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UK G8 Germany 2007 Newswire Archive

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Photography Exhibition : Images from anti-G8 demonstrations at Rostock 2007

08-04-2008 22:09

For all of April, an exhibition of photographs will be on display at the Sumac Centre, Nottingham. This work by photographers Guy Smallman and Paul Mattsson cover many aspects of this events, from the laughs and peaceful moments to the full on aggression displayed by law enforcement at such events. Please go and see this exhibition.

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A first shadow of G8 repression goes through Siberian Russia and Japan

10-03-2008 19:26

After leaving Russian FSB detention, left activists is returned to sea by Sapporo authorities

Sapporo-Otaru. 10.03.08 – 13:00 GMT: The German left activist Dr. Martin Kraemer has been refused landing in the port of Sapporo-Otaru. He has been condemned by Japanese authorities to remain stay put on the Panama vessel BM-2, which had brought him from Sakhalin on Friday, 7th of March. “Just released from special confinement by the Russian political police FSB, it’s now the Japanese repressive forces who try to top them.

In Russia, I got kicked and received an official death threat in custody, but this is worse,” says Martin: “Today’s blow against Japanese dignity set in before I could even open my mouth in this splendid country.” The surprising decision by Japanese immigration officers was announced today after receiving central instructions at 16:00 o’clock local time (8:00 GMT). At that time, Dr. Kraemer had already spent 66 hours waiting in the port of Otaru to get landing permission.

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Collapsing the European security architecture

09-03-2008 20:41


For greater security-critical behaviour in Europe - A concrete proposal for the resistance movement against the G8 2009 in Italy

Each protest enables us to draw conclusions of how to do things better next time. In the same way, we can draw conclusions from the mobilisation against the G8 summit 2007 in Heiligendamm on how to achieve successful and broad resistance. Apart from three large self-organised protest camps and an international infotour in the months leading up to the summit, there were attempts to have international exchanges and establish networks beyond Germany. The decision was made not to respond to the G8 climate debate but to frame the protests in terms of other self-determined topics the movement was focussing on: migration, antimilitarism and global agriculture.

Looking ahead to the G8 2009 in Italy, this text takes up these points to propose a campaign against the new “European Security Architecture“. We outline some developments in police cooperation on a European level and call for a kind of antirepression work that goes beyond a simple critique and a scandalising police violence, and that is coordinated on a European level. Such political antirepression work would have to take new forms of social control seriously as an integral reference point for radical movements.

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No! G8 Japan Info Tour

27-02-2008 21:49

Following their presentation at Sumac, 'No-G8 Action' invite you to support their call for action against the G8 in Japan.

The next G8 2008 will take place from July 7th to 9th in Hokkaido Japan, near the lake called Toya-ko. Perhaps the fact that the venue is called the 'Windsor Hotel' shows where the G8's interests lie.

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Interview with Japanese anti-G8 activist, speaking in Notts tomorrow

26-02-2008 11:30

Unique opportunity to listen to and talk with Japanase anti-G8 activist in the run up to the G8 in Japan this summer

Talk 8pm, Hot vegan food for donations 7pm

Wednesday 27th February
Sumac Centre, 245 Gladstone St, Nottingham

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No G8 Japan info-tour in Cardiff: 23rd Feb

20-02-2008 20:15

The tour is also making a visit to a fancy dress shop in Cardiff...

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Japanese G8 Info Tour comes to UK

13-02-2008 20:18

From 22nd to 28th February, Japanese activists are coming to UK to do an information tour about the anti G8 mobilisations this year in Japan.

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Private Investigator, Server Threatened for serving Federal Court Judgments.

28-01-2008 04:35

Deyanne Dusty Harrison served a federal Court Injunction on Placer County on December 29,2007 to free Alvin from malicious kidnap. The Federal Injunction was transfered to Nevada USDC on January 25, 2008, and "Dusty" a Placer County court officer was threatened for performing her duty and turned on her client.
Thia happened with P.I Floyd Smith in 2005 whom we paid over $20,000.00 he was threatened and abandoned.

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Raids on activists prior to G8 ruled illegal by German Constitutional Court

04-01-2008 21:16

The highest court in Germany has ruled that the raids earlier this year just before the G8 on activists in Germany in several federal countries by different police forces were illegal.
The raids were conducted using anti-terrorist legislation initially introduced to fight terrorism (or armed struggle if you wish) from the left in the 70ies.

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post-G8: Hamburg against state repression

15-12-2007 21:23

Up to 5000 people, more than half of them classified as a "potentially violent" part of the 'Autonome' movement, have participated in a demonstration against "security madness and surveillance state". Clashes between riot police and protestor occured in the early evening hours.

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Khalid Awan a victim of "creative legal theories" and religious profiling.

28-11-2007 17:03 Khalid Awan
"I am not a terrorist, I do not know any terrorists," U.S. officials presented incriminating evidences in court. Mr. Awan was caught on tape calling a leader of the Sikh terrorist group in India, from prison. And several modified,Bogus,False Sikh witnesses testified against Mr Awan by FBI, including one he had met in jail .Mr. Awan has filed court documents that assert he falsely confessed to crimes because FBI agents threatened him with lethal injection and said that they would have RCMP officers arrest his sisters in Montreal. "I tried to give answers so they would be pleased and not give me the death penalty," Mr. Awan wrote in court documents ,

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G8 TV - complete clip collection

26-11-2007 13:56

The alternative reporting of the G8 protests 2007 in Heiligendamm

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Olympic Fire Covers London In Smoke - sound and pictures

25-11-2007 01:10

Radio 4 Olympic oppression of local residents covered by You And Yours last Friday
Olympic fire:BBC Pictures page

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We Are The History

18-11-2007 19:35

We are the history

Six years after the G8 Summit in Genoa the trails against protesters and members of the police forces are still continuing. the trials against the police and carabineri have been delayed to benefit from the new regulations of prescriptive periods. The procecutors Canepa and Canciani show strenght in the trials against the 25 activists. Never before in the context of street protest such high charges were asked for.

In Germany activists call for a protest on November 17th. Under the slogan "Against the surveillance state and arbitrariness" people demand that a few people should not get punished for a legitimate and collectiv protest by facing them with specially contructed charges.

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unknown major Babeuf manuscript discovered in Moscou yesterday

17-11-2007 03:21

Moscou: unknown 1790-manuscript of the French Social Revolutionary Graccus Babeuf found in former Soviet collection

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Shift articles online

16-11-2007 20:18

All articles of #1 of the new zine 'Shift' are now freely available at

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Second meeting for the summit against everything, Sat 10th, 4pm at the LSE

05-11-2007 21:55

Following the first and succesful meeting to organise a summit of anarchists, anti-authoritarian and autonomists in London, we are meeting again this Saturday, 10th of November, 4pm at room S50, St Clements building, London School of Economics. See how to get to the LSE:
Campus map: (The original callout follows)

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Campaign against the “11th European Police Congress“

05-11-2007 10:52

Campaign against the “11th European Police Congress“, 29th-30th of January 2008 in Berlin

Against a “Global Security Architecture”, for more security-critical behaviour!

In the recent months more information about the investigation methods of security forces has been revealed: data storage, online searches, so-called “textual analysis of political pamphlets“ (used in the paragrpah 129a investigations against anti-G8 activists in Germany) and so forth. Police and intelligence services want to attain unrestricted access to personal data and internet user profiles. Internet providers are now forced to save their data traffic long-term in order to relieve the police databases.

The debate around the introduction of biometrical passports has called into attention the fact that the industry has already developed complex surveillance systems: Iris-scanning, RFID chips (e.g. for supermarkets or on ID cards) or automatic facial recognition. In the context of border control “privileged travellers” are supposed to be able to cross borders “automatically”. The new “European Agency for the operative cooperation in the field of management of external borders” (FRONTEX) is in charge of assessing permanently the risks and dangers at the borders of the EU, and to provide more coordination and control. Technological armament is at the centre of the agency’s policies.

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reader: Why your revolution is no liberation!

01-11-2007 22:26

The "Why your revolution is no liberation" reader, published by several german and austrian antifascist groups to criticise a wrong analysis of capitalism widely spread in the anti-globalisation movement is for free download now. Read the introduction on antisemitism and antizionism of the anti-globalisation movement here

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"For A Summit Against Everything": First Meeting tomorrow at the bookfair!

26-10-2007 11:24

The first meeting for the Summit Against Everything is happening tomorrow, during the Anarchist Bookfair: Room 325 at 1pm.

But what is this Summit? Quite simply, a gathering of anarchists and anti-authoritarians, to take place in 2008 in London . The "where", "when" and "what it will all be about" questions are to be answered tomorrow and at the preparation meetings that will hopefully follow!