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Theft of bicycles at climate camp

concered resident | 05.08.2008 21:35 | Climate Camp 2008

There have been reports that bicycles left in the car park of the climate camp have been stolen.
Minor incidences like that should be reported to the local police. No matter who stole them. Dirty scum.

"Report it

Residents who see anything suspicious or who want to report incidents or crimes that are not emergencies, should call Kent Police’s non-urgent number 01634 891055. Non-urgent incidents are those where there is no immediate danger to life, where a crime has been committed but is not actually in progress and when there is no offender nearby.

These calls are charged at the local rate and answered at the Kent Police Communications Centre in Maidstone.

In an emergency, for example if life is threatened, people are injured, crime is in progress or offenders are nearby, you should call the police on 999."

concered resident


cops cut locks and stole bikes after telling ppl to leave them in car park

05.08.2008 22:13

This is crazy. First they tell you to leave your bike in the car park, then they cut the locks and steal them. Can't wait to see what the police claim to try and justify this - maybe tey'll say the bikes could be used as weapons, or maybe they will say they suspect they are stolen, or maybe that they were blocking emergency vehicle access.


Tuesday 9 pm update from camp

05.08.2008 22:45

Workshops packed, with climate science by Dr Simon Lewis, and mass action training in amongst the over-flying helicopter. By evening, lots of people arriving. Two-hour wait to get 'stop-and-searched' proves too much, and 100 people refuse and head straight to camp! Normal day really (execpt the mental police press release), with all being calm - it's hotting up for the biggest climate camp ever!




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