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UK Faslane Newswire Archive

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Vanunu Freedom Ride - Mission Accomplished!

22-04-2007 00:19

The intrepid Vanunu Freedom Riders complete the last leg of their gruelling 600-mile bicycle journey from Faslane in Scotland to Downing Street and the Israeli Embassy in London.

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Vanunu Freedom Ride - last stop in London

20-04-2007 10:46

The Vanunu Freedom Ride finally reaches London on 21st April 2007. This bike ride of over 600 miles from Faslane nuclear weapons base to the Israeli Embassy in London calls for freedom for Mordechai Vanunu, a nuclear weapons-free Middle East and a just freedom for Palestine. Our ultimate aim - a world free of nuclear weapons.

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Vanunu Freedom Ride arrives in Sheffield

15-04-2007 09:39

The Vanunu Freedom Ride arrived in Sheffield on 14th April 2007, see the notice of the event for background information:

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Faslane blockaded again - Faslane 365

13-04-2007 12:08

Trident Ploughshares ( as part of Faslane 365, the year long blockade of Britains nuclear weapons base, succesfully blockaded Faslane on the Clyde for 2 hours. Protestors arrived simultaneously and used concrete reinforced lock-on tubes to block 3 entrances. Base workers were unable to get in and work in the base was disrupted.

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Faslane naval base fully blockaded for over two hours

13-04-2007 11:39

Activists blockade the North Entrance to Faslane
13 April 2007 - Argyle and Bute, Scotland.

Activists from Trident Ploughshares this morning blockaded all three entrances to the Faslane naval base, home of the United Kingdom's nuclear weapons. The base was completely shut for over two hours and 24 people were arrested.

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Nottingham folk blockade nuclear submarine base in Scotland - a radio piece

06-04-2007 16:15

This is a short radio piece about the Faslane 365 campaign in Scotland, why we need to resist nuclear weapons and how a load of people from Nottingham succesfully blockaded the Faslane nuclear submarine base in Scotland. The piece is 11 minutes long and uploaded in mp3 and ogg/vorbis format. You can also listen to the stream:

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Robin Hood blockades the Base

04-04-2007 11:22

On Sunday April the 1st, a team of outlaws from Nottingham blockaded the main gate of Faslane Nuclear Submarine Base for 4 hours.

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Robin’s Trip to Scotland… Part 1.

31-03-2007 21:20

A sixty strong group of protestors from Nottingham (and Derby) have today been demonstrating outside the Trident nuclear weapons submarine base at Faslane as part of a year long peaceful blockade, Faslane 365.

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31-03-2007 18:44

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Oxfordshire Faslane blockade pics

29-03-2007 15:45

Clockin' On (from Sunday Demo)
A couple of photos from the Oxford Faslane 365 blockaders.

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Stop Robbin’ the Poor - Notts says NO to Trident!!

27-03-2007 08:28

Following the resignation of two government ministers and the rebellion of nearly a hundred labour MPs over the renewal of Trident nuclear weapons, around a hundred Nottingham residents are planning to travel to Scotland to protest against the replacement of Britain’s Trident Nuclear Weapons.

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Greetings from Bonny Scotland from F365 :)

26-03-2007 11:43

Update from the intrepid Oxfordshire (and environs) blockaders!

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How many cops does it take to police a Tea Party?

25-03-2007 14:56

Tea Party Etiquette
Fifty people attended a Tea Party outside the gates of the Faslane Nuclear Base in Scotland. Tea was served in china cups and saucers. A table displayed vegan scones, cucumber sandwiches and cakes. Local residents were invited to share tea with activists and discuss how to disarm Britians Trident Weapons of Mass Destruction.

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Students stick together for peace

23-03-2007 09:25

This morning Bradford students took part in one of the most daring and creative acts of civil disobedience ever seen at Faslane Naval base. Ten of them superglued themselves together outside the North Gate whilst another four chained themselves together outside the South Gate, effectively shutting the base.

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Removing a lock-on

22-03-2007 01:42

Start by reviewing the situation (take as long as you like :)
Photos of the removal of the successful blockade of Faslane on Monday

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In The Navy!

19-03-2007 15:49

Today the Royal Navy visited the University of Bradford. Publicity for the event was terrible, and in fact - the only poster we saw after touring the entire campus was placed outside the meeting room a bunch of activists were meeting in. And not just any activists, but a bunch of activists who were discussing anti-trident actions.

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Four Antimilitarist Spaniards Arrested At Faslane

19-03-2007 08:56

Antimilitarist activists of diferent parts of the
Spanish State have travelled to the military base where this submarines
are located in Faslane (Scotland), to carry out an action of blockade.
This antimilitarist action is within the framework of a campaign that is
taking place since last october.

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4 anti-military activists from Spain poured gallons of red paint over themselves

18-03-2007 15:28

Dancing Spanish Painters Dancing Spanish Painters
A group of 15 Spanish activists from five different areas of Spain, all belonging to the Spanish Consciencious Objection Movement, arrived at Faslane for the week-end. With banners, song and dance they protested at the UK's possession and deployment of nuclear weapons.

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critical mass anti-trident protests pics

15-03-2007 10:33

The critical mass was great, shows the influence a couple of wheels can have.
shame about the government.....