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Police drop top secret NETCU guide to policing protest - part 2

Climate camper | 04.08.2008 20:01 | Climate Camp 2008 | Animal Liberation | Climate Chaos | Repression

Part 2 of the NETCU guide

The second part of the NETCU guide to policing protest, dropped on the Camp for Climate Action.

Climate camper


Missing pages

04.08.2008 20:22

A few pages got mixed up in the upload - here's pages 42-47.

Oh and sorry about the page obscured by fingers - I'll try to get a better image uploaded.

Climate camper

PDF download

05.08.2008 00:02

Please see at the top of the article - the full booklet available as PDF download


NETCU, National Extremism Tactical Coordination Unit, URL

05.08.2008 13:00

NETCU, National Extremism Tactical Coordination Unit


What's funny is they feature Clowns!!!!!


All typed up...

05.08.2008 15:00

I've typed up all the text from the handbook for everyone. I just need to make the charts now, and then add the missing pages when they get posted online...

I will reproduce the booklet in its exact form, so that on protests when you see the police reading from the booklet or consulting it during decision making, you can ask them what page and paragraph they are referring to and consult your own version of the booklet. I have experienced the police interpreting the law incorrectly after going through the "netcu bible", so now we have our own version the police can be challenged.

As soon as the booklet is completed I will upload it. I will do two layouts, one so you can read it straight off, and one so you can print it off and staple it together to take out with you on protests.

Netcu Bible


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