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Police drop top secret NETCU guide to policing protest - part 2

Climate camper | 04.08.2008 20:01 | Climate Camp 2008 | Animal Liberation | Climate Chaos | Repression

Part 2 of the NETCU guide

The second part of the NETCU guide to policing protest, dropped on the Camp for Climate Action.

Climate camper


Missing pages

04.08.2008 20:22

A few pages got mixed up in the upload - here's pages 42-47.

Oh and sorry about the page obscured by fingers - I'll try to get a better image uploaded.

Climate camper

PDF download

05.08.2008 00:02

Please see at the top of the article - the full booklet available as PDF download


NETCU, National Extremism Tactical Coordination Unit, URL

05.08.2008 13:00

NETCU, National Extremism Tactical Coordination Unit


What's funny is they feature Clowns!!!!!


All typed up...

05.08.2008 15:00

I've typed up all the text from the handbook for everyone. I just need to make the charts now, and then add the missing pages when they get posted online...

I will reproduce the booklet in its exact form, so that on protests when you see the police reading from the booklet or consulting it during decision making, you can ask them what page and paragraph they are referring to and consult your own version of the booklet. I have experienced the police interpreting the law incorrectly after going through the "netcu bible", so now we have our own version the police can be challenged.

As soon as the booklet is completed I will upload it. I will do two layouts, one so you can read it straight off, and one so you can print it off and staple it together to take out with you on protests.

Netcu Bible


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Covered page!

04.08.2008 21:27

It would be cool if you could get an un-covered copy of the page with your hand over it as soon as possible encase the cops get a court order or something. Thank you so much for posting this!

AR Reprints Press

what is really helpful

04.08.2008 23:08

To be honest, most of this looks pretty straight forward and not that useful. Most of what is in this booklet should be known by clued up activist or easily available from legal support servicws anyway - it just tells you what the law is and defines it. What is really interesting is the specified wordings on arrest - it is worth finding out if these are mandatory, ie, if the arresting officer gets it wrong then your arrest is invalid or a change of charge might be required. All the more reason for people to carry pen and paper or recording equipment and record what coppers say when they nick you or others. Time to take activism seriously.


More missing pages?

05.08.2008 06:11

Pages 8 and 9 seem to be missing too.


Pages 8-9

05.08.2008 07:18

We'll get pages 8-9 up asap, and reshoot the covered page.


call for lawyers - time to get busy

05.08.2008 10:12

This booklet is asking to be back engineered! It is wrongminded to the point where its authors appear to have been negligent. For example although it clearly deals with protest (a lawful activity) I don't see much reference to the Human Rights Act and the requirement by the authorities to act proportionately. This, in my humble (unqualified) opinion is a serious omission designed to 'uninhibit' the police on the ground in situations where the law appears to require their restraint.
This entire booklet needs rewriting so as to include our point of view. After review and correction by lawyers a copy should be presented to NETCU.

Ok, thats my rant over!

To the uploader...... Thankyou.


Even better

05.08.2008 15:34

Must of taken you a shit load of time to type it all, there's loads of pages! great job though.

Can't wait for my own version :-)


Don't forget pages 8-9 and the bit covered by a hand

05.08.2008 15:36

Thanks for typing this up - I pity your fingers!

The missing pages will be uploaded ASAP, so don't print what we have here until that's done. Hopefully they'll be up tomorrow morning.


message to the police....

05.08.2008 16:22

No doubt the officers who confiscated toiletries were following NETCU guidelines. The result is evident in the appearance of grubby fingernails holding pages open for the camera.

An angle for the press. The campers arn't soap dodgers, the police are soap stealer's.

So what is the point of this kind of behavior in a democracy?

Please stick to doing your duty. If you think you are being used as a political tool then you should complain. You have my permission to complain here.



06.08.2008 03:08

From the NETCU website "Officers had to use their protective equipment yesterday because of the hostility they faced from a hardcore group of protestors. Police needed to use their shields because coins and forks were being thrown at them."

Oh no, not the coins and forks. Whatever will the poor police do? Confiscate money from protesters on the grounds that it's an offensive weapon? No doubt they'll steal and pocket the money like they've done with several bikes.

National Egotistical Total Cunts Unit

Is there any greater insult to the police?

06.08.2008 13:32

Than the fact that their own manual needs four pages and a flow chart to explain paragraph of legislation.

MonkeyBot 5000

clown title

08.08.2008 10:14

loppy writes:

What's funny is they feature Clowns!!!!!

clearly it's clowns that are the hardcore extremists in this day and age. If anyone sees bozo or joey or any mall clown blowing up balloons, may i suggest you phone NETCU immediately. your anonymity is guaranteed.


Interesting guidelines

08.08.2008 19:46

The NETCU guidance here on use of the Highways Act 1986 could be very useful. As with NETCU's guidance on use of Sections 4A and 5 Public Order Act 1986 (see earlier post on Part 1) we knew NETCU were giving this advice but did not have it in writing until now. It could be very useful to a defendant being prosecuted for taking part in an unlawful street collection or stall, as the booklet does not invite officers to consider what might amount to a "lawful excuse" to these offences.

Taking the document as a whole it is clear as someone sahas already pointed out that police officers are being encouraged to consider every possible avenue to prosecute someone taking part in a protest. At no stage does it invite the police to counterbalance the rights of "victims" with the Article 10 and 11 rights to take parts in protests. On the contrary, the guidance often explores ways of countering potential human rights defences. In other words it is a prosecutor's tool (obviously written by lawyers) and not a manual for impartial policing. So prosecutions based solely on a police officer's interpretation of the NETCU guidance now run the risk of being discontinued on the grounds that they are an abuse of process. As has proved already to be the case.

I don't think the guidance on wording on arrest is of much significance. It might protect the police against claims for unlawful arrest, but if they got the wording wrong this would not usually provide a defence to a criminal charge.

What happened to the wording under "Caution" dealing with High Court injunctions?



the other pages

08.08.2008 20:58

when are the other pages going to be uploaded??

AR Reprint Press

search at wikipedia or wikileaks

12.08.2008 21:08

I have linked several choice sections to wikipedia (, see background paragraph 1, and go back a version to see paragraph 3 (NETCU claim they are not a public authority as defined by Schedule 1 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and therefore they claim (wrongly) that there are no obligations on NETCU to disclose information under the Act. "Police forces are advised not to release this guide following freedom of information requests." leaked NETCU policing document, [ photos of leaked document]).

Also the whole lot is on wikileaks ( under an erroneous page title! I have requested it be changed to 'UK NETCU Protest Policing Documents Leaked'. Also it would be good to link to previous ACPO document leak at

Kudos to whoever typed the stuff up, look forward to having a typed/OCRd version soon.

'Any government that cleanses it's citizens deserves to fall!' 'I support an immediate return of ALL Chagos inhabitants to ALL the Chagos territories!' yawn


19.08.2008 14:18

"NETCU claim they are not a public authority as defined by Schedule 1 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and therefore they claim (wrongly) that there are no obligations on NETCU to disclose information under the Act."

Care to expand on that? How are NETCU obligated to disclose?

please explain