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Police mount morning attacks against climate campers

sleepy eyes | 04.08.2008 05:37 | Climate Camp 2008 | Climate Chaos | Free Spaces | Repression | London | South Coast

Shortly after 5am this morning, police mounted an operation at the climate camp.

Several vans advanced on the main gate and a stand off ensued. During this distraction, large numbers of police attacked the rear gate, smashing windows of vehicles park at the rare gate. Police dogs units were posted while at least one vehicle was towed away. Many officers wore no shoulder numbers and refused to identify themselves or show warrant cards as they ordered people around. Several arrests were made as campers rushed to the scene.

The standoff at both gates is still taking place over an hour later and observers report more riot vans being dispatched to the camp. Batons were used to attack campers and a line of riot cops advanced. Medics were rushed to scene as reports of campers being attacked with pepper spray came in. Several more arrests were made and ambulances have been called to attend injuries.

sleepy eyes


Best way to stay updated is join the twitter

04.08.2008 06:28

Indymedia is fairly slow to update. The best and fastest way to stay informed about breaking news is to join the climatecamp twitter.

text join send a text to 07624801423
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you will receive a confirmation message which you must reply to with a username of your choice.

You will not be charged to receive the news alerts but you will pay for the two texts you send to sign up.


P.S. The police harassment over the last few days is clearly designed to disrupt and intimidate - blatant political policing intended to discourage people from attending and to marginalise the movement. Don't let it work!!! Phone your friends, talk to work mates, get them down here!

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