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Camp update sunday morning, before you come

camper | 03.08.2008 09:06 | Climate Camp 2008 | Climate Chaos | Free Spaces | Repression | London

It was raining this morning at the climate camp but has stopped now and the ground dries out really quickly. Nether-the-less it would be wise to bring waterproofs and boots. Police are searching everybody, often several times and as far away as strood station. They continue took take a wide variety of completely innocent items.

Tops on the list of most common items seized are pens of all varieties. These include not just permanent markers, but also dry wipe markers. They have even taken somebodies biro claiming it could be used as an offensive weapon. This leads us on top knifes - don't bring even the most innocent pen knife or multi tool, if found, you will loose it. This goes for most ordinary tools as well. Some things you will not be able to predict. One person had their stripy top and two flowers taken from them as on the grounds that they could cause a public nuisance.

It might all sound funny and stupid but beyond being an inconvenience and expense for those who have had stuff taken from them, it has been a major hassle on camp with key materials and components confiscated which has delayed progress significantly. Many of the marquees were on a vehicle impounded because the driver hadn't understood the tacograph. The police refused to allow the camp to collect the marquees from the impounded vehicle until they could prove 'ownership' which obviously took a while from a field. Even though the marquees are now all on site, many components are missing as the police have be seizing bags of rope or things that 'could be used as a weapon'.

Safety equipment has also been stolen by police, including hard hats for those putting up the marquees. Life jackets and emergency rescue flares were taken from those sorting out safety for the raft crews and radios taken from the medics.

While we've had internet access on site since friday afternoon, the main Be The Media marquee structure has still not been erected due to police disruption.

Because of the random nature of searches, people have been going out to buiy replacements for what has been seized and that sometimes gets in. However, police seized all the material purchased for building the disabled toilets and the rolling track for wheel chair access. The legal team are having to send all their time negotiating return of key items.

Despite all of this, spirits are high on site and steady progress is being made with plenty of improvising. Last night had something of a party atmosphere as one of the media tents became 'retro radio rave-aoke' entertaining a large crowd to repel an increased police presence.

This morning, despite the rain, the sound of hammering can be heard around site and the bulk of people are attending the days site meeting.