generators not allowed on site and having to make cables as they've taken them.

Other than that, everyone is chilled and happy, properly settled in, people getting down to it, meetings, workshops, everyone seems pretty happy about the fact the police have not managed to put a dampener on this and everyone feels great that the police are off the site. There is a steady stream of mainstream media visiting the camp. Police helicopter flying overhead earlier on in the day, creating noise flying low for no particular reason. It is estimated up to 800 people are now at the camp although this is difficult to tell as the site is huge and you can't see it all from one place!

Update from the legal team: 16 arrests so far, 8 people are still in custody, 7 will appear before magistrates court today. Most arrests have been for obstruction, and are related to police activity at back gate, in the early morning raid on 4th August. A couple of people have been arrested for breaking bail conditions.

The legal team are continuing to look for people who are willing to be trained up as legal observers. Trainings take place at 4.30, every afternoon. More basic 'know your rights' workshops also take place around the week. Please visit the legal tent for more info.

(from CC website - "The Camp for Climate Action condems in the strongest possible terms the police press release issued 20 minutes ago as a totally irresponsibe stunt to deter people coming to the Camp for Climate Action. To link a 'stash' of knives allegedly found somewhere in the Hoo Peninsula to the Camp for Climate Action is nothing but a smear campaign against us. To suggest that the campers - environmentalists living at a camp serving only vegan food - would even consider hurting a police horse shows the police's press release to be nothing but policial policing," said Ester Davies at the camp when we heard the 'news'. "We have asked Bob Marshall-Andrews MP, Colin Challon MP, Caroline Lucas MEP and Chris Davies MEP, who have already sent a letter to Gary Beautridge to complain about his policing of the event, to investigate this bizzare claim of the police".

Campers condem smear by police. "Last year it was bombs at Heathrow, this year it is knives in a wood, every year it's something, and always, always these crazy stories turn out to be untrue." said Paul Sumburn at the Camp. We remind everyone that somebody (police?, BAA?) started a similar smear campaign against us last year at Heathrow, reported by the Evening Standard, who we persued through the Press Complaints Commission and won our case. We will vigourously persue any unsubstantiated claims against the camp. We welcome critical reporting. But outright lies must challenged.

(from CC website - All quiet on the western front (also known as 'gate 5'). A good calm nights sleep for all, workshops programme on schedule, with mass action planning, discussion on agrofuels, off-grid renewable energy and Marx's views on ecology, to name four things happening now. Finishing touches to the site in full swing, with a cinema, bakery and computer suite open today. Yet, at 8 am this morning the police rejected outright yesterday evenings camp offer of a patrol of two police officers once an hour. So the police are still being weird. Apart from that all is cool.

From yesterday, the bail-breakers all got in bar one, who is in court today. We'll bring news as we have it, but lots of people have gone to support him in Chatam court. Arthur Scargil talked (for hours!) on the problems of building a new coal-fired powerstation at Kingsnorth which used no UK coal and is not planned to be fitted with technology to bury the carbon emission under the sea (known as carbon capture and storage CCS). He put forward a strong proposal that with CCS there was a role for deep-mined coal from the UK. Discussions on the importance of unions in solving climate change continued in the evening plenary on 'capitalism and climate change'. Important stuff.

Things are good and calm at the camp and according to some campers it feels "like we might get into a routine". Listen to short audio from this morning (approx 1 min).



Sometime during the busy day of policing the camp, an officer dropped a so called 'Pocket Legislation Guide on Policing Protest'. The document, issued by the National Extremism Tactical Coordination Unit (also known as NETCU) gives an overview of legislation the police can use to stifle all forms of legitimate protest. The document was subsequently posted on UK Indymedia by a camper attending the Climate Camp and supposedly isn't for public consumption. See articles: [1] [2] or download full document (PDF).

All police have just left the site. The camp is calm and people are enjoying food.

Campaigners battling plans for an open cast mine on the edge of Telford today unfurled banners across one of Shropshire’s busiest roads. Members of Wrekin Stop War and Wrekin Anarchist Group are bidding to catch the attention of motorists travelling on the M54 past Telford and are calling for them to join their protests. See article.

Riot police have entered the Climate Camp site again. Officers forced their way in through two gates and claim to be 'patrolling the site'. Protesters are attempting to move the police off by forming a line with hands in the air. Officers who emerged from one of the fences have been forced to retreat (off the site).

Police took down part of the fencing dividing the neighboring land and the camp and came in through the breach. Helicopter flying overhead, people up in tripods. Still approx 40 police in the south east part of the field, but have been stopped at a line of campers half way between their breach point and the camp itself. No arrests so far. It seems people refuse to be provoked. Campers continue to arrive as normal, workshops continue also.

Climate Camp Radio is ready to go! The studio has been set up, guests are coming in, and an action packed schedule of programs will be coming up over the duration of the camp. There will be two shows a day during lunch and dinner. The early show starts at 1pm and goes til 2-2:30, the late show starts at 7pm and finishes at 9pm. See article for more info. Listen: Shows are available online (streaming or as podcasts) from

Things have calmed down a little. The camp is continuing as normal, workshops and meetings happening, No problem with people getting on and off the site.

A large number of police vans are still at the back gate of the camp. Riot police (TSG) , some of who are unmarked and masked are standing in formation in front of about 200 people in a sitdown blockade. The atmosphere is positive, people are having breakfast, drinking tea and singing. Reports: [1] [2] | Photos: [1] | Video: [1]

Police have now moved back from the main gate.

Report from the camp says that police shift has changed, and that the atmosphere is calmer. Music is being played at both gates, and impromptu workshops being held near rear gate.

Standoff continues. Several arrests reported, and medics have rushed to the back gate following reports of pepper spray being used. Ambulances were called but experienced difficulty getting to the camp.

Police massed at both gates of the camp. They broke windows of vehicles and towed at least one vehicle away.



The day started and ended with rain but for the most part was sunny, dry but windy. Most of the neighbourhoods have their infrastructure pretty sorted and kitchen serving food. The media 'village' now has it's full complement of structures and although some are literally held up with bits of string, it's looking good despite being two days behind schedule. Everything is running behind thanks to continuing vindictive obstruction by the police.

Meanwhile, the mobile police station and associated vehicles have now withdraw from the entrance to the camp at some point during the afternoon so the camp now has full control of both vehicle access points into the field. However, the police say the road is now closed. The climate caravan arrived and every person, bike and bag was search in the pouring rain before being allowed up to the site where they were meet by cheering campers. For full summary of the day see this article.

The march began in Rochester where it was was joined by the Climate Caravan. Before the start there were several inspiring speakers and curious local onlookers. The march got under way with a large police presence, including a FIT photographer and a very loud helicopter. Back at the Camp searches were taking place in a nearby car park and again at the entrance to the site. The reason given on my written search report, aka 'pink slip', was “Information of criminal intent Climate Camp” and the power given was 'Section 1'. Having a pink slip avoided the second search and should be demanded from the police when searched. You don't have to give your name and address.

The police have now left the Camp entrance, which has quickly been blocked by a temporary barrier of wheelie bins, to stop the cops returning, but the mass searches down the road continued. Finally, the Caravan and March approached the Camp just as it started to rain.

Photos from the march: [1] [2] | video

Reports from camp state that it has started raining again, and that the camp is very colourful with flags fluttering and people moving around the site with wheelbarrows - carrying equipment, pitching tents and building more camp infrastructure. The police continue to try and hamper activity and have now stated they will not allow any more vehicles onto the site. A helicopter flew over the site warning drivers that if they did not move their vehicles from the back gate then they would be towed away. Campers were able to show that the legislation police say they were acting under applies only to abandoned vehicles, and for now the police have left the back gate. Later this afternoon the caravan and march are expected at the site.

It was raining this morning at the climate camp but has stopped now and the ground dries out really quickly. Nether-the-less it would be wise to bring waterproofs and boots. Police are searching everybody, often several times and as far away as strood station. They continue to take a wide variety of completely innocent items. Read article for more.



Things are slowly going up but still lots of stuff missing and the police say they wont return stuff till next Thursday. The big marquee currently can't go up as the police have key pieces.

People went to buy materials for the camp's disabled toilet as much of the building material had been taken previously by police. When they returned to the camp, the police confiscated it all; plywood, timber, bolts etc. The track for the wheel chair access was also taken. After negatiations some of the items were returned later in the evening.

Slow progress but there is progress. Water reaching many more parts of site. More structures going up. Been difficult due to cops taking stuff but we're getting there. Weather good. Ground dry. (note: was cold last night, reasonable bedding a good idea.) See comment.

The Forward Intelligence Team made a foray onto the field today but were ejected from the field by campers. Police still feel confident to wander about the site in pairs - followed and escorted, natch - but the arrival of the FIT with cameras proved too much. Accordingly they were surrounded and ejected from the field today by the camp. Numbers are swelling - the clmate camp info line is very busy with last minute requests for directions. See article.

Campaigners in the High Peak stage a demonstration to call for the re-opening of the Woodhead Tunnel and the Manchester to Sheffield rail line. The demo co-incides with the Climate Camp at Kingsnorth, Kent. The tunnel is under threat due to National Grid's plans to run cables through it, transferring power generated in the coal fields of Yorkshire to the industrial centres of the North West. See article for more info.



The temporary Field IMC at the Camp for Climate Action, is on-line and up and running with terminals for publishing via a bidirectional satellite link. "We shall be running minimal services from tomorrow onwards. We'll be fully running by Sunday/Monday of the camp". See article.

The atmosphere at the camp is calm. People are working hard on the setting up. Erecting marquees and building toilets. The local council has instructed the water board to install a water supply at the entrance of the camp. Today was also the first day for the media to come on site and be shown around. Some police continue to walk around, escorted by people from the camp. At the moment people are randomly searched. Vehicles are given a more thorough check over.

20 participants of this year's Camp for Climate Action and members of Action Against Agrofuels successfully blockaded the only access gate to Cargill's European regional head office in Cobham, Surrey. 8 activists locked on to the gates closing the site down completely. Agrobusiness giant Cargill are being targeted by the protesters for their role in rainforest destruction and land-grabbing as well as for profiteering from the food crisis. For photos and background see this feature article.



It is reported that there have been several more arrests this evening (approx 6 in total) and police are still on site. Many things have been confiscated and there is currently an on site police caravan/office. No reports of new people being stopped from entering site.

Police numbers on site are now substantially reduced but they have installed a mobile police station at the entrance to the camp and there is talk of a permanent patrol. Campers currently negotiating the return of the property stolen by police, much of which is essential to setting up the camp infrastructure [Press Release]

Currently the police are attempting seize a pile of construction wood but campers are sitting on the pile to protect the essential construction material which is destined to be made into compost toilets etc. Previously police tried to take rolls of water pipe but were physically prevented from doing so by campers. Confiscated items now include: rope, tools, a ladder, three boardgames, boiler suits, wet suits and flares. Police have emptied entire vans. The searches have finished but police remain on site or close by.

Well over 100 police officers have entered the site with vehicles and a police helicopter is hovering overhead [report | more] Police were issued with a warrant for the searching and seizing of articles for use in criminal damage. Confiscated items have included: planks of wood, carpet and a war-on-terror board game. Every tent is being searched. People are up in the tripods. Some officers are reported acting aggressively towards people trying to resist the search. So far two people have been arrested, one for stopping police from going into their tent (obstruction). Forward Intelligence Teams (FIT) are walking around the site photographing and filming people.



The site for the Climate Camp has been successfully occupied. 100 people entered and secured the uncultivated field at Deansgate Ridge, only 1 km from Kingsnorth Power Station. They erected and climbed tripods to prevent police from moving them and have erected a marquee alongside a banner which reads 'No New Coal'. See article.

During the fourth day of the Climate Caravan a large group of displaced penguins, a homeless polar bear, and several of human climate refugees crossed London Bridge to enter the City of London. The group visited a variety of oil, gas and finance companies that they have identified as fuelling the runaway climate chaos that is destroying their homes. See report with pictures and press release



The Climate Caravan stopped at the Synergy Centre, near Oval in London. Around 30-50 people watched a film about sustainability in Cuba, on a cycle-powered cinema. Afterwards there was a Q+A session with climate camp staff, London councillors and other green - thinkers. See article with photos.

Some cyclists left Nottingham to head for the Climate Camp at Kingsnorth Powerstation, Kent. The cyclists started their 170 mile journey at the Sumac Centre and are hoping to arrive at the camp later in the week. Listen to short audio piece.



Climate Camp press conference at Harlington Baptist Church, near Heathrow airport. The conference is aimed to examine the ongoing situation at Heathrow and bring different groups such as Camp for Climate Action, local campaign groups HACAN and NoTRAG), and Greenpeace to discuss a broad strategy against expansion. See article with photos.

The bicycle caravan heading down to Kingsnorth from Scotland arrives in Newcastle Upon Tyne. The group has made their way down from the Scottish Borders in blistering heat. They arrived looking happy and a wee bit sunburnt. The group plan to cycle to to the camp for climate action calling at some of the UK's loveliest beauty spots and some of the ugliest polluters alike. Read article.



Veteran peace campaigner Peter Le Mare, arrives into Brighton Marina in his Peace Boat. Le Mare is on his way to The Climate Camp and then to Westminster, London for the 50th anniversary of the CND peace symbol on Hiroshima Day, August 6. He decided to take to the waves " draw attention to the linked problems of Catastrophic Climate Change and World Peace." Read article.