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Family block at faslane 19th and 20th May

Family block @ faslane 365 | 07.05.2007 20:48 | Faslane | Oxford

There will be a family blockade as part of the faslane 365 action on the 19th and 20th of May.The main blockade will be on the 20th of May

There are currently 9 families from Scotand planning to come, with more from the Oxford and Norwich areas, so it may end up a fairly large gathering. The Family Blockade will be much less 'resourced' than many camps (unless someone has the time, experience and transport to organise things like a kitchen tent). So you'll need to bring your own food and cooking facilities. We do have a woodland camping site, and (probably) a yurt to give us an indoor gathering space.

The theme of the camp is the Muppets, which is based on the comment "Even the muppets wouldn't spend £76 billion replacing Trident!". So we're hoping that people will came with muppet costumes, puppets, face paint, banners - as well as anything else you think will help make the day good fun. The aim of the blackade is to make our point and have a good time, but not to actually block the road or do anything else liable to lead to arrests. This is never a certainty at Faslane, but we will be letting the police know that this is our aim.

If anyone wants to come for just one day, Sunday is the official demo. People will be arriving a setting up camp on Saturday, as well as meeting and thinking about what we want to do on Sunday. We will have a meeting on Sunday morning too for anyone who's just turned up.

If you'd like to come, it would be really good to hear from you so that I can keep you posted about any further developments, and so we have some ideas of what numbers are likely!


The family block.

Family block @ faslane 365
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