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The Gaza Blockade

Elise | 29.12.2008 09:26 | Other Press | Palestine

a response to the Cincinnati’s Jewish Community Relations Council Public statement on the israel's Gaza massacres.

Cincinnati’s Jewish Community Relations Council issued a public statement today condoning the ongoing Israeli attacks on the civilian population of Gaza. Framing Israel’s most recent attacks as Israel’s “military response”, the JCRC goes on to claim that “a record number of more then 2,900 rockets and mortar shells (were) aimed at Israeli civilians” in 2008. Alas, readers will search in vain for an accounting of the number of Israeli bullets, bombs, rockets, mortar shells and other munitions fired at the population of Gaza in the past few days, not to mention over the entire year of 2008. Similarly, readers will find no discussion whatsoever of the recent history of Gaza, apart from a vague reference to the “Disengagement” (the standard euphemism for the seige of Gaza) and the peculiar claim tha

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