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Climate Camp - FIT repelled from site

camper | 02.08.2008 11:37 | Climate Camp 2008 | Climate Chaos

The Forward Intelligence Team made a foray onto the field today but were ejected from the field by campers.

Police still feel confident to wander about the site in pairs - followed and escorted, natch - but the arrival of the FIT with cameras proved too much.

Accordingly they were surrounded and ejected from the field today by the camp.

Numbers are swelling - the clmate camp info line is very busy with last minute requests for directions - and we will soon be empowered to reclaim absolute ownership of the site.



footage from BBC South East

03.08.2008 13:59

still from the BBC, showing FIT being ejected.

this video and other recordings of mainstream news about climate camp on my Youtube channel updated throughout the week

Doug Paulley