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Three Remanded in EDO Decomissioners Bail Hearing

smashy | 19.01.2009 20:00 | Smash EDO | Anti-militarism | South Coast

Smash EDO


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Three people were remanded in custody by Brighton Magistrate's court Monday as they faced charges in relation to the break in and decommissioning of ITT-EDO MBM late Friday night in protest at the company's supply of components used by the Israeli military in Gaza.

7 men have so far been charged with Burglary and Criminal Damage and those who entered a plea said they were not guilty. The CPS said they expected to charge another arrested woman as soon as she was released from hospital after being injured during the action.

One man from Brighton who was arrested outside the factory premises and states he had no knowledge of the intentions of the decommissioners was remanded till a committal hearing in the Crown Court next week, another man from Brighton was bailed not to return to the city and given curfew conditions.

In the afternoon two men who had admitted intending to smash up the factory in a video made before the action and posted on the internet were remanded, while three others were bailed not to return to the city with other conditions including not to protest against ITT EDO MBM.

The CPS said the company estimated the cost of material damage at £250,000 before any loss of business was taken into account. The threshold of £10,000 is required to justify a Crown Court jury trial.




Update: Last arrestee charged and faces bail hearing tuesday

19.01.2009 20:23

A woman decomissioner injured during the action and kept under arrest in hospital since then has now been charged and will face bail Tuesday morning at Brighton Magistrates Court. CPS will seek to have her remanded for her part in the action.