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Nottingham student's Faslane 365 press release

Sam | 24.05.2007 13:43 | Faslane | Anti-militarism

From June 28th – July 3rd, students from Nottingham will be travelling to Faslane naval base in Scotland to take part in a year-long blockade. The group intends to disrupt plans to renew Britain’s Trident nuclear missile system.

Press Release: May 24th 2007
Nottingham Students in National Blockade

The Nottingham students will be joining students from across the country for a national student blockade. This is only one of the blockades forming part of Faslane 365, a year long demonstration organised by groups around the country.

Earlier this year, a number of students travelled up to Faslane as part of a group of more than fifty people from Nottingham and Derby. They succeeded in shutting the main gate for four hours on April 1st and spent two days protesting outside the base.

Michael Sanford, 22, a post-graduate student from the University of Nottingham said; “The vote on Trident in March of this year, demonstrated that Parliament is unwilling to stop the renewal of Britain’s nuclear programme. There is a clear need for a sustained campaign of direct action. Faslane 365 is just the beginning.”

87 groups from around the world have participated in Faslane 365 since October 1st 2006, resulting in 745 arrests.

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1) Faslane 365 is a one year continuous peaceful blockade of the Trident base at Faslane from 1st October 2006 to 30th September 2007. Faslane 365 is asking a wide range of local, national and even international groups from all sections of civil society to come to Faslane with at least 100 people committed to stay and make their visions for a just and peaceful future visible for at least two days.

2) For photos/info/video from other Faslane 365 blockades so far see