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UK French CPE uprising 2006 Newswire Archive

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France: Report from Nanterre University Nov 9th

10-11-2007 20:43

Yesterday a general assembly (Assemblée générale, or AG) was held at Nanterre, at the beginning around 1200 students were present, numbers dropped as the meeting took two hours but the final vote was over 600 in favour, 199 against and around 100 abstentions. Students voted to begin a strike and a blockade and also to occupy the buildings.

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Occupation of Paris Tolbiac: Anti-sarkozy action spreads and deepens.

09-05-2007 19:33

This afternoon at a general assembly between six and eight hundred students at Paris Tolbiac voted in an indefinite strike and occupation in opposition to Sarkozy's planned education reforms.

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World Peoples Youth Conference

10-01-2007 14:19

Invitation to Democratic Organizations and Individuals!

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Viva La Chance!

07-11-2006 12:24

The solution to the problem cannot be curfews and tear gas.. Profit and power are set above social peace. Who is really responsible when the villa surrounded by barbed wire is charred one morning?

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Filming his own death

30-10-2006 14:45

It always hits me that first a 'white' woman or man like now Brad Will has to be killed in a local struggle anywhere on earth, and preferably a journalist or similar, before the mainstream propaganda media move. Even if they mostly distort reality: 'Fix the facts around the policy' - as they say.

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Nous les zonards voyous

08-07-2006 10:33

riot in the banlieue 2005

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Howard Zinn & 'The NN-phant in the Room'

07-07-2006 11:16

The huge omnivorous herd consumes everywhere on our earth as much as it can grab, and tramples millions of human beings to death. That doesn't seem to matter. The 'elephant boys' don't speak about the bloody pulp underneath the feet of the big animals: instead they give'm a bath in the mainstream.

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July 4th 2006: Lady Liberty, America & her Fleeting Visions

04-07-2006 09:44

One of the best writers, observing the fast deterioration, the horrible change and slow death of 'Lady Liberty', is American author and artist Jim Kirwan.

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23-06-2006 08:57

We make a call to action to all students, workers, and social fighters worldwide to either come here in Athens on the 27th of June, or to blockade or take over embassies, consulates or other buildings of importance for the Greek state!

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European Coordination Against Precariousness: Strasburg (France), June 9-10-11th

30-05-2006 19:20

We invite you to take part in the European Coordination against precariousness on June 9th, 10th and 11th at Strasburg’s universities, to create a resistance network and european-scale common action projects.

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France -how workers and students won -public meeting monday 15th May

09-05-2006 12:00

Monday 15th May, 7-45pm O’Neills, Great George Street, Leeds
Sacha Ismail –Solidarity Editorial Board, reports on the recent victorious protests and
strikes in France and will discuss what lessons they have for British workers and students?

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French (pre) revolution

23-04-2006 13:37

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Do like the French and Fight for your Rights!

14-04-2006 16:40

European slavery: The 'managers' running Holland with it's 16 million inhabitants, will start 'opening' the borders for workers coming May 1st. Even if desperate people want to work for 10 cents an hour, without social security. Sold to the cheapest bidder...

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Victory in France?

10-04-2006 19:51

The hated CPE law was scrapped this morning after weeks of protests, strikes and occupations.

Read the full reports on

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Toni Negri talk in Cambridge

07-04-2006 14:06

You are invited to attend a lecture


by Professor TONI NEGRI

DATE: Friday 28 April 2006 - 7.30pm

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struggle against the CPE - view from a french young protester

05-04-2006 22:32

the movement is rising day after day. the demo of the 04 april has been considered by everyone in France as the summit of the contestation. direct actions are now occuring every day in all important cities : road and streets blockades, train station occupations ...

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Anti-CPE Solidarity Benefit at the SQUARE

04-04-2006 10:00

Solidarity with Anti-CPE movement (France) feat. talks and music

Over the last months, the struggle against the new labour laws and the hard fights on the streets with the french riot police has led to many arrests of youths, students and workers. Tonights event will be an evening of discussion, debates, films and also a fundraiser featuring Live Bands, DJ's and Visuals from the demonstrations and occupations of French Universities. More tba!

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"Raspail Appeal" - English translation - Paris student protests

30-03-2006 20:07

FRENCH ANTI - CPE PROTESTS: Last week, the Sorbonne Students joined the EHESS (School of Higher Social Science Studies Paris), students on Monday 20th to occupy their school and were evicted on Friday 24th. Before being evicted, they issued a "Raspail Appeal" (see bellow) calling for a wider opposition to capitalism and industrialism. The evicted student protesters have now joined the Tolbiac students for the occupation of this University.

Although this text is several days old, it has only now been translated into English and is a concise critique of the CPE protests.

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All the “thug“ (of the misinformation)

29-03-2006 15:22

A call to action : Be the Media, Block their "Madia" : you know it makes sense !

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France: Almost 3 Million Take to Streets To Oppose CPE - Quick Report

29-03-2006 13:50

demo map - france 28th march 06
On Tuesday 28th March campaigners against the CPE employment contract in France claimed that nearly three million people joined in strikes and hundreds of demonstrations across the country.

Transport infrastructure including airports were also hit as were banks, schools and colleges, while all newspapers went unprinted for the day.

This was just the latest massive show of force in a month long student led campaign which has seen regular protests, occupations and direct action spreading across the country.

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BBC: French demonstrations: 1, 2, 3 ... many!

29-03-2006 10:19

European slavery: "The Polish workers were paid EUR 5 an hour instead of the standard EUR 25 an hour. They worked 12 hours a day and the wages for a portion of each shift were allegedly not included in the agency's bookkeeping. The rest was paid at the standard rate for a seaman.''

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Several satirical graphics relating to current protests in France

28-03-2006 16:59

Subvert of Thierry Henry car commercial
These graphics, produced by the SchNEWS lateral thinking department, are copyleft - free to use for not-for-profit purposes (like everything else on Indymedia).

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Talk and discussion in Leeds on the current French CPE uprising.

26-03-2006 16:35

The Common Place presents

Precari RIOT

The French are at it again...