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UK Faslane Newswire Archive

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Nine Arrested in International Teachers Blockade of Faslane Nuclear Base

01-08-2007 10:06

Nine people were arrested early this morning during a Teachers blockade of the Faslane Naval Base in Scotland, home to Britain's Trident Nuclear-Armed Submarines. Six of those arrested had sat down across one of the main accesses to Faslane, to take a peaceful stand against the bullying approach of the nuclear weapons states. Three supporters were also arrested.

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8 Young people arrested campaigning for an anti-nuclear future

28-07-2007 15:37

Next Generation: Our Future
Faslane, 28th July 2007 - eight young people from Wales, Germany and Belgium have been arrested this morning, blockading the gate at Faslane Nuclear Base in a protest against the renewal of the British Trident Nuclear weapons system. The blockade came amongst lively and colourful actions carried out by young people from many countries, from Wales and Germany to Japan and the US. The action takes the number of arrests during the “Faslane 365” year long blockade of Faslane naval base to over 900.

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5 detained after peaceful ‘Bamboo Blockade’ as Japanese A-bomb survivors appeal

25-07-2007 17:40

At around 2.30 pm today (July 25), Strathclyde police arrested 10 people, including atomic bomb survivors (‘Hibakusha’) from Nagasaki during a nonviolent blockade of the main gates of the Faslane nuclear base in Scotland, where the UK’s Trident nuclear weapons are deployed.

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Footprints for Peace visit Rolls Royce at Derby

15-07-2007 21:09

Rolls Royce in Derby has been visited by the peace group because of there involvement in the arms trade making the nuclear reactors cores to power the trident submarines which carry Britain’s nuclear weapons of mass destruction.

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Footprints for Peace Weekend - July 14th and 15th

08-07-2007 22:48

Footprints for Peace are a group of people from Australia. They are on an Interfaith peace walk which started in Dublin and aims to be in London on August 6th to mark the anniversary of Hiroshima Day. They have already stopped at several nuclear facilities like Fillingdales, Faslane, and Sellafield and they will later be stopping at Aldermaston. They will be arriving in Nottingham on Saturday 14th July.

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Nottingham Students Get Strident

07-07-2007 11:21

A report on Nottingham students' involvement in the recent anti-Trident peace camp at Coulport.

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More Nottingham students arrested at Faslane

30-06-2007 20:01

Six Nottingham students have been arrested following blockades at the North and South entrances of Faslane nuclear base.

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Students Against Trident blockade North and South gates at Faslane nuclear base

29-06-2007 13:19

9 students were arrested this morning at Faslane nuclear base after blockading the road for 40 minutes.

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Anti-Trident camp sends clear message to Gordon Brown

29-06-2007 12:22

Activists from the Strident Tent State join with academics to blockade Faslane
Anti-nuclear activists from Universities across the United Kingdom are camping in Peaton Glen, adjacent to the Coulport depot where the United Kingdom's arsenal of nuclear warheads are stored, ready to be loaded on to the submarines berthed at Coulport. The camp, named the Strident Tent State, will be holding workshops, events, and nonviolent direct actions from Thursday June 28th to Tuesday July 3rd.

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Students to create week-long Tent State in protest against Britain's nukes

25-06-2007 13:55

In the coming week, students from around the country will gather near Glasgow to protest against Britain's policy of nuclear renewal and deterrence.

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Call-out for Sheffield Faslane action

04-06-2007 22:27

Sheffield activists looking to blockade Faslane 28th June-3rd July

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Renowned writers and performers to join Faslane 365 Blockade on June 5th, 10.00

02-06-2007 12:43

A.L. Kennedy, Roger Lloyd Pack, Rebecca Thorn and Leon Rosselson will be among a host of authors, poets, singer-songwriters and actors taking part in the second Power of the Word “speak-out” at the North Gate of the Faslane nuclear submarine base in Scotland on Tuesday June 5, starting at 10.00 a.m.

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2005.07.04 Faslane

27-05-2007 03:10

G8 actions Faslane, gathering at the gate "brunch not bombs," with songs, statements, She Boom drum ensemble, Samba band

G8 actions Faslane, featuring Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army(CIRCA) and Rinky Dink crew(bicycle powered music)

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Bradford Group Prepares for Anti-Faslane Strident Action

24-05-2007 23:53

Bradford University Students held a Super Strident Sleepover this thursday to prepare for the upcoming 'Students Against Trident' (Strident) event which is occuring late this june.

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Nottingham student's Faslane 365 press release

24-05-2007 13:43

From June 28th – July 3rd, students from Nottingham will be travelling to Faslane naval base in Scotland to take part in a year-long blockade. The group intends to disrupt plans to renew Britain’s Trident nuclear missile system.

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Students to plan anti-Trident action in Bradford

15-05-2007 19:36

On Thursday 24th May Anti-Trident protestors old and new, students and non-students will join togehter to enjoy an eveing of preparations and fun in Bradford.

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Nuclear Warhead Convoy Secretly Passes Through Chilwell, Nottingham

11-05-2007 09:21

Nuclear transport on the Edinburgh bypass

It has come to light that in the early hours of Thursday 10th May a convoy carrying nuclear warheads secretly passed through the Stapleford and Chilwell area of Nottingham. The vehicles were spotted driving into the Chetwynd Barracks in Chilwell at 6.30am for a rest stop. Heading for the Royal Naval Armament Depot (RNAD) in Coulport, Scotland, the convoy was spotted along the M1 and also the next day as it continued its route along the east coast and along the Edinburgh Bypass. According to a spokesperson for Nukewatch UK, who keep an eye on nuclear convoys around the UK, the route hasn't been used since the early 90's. She also mentioned that no convoys have been spotted entering the Chetwynd Barracks and it might be an indication of the convoys starting to use the Chetwynd Barracks for rest stops.

The convoy passed through dense populated areas in Stapleford and Chilwell before and after its rest stop at the army base on Chetwynd Road, Chilwell. According to campaigners each lorry weighs approx 44 tonnes and can carry up to 2 ready assembled nuclear warheads, which can contain up to 8 kg of plutonium and uranium each. Each of the modern warheads has the capacity of creating 8 times the impact of that of the bombs used in the attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki by America in 1945. The convoy was spotted leaving Burfield Atomic Weapons Establishment, 50 miles North of London around 12.30am on Thhursday morning. At Burfield AWE the warheads and explosives get assembled into working nuclear weapons. There were people stationed along the route from Stirling to Coulport attempting to resist the convoy. Read report.

Links: Map of location Chetwynd Barracks | Nukewatch UK | Nottingham CND |Nuclear Warhead Convoy Routes | Video: UK nuclear warhead's on the move, November 2006 | Nuclear Warhead Convoy on the road today (report from Edinburgh)

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Nuclear Warhead Convoy on the road today

10-05-2007 23:51

Nuclear transport on the Edinburgh bypass
Activists today expressed their anger that the Ministry of Defence had transported six, fully armed nuclear warheads along the Edinburgh Bypass just the day after the new Parliament was sworn in.

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Family block at faslane 19th and 20th May

07-05-2007 20:48

There will be a family blockade as part of the faslane 365 action on the 19th and 20th of May.The main blockade will be on the 20th of May

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Nottingham students are going to Faslane Nuclear Base

29-04-2007 12:53

As part of the National Student block, we are going to Faslane Naval Base 28th June to 3rd of July.