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World Smash EDO

Reports on the Brighton-based campaign against weapon manufacturer EDO MBM.

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Citizens' Weapons Inspectors lock-on outside EDO MBM

18-07-2012 10:11 | Smash EDO | Afghanistan | Anti-militarism | Palestine | South Coast | World

On Monday 16th July 2012 Smash EDO held a Citizen's Weapons Inspection' of EDO. Kent, Sussex and Hampshire Police used new Police Liaison Officers and a steel wall against demonstrators.

Despite this, activists dressed in white suits managed to breach the police cordon and hang banners outside the factory gates and close down the industrial estate by locking-on to the police cordon.

On Sunday 15th July Smash EDO hosted a gathering against the G8, launching a new network. There will be a workshop to plan action against the G8 at Earth First and the next gathering will be 22nd September in Birmingham.

Links: Smash EDO| FITwatch| Mainstream media coverage

From the Newswire: Call to kettle the police at Smash EDO's Citizen's Weapons Inspection| Pics| Update| Future Smash EDO events

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Summer 2012 antimilitarist actions

27-04-2012 20:16 | Smash EDO | Afghanistan | Anti-militarism | Iraq | Palestine | London | South Coast | World

The UK antimilitarist movement is building fresh coalitions against new developments in state militarism. In March activists converged in Bristol to confront an unmanned drones conference and a ‘Disarm the National Gallery’ campaign was launched in London to end arms trade sponsorship of the gallery. This week delegates visiting the annual Counter-Terror conference were met by a counter-protest and Vince Cable's speech at the UKTI conference was disrupted.

Smash EDO, who have campaigned to shut EDO MBM down for eight years are launching three months of action, from May 1st to August 1st, next week with a mayday noise demonstration, a bad music demonstration and a phone and twitter blockade to name just a few of the planned events.

And in Scotland, Faslane peace camp are calling for 30 days of action against Faslane nuclear base.

On the newswire: Vince Cable's speech to Arms Industry disrupted | Protest & Vigil At Shenstone Drones Factory | Smash Edo reports | Anti-militarism topic

Links: Stop The Arms Fair | Disarm DSEi | Space Hijackers | Smash EDO | CAAT | London CAAT

Smash EDO Summer of resistance reports: Picket of Barclays - 27/4/12| A few words on sensationalist journalism, protest bans and the local rag| The Summer of Resistance starts here| Mayday! Mayday! The Summer of Resistance Day One| Day Two: Face the Music| Day Three: Hot on the Wire| Day Four: Surprise! Surprise!| Smash EDO Summer of Resistance Week Two begins| Bikes not Bombs: Smash EDO Summer of Resistance hits the Pedals| Ratchet up the Racket: Summer of Resistance Continues| Summer of Resistance Targets Barclays

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SchNEWS 742: ITT's Hammertime

07-10-2010 18:31 | Smash EDO | Anti-militarism | Anti-racism | Culture | Iraq | Migration | Palestine | Repression | Social Struggles | Terror War | South Coast | World

Brighton's Smash EDO campaign are holding a mass demo at EDO/ITT on Wednesday 13th October. Anti arms trade campaigners plan to lay seige to EDO/ITT and shut them down for the day.

Info for the Day:: The meeting place for the demo is Wild Park Cafe (directions here) at 10am on Wednesday, but people are being asked to arrive on the evening of the 12th. Convergence space will be available. There will be a meeting about the demo at 7pm at the Cowley Club on Tuesday 12th. There will be a timeline on Indymedia and a twitter feed: @smash_edo

Local contacts for ITT's Hammertime: Birmingham - hammertime-brum [at] | Bristol - bristolagainstarmstrade [at] | Cambridge - hammertime-cambridge [at] | Cardiff - val.swain [at] | Cornwall - kernowaction [at] | London - hammertimelondon [at] | Manchester - info [at] | Notts - alex.dable [at] | Swansea - d [at]

Previous features:They Think It's All Over ...ITT Is Now | Smash EDO Solidarity in Nottingham | Hammer Time: The EDO Decommissioners go on trial | Indymedia Coverage of Remember Gaza | Anti Militarists take on Barclays | Support the EDO Decommissioners | Mayday! Mayday! | EDO Smashed | Anti-Arms Protesters Shut ITT | Smash EDO Carnival Against the Arm Trade - Timeline | Carnival Against the Arms Trade | Marie Vesco RIP | On the Verge - The Film They Tried to Ban | Singers Arrested Outside Arms Factory | Smash EDO Action Camp: Shut down the Brighton bomb builders | Lebanon War protesters - Not Guilty! | EDO CORP: 2006 Alternative Report | 2007 Is The Year To Shut EDO Down | EDO MBM Injunction crumbles | EDO MBM desperate to stop protests as resistance increases | Smash EDO Take On The Law | Harassment Law Used Against Anti-War Campaigners | Campaign to Smash Edo | Arms company shut down

Links: ITT's Hammertime demo page| Smash EDO |Target Brimar| Decommisioners

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EDO Smashed!

17-01-2009 19:07 | Smash EDO | Anti-militarism | Palestine | South Coast | World


Anti-militarist activists entered the ITT/EDO MBM arms factory in Moulescombe, Brighton in the early hours of this morning, where they are believed to have caused extensive damage to the offices, and to equipment used to make arms, including the 'zero retention force arming units' and 'ejector release unit 151' which the Smash EDO/ITT campaign says are supplied to the Israeli Air Force. The campaign became aware of the action when they received a phone call from those inside the factory this morning who said that they were 'decommissioning' the factory in solidarity with the people of Gaza, who are currently at the receiving end of the factories products.

Updates: EDO Decomissioners Charged | Solidarity Demo Brighton Magisrates Mon. 19th | Three remanded at bail hearing |

Links: Campaign Website | Action Page |

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Yet again Israel massacres Gazan civilians - and yet again world leaders sit on the fence while people burn

29-12-2008 20:18 | Smash EDO | Palestine | Terror War | London | Sheffield | World

The whole world is watching while Gaza burns and implodes under the might of Israel's military machine. On all major news outlets the charred remains and scattered bodies are a graphic reality TV horror show, right down to the shrouded bundles of what was once 5 little girls who sought safety in a mosque only to be incinerated in a direct hit.

The collective punishment of civilians is a war crime; the whole world is watching gruesome war crimes taking place.

Stop! Look! And listen! Then lobby, campaign and fight for human rights enshrined in international law to be upheld and enforced in this case against the Israeli state war machine.

Newswire: Israeli navy fires on free Gaza ship on human mission to the besieged strip International witnesses speak from Gaza Free Gaza Movement, 27 Dec 2008 | On-the-spot report from Gaza City Ewa Jasiewicz, 28 Dec 2008 | Christmas In Gaza : No More Room In The Morgue Amira Hass, Haaretz correspondent, 28 Dec 2008 | Protest against Gaza massacre in Edinburgh, Scotland 28 Dec 2008 | Nottingham UK, Gaza Emergency Protest 30 Dec: Pictures [1] [2] | Police launch massive attack on Palestinian solidarity demonstration in London 28 Dec 2008 | General strike called by Palestinians in Israel 28 Dec 2008 | Over 50,000 rally as pro-Gaza demos sweep Egypt's cities 28 Dec 2008 | Tales to tell (from Gaza) 28 Dec 2008, 5.30am, Jabalia | Ongoing Israeli offensive in Gaza; 225 killed over 700 wounded Saed Banora, | IMEMC, 27 Dec 2008

News links: | Independent Middle East Media Centre | Ma’an News Agency |

Video links: Israeli shelling of Gaza continues Video from International Solidarity Movement on the ground, 28 Dec 2008 | Eye witness video post bombings 27 Dec 2008 | More video links

Pictures: This is what a massacre looks like 28 Dec 2008 Protest at Israeli embassy, London, England 28 Dec 2008 More pix from Protest at Israeli embassy, London, England 28 Dec 2008 More from Israeli embasy protest 28 Dec 2008 | Demonstration in solidarity with Gaza in Nablus, Palestine 27 Dec 2008 | Hundreds Protest in Sheffield Against Gaza Massacre 29 Dec 2008 | Nottingham UK, Gaza Emergency Protest 30 Dec: Pictures [1] [2]

Comment: Bombs over Gaza cartoon by Latuff, 27 Dec 2008 | Israeli Air Strikes in Gaza Kill as Many as 200 people cartoon by Latuff, 27 Dec 2008 | The Gaza blockade Cincinnati Jewish Community Relations Council | Statement on Zionist attacks on Gaza Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, 28 Dec 2008 | Massive attack on Gaza planned many months ago Barak Ravid, Haaretz, 27 Dec 2008

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23-08-2012 22:45

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23-08-2012 18:10

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22-08-2012 13:16

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29-07-2012 10:07

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25-07-2012 10:19

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17-07-2012 21:08

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16-07-2012 15:35 | 10 comments

Text Mass Citizens' Weapons Inspection of EDO today
16-07-2012 09:07 | 1 comment

Text Gathering to plan resistance to the G8 - this Sunday in Brighton
12-07-2012 09:29 | 1 comment

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09-07-2012 11:12

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09-07-2012 10:17

Text Smash EDO: Events and weapons inspection on July 16th
04-07-2012 10:50

Text Phone and Twitter Blockade of EDO Today
03-07-2012 10:54

Text EDO in Brighton developing new generation of micro weapons for US assassinations
29-06-2012 12:03 | 2 comments

Image Bad Music Demo - Smash EDO Summer of Resistance week eight
27-06-2012 20:46 | 2 comments

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25-06-2012 09:21

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24-06-2012 20:39

Text Day of the Dead - For the victims of aerial bombardment
21-06-2012 08:24 | 1 comment

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18-06-2012 22:02

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17-06-2012 20:27 | 3 comments

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16-06-2012 09:55

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08-06-2012 18:48

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06-06-2012 23:05

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06-06-2012 20:16 | 2 comments

Image Smash EDO Press Release - Anti-militarists march against attack on Iran
04-06-2012 21:22

Text Press Release-Smash EDO prepares for march against the prospect of war with Iran
01-06-2012 08:26

Image Sussex gets a new political copper: SmashEDO Summer of resistance demo report
31-05-2012 11:15 | 1 comment

Text Smash EDO Statement on today's judgement on John Catt's appeal
30-05-2012 14:05 | 1 addition | 3 comments

Text Smash EDO Summer of Resistance Week five
30-05-2012 11:43

Text Smash EDO: June 4th coming up! All to the streets
29-05-2012 11:35

Text Sabotage at EDO
25-05-2012 16:36

Image Summer of Resistance action report - Thursday 24/05/2012
25-05-2012 12:37

Text Smash EDO Open Letter to the Argus about the Don't Attack Iran Demo
25-05-2012 00:28

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23-05-2012 23:32

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23-05-2012 22:47

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21-05-2012 23:07

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18-05-2012 22:08 | 1 comment

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16-05-2012 21:03

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16-05-2012 20:48

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14-05-2012 14:31

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12-05-2012 18:18

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07-05-2012 15:42

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04-05-2012 16:19 | 2 comments

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03-05-2012 17:38 | 3 comments

Text Smash EDO: phone/twitter blockade and this week's events
02-05-2012 14:29

Image Mayday! Mayday! Smash EDO Summer of Resistance Day One
01-05-2012 18:00 | 1 comment

Text Smash EDO Press Release - The Summer of Resistance begins on May 1st
30-04-2012 08:21 | 1 comment

Text Free School day - Sat 28th April - @ Cowley Club in Brighton
26-04-2012 17:11 | 2 comments

Text Barclays 2012 AGM, Friday, 27 April, London
25-04-2012 12:49

Text Target Barclays in Brighton, Sat 28th, 1pm
25-04-2012 11:20

Text Smash EDO: The Summer of Resistance starts 1st of May
25-04-2012 10:50

Text Confront the real terrorists: demo at arms dealers' dinner today
25-04-2012 10:14

Text Smash EDO: Upcoming events and the Summer of Resistance
10-04-2012 20:44

Text EDO gets new Paveway IV contract – We need to step up our resistance
05-04-2012 08:34 | 1 comment

Text Smash EDO: Upcoming events
30-03-2012 20:42

Text Smash EDO: Summer of Resistance info night, today in Brighton
26-03-2012 10:17

Text Target Barclays Sat 24th of March in Brighton
20-03-2012 12:33

Text Smash EDO: update and upcoming events
14-03-2012 12:47

Text Barclays Brighton closed down for complicity in Israeli apartheid and arms trade
13-03-2012 09:20 | 1 comment

Text Smash EDO's Summer of Resistance: some confirmed dates
05-03-2012 12:37

Text Report of Barclays Picket - Divest from Israel and the arms trade
26-02-2012 21:38 | 3 comments

Text Smash EDO: Summer of Resistance talk in Swansea, Mon 27th
26-02-2012 21:15

Text Smash EDO's Summer of Resistance: some confirmed dates
24-02-2012 13:44

Text Reminder: Target Barclays tomorrow, 1pm, Brighton
24-02-2012 13:31

Text Target Barclays in Brighton, Sat 25th
20-02-2012 11:18

Text Smash EDO: Support for upcoming court cases
06-02-2012 18:46 | 2 comments

Text Smash EDO: Update and dates coming up
30-01-2012 13:13

Text Smash EDO: Remember Gaza at first noise demo of 2012
09-01-2012 12:59

Text Smash EDO: Special noise demo in honour of Mark Rivers
30-11-2011 17:29 | 1 comment

Text Smash EDO: This week's noise demo cancelled -support the N30 strikers
29-11-2011 11:27

Text Smash EDO: Summer of Resistance 2012
08-11-2011 11:15

Text Smash EDO: RIP Mark Rivers
08-11-2011 10:42

Text Smash EDO wants your messages!
21-07-2011 16:18 | 5 comments

Text Smash EDO: Summer of Resistance 2012
18-07-2011 13:45

Text Special noise demo for Simon Levin at EDO tomorrow
12-07-2011 10:10

Image Cyber Security a matter for MoD
10-07-2011 15:51

Text Press Release - Mayday Mass Party and Protest in Brighton - Saturday 30th April
29-04-2011 12:13

Image Admissibility of WikiLeaks Cable to be tested on Sri Lanka massacres of 2009
29-01-2011 09:18

Image Target Barclays - Bristol
23-01-2011 23:25 | 1 comment

Text Smash EDO benefit Friday 14th of January
10-01-2011 11:34

Text Smash EDO: dates for your diaries
01-01-2011 20:08

Text Anti repression Surprise demo at EDO
13-12-2010 17:13

Text Smash EDO: demo held in support of freedom to protest call to action
13-12-2010 15:12

Image Arresting the War Criminals in UK
02-12-2010 23:57 | 2 comments

Text Smash EDO: Noise demo back today!
01-12-2010 11:53

Text Smash EDO: Callout for noise demonstrators!
09-11-2010 23:03

Text US Activists demonstrate outside Home of ITT CEO
27-10-2010 12:58

Text Smash EDO: Halloween noise demo this Wednesday!
25-10-2010 12:40

Text Smash EDO: Hammertime arrestees! Get in touch
21-10-2010 22:25

Text Smash EDO: news and upcoming events
16-10-2010 20:21

Text SMASH EDO: ITT's Hammertime Reportage
15-10-2010 23:04 | 4 comments

Text Smash EDO's Hammertime: Final info
11-10-2010 14:46

Text 2 Days to go until ITT's Hammertime
11-10-2010 13:08

Text Smash EDO Press Release - Anti Arms Protester Given ASBO by the Back Door
07-10-2010 09:00 | 1 comment

Text Smash EDO to lay siege to Brighton Weapons Factory
30-09-2010 08:29

Text Smash EDO Announce location of ITT's Hammertime
29-09-2010 21:23 | 1 comment

Text More local contacts for Smash EDO's Hammertime
29-09-2010 10:01

Text Update - Smash EDO's ITT's Hammertime is getting closer
27-09-2010 11:29 | 1 comment

Text Smash EDO: Fundraiser with bands from Gaza! And Hammertime update
21-09-2010 12:36

Text London and Cambridge contacts for Smash EDO's Hammertime
15-09-2010 11:39

Text Local contacts for Smash EDO's Hammertime
12-09-2010 20:01

Text Local coverage of Smash EDO's Hammertime already...
20-08-2010 13:58

Text the big story - decommissioners documentary
17-08-2010 22:38

Text ITT's Hammertime - Mass Siege of EDO MBM/ITT
17-08-2010 11:49

Text Cambridge Activists Target Barclays – SmashEDO!
06-08-2010 21:10

Text EDO Attacked
03-08-2010 12:07 | 2 comments

Text Corporate Watch: Decommissioners Victorious
26-07-2010 16:02 | 1 comment

Image The EDL in Bradford would mean trouble
15-07-2010 13:17 | 5 comments

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