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Police Raid Climate Camp Site

Troll | 01.08.2008 05:26 | Climate Camp 2008

Yesterday evening police raided the Camp for Climate Action. Apparently shopping lists and boardgames are a threat these days...

Yesterday evening police on the Hoo peninsular invaded the camp site at Deansgate ridge. They brought with them a warrant enabling them to search for anything that could be used for criminal damage.
After the silver commander for operation oasis having said at an open police meeting "we have a duty under law to protect peoples right to peaceful demonstration", last nights violent raid is a disgrace.
Apparently their warrant meant that they could try to take plumbing supplies that are to be used to provide water and sanitation to the site, also timber that is destined for making compost toilets to get the camp ready for the bulk of people arriving over the weekend.
The camps occupants resisted this by sitting on the essential building materials, for this they were beaten with batons and pepper sprayed.
Surely this underhand maltreatment of peaceful protesters is a violation of rights and boils down to a deliberate attempt to stop the camp from happening. Is this the action of a police force wanting to support the right to peaceful protest?
At the end of this harrasment they went away with a board game, some wax crayons and a shopping list.
One has to ask how these items could be used for criminal damage, what did they think the guys at the camp were going to do? Draw their way into Kingsnorth? Nick the stuff on the list from the canteen? Or maybe leave them a Cluedo as to who did it on the way out?

Do me a favour! this was just good old police harassment, and a deliberate act to try and besmirch the cause and message of the camp.

So, if you are coming to the camp be prepared for more. However please make sure you do come if you can, this is an important issue.



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