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Another climate camp action - Students Killed at Royal Bank of Scotland's HQ.

NEWS RELEASE – for immediate release | 07.08.2008 10:37 | Climate Camp 2008 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | London

Fifteen dead bodies are currently lying in a pool of oil blocking the
entrance to RBS London HQ at Liverpool Street [1]. Students are staging a
'die-in' blockade to highlight the devastating effects of climate change.
The protesters are demanding RBS stop funding destructive fossil fuel
projects which will create climate catastrophe. The action is taking
place as part of the climate camp and is co-ordinated by the student
action network PANDA [1].

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A report released today by a coalition of environmental NGOs [2] reveals
that RBS is estimated to have been involved in providing loans of over $20
billion to coal-related companies in the last two years – including the
energy company E.ON.

Head of Climate Change Campaigns at People & Planet, Bronwen Thomas said

“Thousands of climate change activists are currently gathered at the
Climate Camp in Kingsnorth to oppose E.ON's plans to build the first
coal-fired power station in the country for 33 years. Coal is the dirtiest
fuel there is. Opening coal fired power stations is madness - We should
be stopping climate change not making it worse”

PANDA student activist Alex Wood, 22, is currently chained to other
activists in front of RBS. He explained his reasons: “I'm risking arrest
today because RBS must take responsibility for the emissions caused by
their investments. Climate change causes the death of 150, 000 people per
year – each one of the fifteen bodies lying outside RBS represents 10, 000
deaths. To stop this number increasing RBS must act now.”

RBS, who refer to themselves as 'the oil and gas bank' has also loaned
money to companies like Arch Coal, who are involved in the controversial
technique of coal mining called Mountain Top Removal. This destroys the
tops of entire mountains and produces large quantities of toxic sludge.



[1] RBS London HQ address is 250 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 4NR

[2] PANDA is People & Planet's Associated Network for Direct Action. For
more details see:

[3] The coalition of groups consists of Friends of the Earth Scotland,
People & Planet, Platform, BankTrack, Stop Climate Chaos and Scottish
Education and Action for Development.

[4] For more info on the Climate Camp visit

[5] For more info on the Royal Bank of Scotland’s financing of fossil fuel
extraction see:

NEWS RELEASE – for immediate release


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