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5 o'clock and the police try and drive through main gate to climate camp

davet | 04.08.2008 08:13 | Climate Camp 2008 | Climate Chaos | Repression | London | South Coast

Climate Camp main gate duty meets and repels a van load of police at 5am

A crew of 5 people were on gate duty early this morning when the peace was shattered when a police van tried to aggressively drive through the main gate to raid the site at 5am. A handful of us got in the way and managed to secure the gate as around 20 police jumped out with the intention of coming on site.

Obviously, that wasn't acceptable when many campers were asleep. Nonetheless, many campers soon arrived and linked arms at the gate along with using the wheelie bins to shut off access. There was a fair amount of scuffling and the police liaison arrived quickly and relative calm returned. We were told of trouble on the other gate and kept up to date by campers. They also made us plenty of tea!

We had to wait there for three hours before the police finally retreated to just outside the gate. We sung to them and read passages from the programme - they didn't look happy but at least the main gate is now secured. More help needed though...



update from earlier

04.08.2008 11:32

The front gate reported on above is now quiet with the gates shut. People are getting in and out though over a stile.

There is still heavy police presence at the back gate - i counted 13 vans and about 8 cars - but campers are holding firm. They have also been driving about in a tow truck and threatening to take some of our vehicles - we believe illegally. Once they were assured the vehicles weren't abandoned, they didn't seem to have any more ideas about how they could legitimately remove them. However, we have people under the vehicle to stop them. There are also police under the vehicle (because they were worried that the person underneath may become dehydrated!).

The lines are holding strong and we're in good spirits, but really we should be getting on with meetings and workshops.



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