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Nottingham students are going to Faslane Nuclear Base

Sam | 29.04.2007 12:53 | Faslane | Anti-militarism

As part of the National Student block, we are going to Faslane Naval Base 28th June to 3rd of July.

On 28th June - 3rd July 2007 Nottingham students will join others from all over the country for a the student block of the Faslane 365 - the year-long blockade of Faslane nuclear base – and you are invited to participate in the peaceful blockade of the base, provide legal support and protest legally, or simply participate in the camp: coming together to envision a nuclear free future.

It will be a week in the woods packed full of workshops, discussion forums, in-tent-sive lobbying, music and much more!

We will have our first meeting at 7.30 on Tuesday 8th May in the Sir John Borlase Warren Pub on Canning Circus. Hope to see you there!


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