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Police invade Climate Camp - more people urgently needed

PB | 31.07.2008 17:14 | Climate Camp 2008

This afternoon over 100 police officers invaded the Climate Camp, claiming to search for material that could be used for criminal damage. Since there are only around 150 people currently on site, more people are urgently needed to make the site more secure. There are reports that several people were arrested.

Activists who blocked police vehicles were removed in a very heavy handed manner. The names and details of many people were taken. Materials were removed from site, including a wet suit. All the while, a police helicopter was in the sky over the camp.

Police have now left.



Police still on site

31.07.2008 17:27

Apparently they are removing all the wood which was intended for construction of loos etc


Wood Pile victory

31.07.2008 17:39

Latest reports say that wood pile was saved by people sitting on it - police gave up and sent vehicle away. Some police still on site - but not doing anything



31.07.2008 19:19

As of 8.15pn 31st July police are still on site and seem to be setting up camp by the main gate.

Everyone who can get there go as quickly as possible, once we have numbers we will regain control.

going tomorrow

Stop and Search info

31.07.2008 20:59

Prior to police entering the site today they were searching under section 1 of PACE and thus looking for items that could be used to committ acts of criminal damage.. Challenge this by asking what their 'reasonable grounds' are to suspect that this object would be used for criminal damage - and why you specifically (as an individual) are suspected
They cannot look through your personal papers under pace - and do not need to give your name, address or date of birth

Before ANY search (under Section 2 of PACE) you should be told: the officer's name and police station; the purpose of the search; the legal grounds for the search; and you should be offered a copy of stop and search form.

phew. peacexx


police tactics & stategy, and legal rights

31.07.2008 21:11

The police are just pushing it.

Last year they managed to get limited accompanied patrols on site when we (police liaison) were tired and our guard was down. When they tried a bigger incursion, we forcefully but calmly pushed them off.

The year before we kept them off site.

They won't try to stop us coming - as you said, it makes sense for them and us if we're all in the one place. They will probably harass us, as they've started to, on arrival. And it sounds like they are trying to camp 'on top' of us, to assert their authority.

We need to assert our authority over the camp, that it is an autonomous space which we keep tip-top without their 'help' for the duration of the camp. As there are more of us, this needs to be a priority, if we're to best be able to do what we're going there to do.

You never have to give your name to a copper unless: you are the driver of a motor vehicle, or you are arrested and taken to the police station, or a small range of charges that they try to nick you for but send you 'the bill' later.

If you want to read up about your rights, there's a full range of useful contacts at (Activists' Legal Project, FREEBeagles). There's also a useful pamphlet for about police tactics, and for dealing with the police when you want to stick to what you've come for - the Guide to Public Order Situations, at or

see you soon

Kent Police

31.07.2008 22:34

Kent Police offer the following information at

So, if you do spot any criminal activity [like the activities of EON], you may want to report these to the police and council. You may also wish to take steps to protect yourself from malicious actions by the police and council if you report these criminals. The police have a long history of acting on behalf of criminals, instead of acting on behalf of victims.

Queries about the climate camp

If you have any questions about the camp, call our Kingsnorth camp hotline on 01634 792660 or email We will be linking up with Medway Council to ensure you have all the information you need.

You can call Medway Council’s Customer First team on 01634 333333 or email for information on services such as roads, rubbish collection and social care.

Suspicious behaviour and calls about incidents that are not emergencies

If you see anything suspicious that you think could be related to the climate camp, or want to report incidents or crimes that are not emergencies, contact us on our non-urgent number, 01634 891055. Non-urgent incidents are those where there is no immediate danger to life, where a crime has been committed but is not actually in progress and when there is no offender nearby.

These calls are charged at the local rate and answered at the Kent Police communications centre in Maidstone.

Emergency calls

In an emergency, for example if life is threatened, people are injured, crime is in progress or offenders are nearby, call the police on 999.

Your neighbourhood team

Neighbourhood officers work with residents and local organisations to identify priorities for action and deal with local problems. You can contact the Peninsula neighbourhood team on 01634 792346.

Gordon Brown

the warrant was issued under s6 Criminal Damage Act

01.08.2008 11:17

Criminal Damage Act 1971

6.— Search for things intended for use in committing offences of criminal damage.

(1) If it is made to appear by information on oath before a justice of the peace that there is reasonable cause to believe that any person has in his custody or under his control or on his premises anything which there is reasonable cause to believe has been used or is intended for use without lawful excuse—

(a) to destroy or damage property belonging to another; or
(b) to destroy or damage any property in a way likely to endanger the life of another,

the justice may grant a warrant authorising any constable to search for and seize that thing.

(2) A constable who is authorised under this section to search premises for anything, may enter (if need be by force) and search the premises accordingly and may seize anything which he believes to have been used or to be intended to be used as aforesaid.

(3) The Police (Property) Act 1897 (disposal of property in the possession of the police) shall apply to property which has come into the possession of the police under this section as it applies to property which has come into the possession of the police in the circumstances mentioned in that Act.

If the police search people using a warrant like this, or under section 1, they must tell you their name and station, what they are looking for and why they think you might have it, before they start the search or the whole search is illegal (per s2 PACE).



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