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All the “thug“ (of the misinformation) | 29.03.2006 15:22 | French CPE uprising 2006 | Repression | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | World

A call to action : Be the Media, Block their "Madia" : you know it makes sense !

After the action by brave activists, peacefully penetrating Agence France Presse un Paris we must step up our actions in the war over words. Polls today in Liberation show that 80% of French young people are against the C.P.E. and that 71% of the French population now believe that the current unrest will lead to a major social crisis in the weeks to come. We all know that multilingual information and communication are essential to understanding and action in this movement. This is an appeal for help, based in the U.K. has been set up as an English speaking voice for the movement to reach the international media who are increasingly using it as a source for accounts from within. Please contribute to this project in any ways possible, promote the blog, provide press reviews from non English sources, monitor and observe, translate key articles from and to other languages, encourage its multilingual development, tell us about similar initiatives in other languages, encourage students, workers, the precariat from within the movement to communicate by writing copy, accounts, analysis, send us photos, cartoons etc all to help reverse the tide of false and biased misinformation propagated by the mass media. In short : Be the media ! You know it makes sense. Thanks in advance for circulating this call ; and for your actions….
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Although I doubt if this strange call originates with libcom!....

29.03.2006 20:06

....As it hasn't been discussed on their boards, and does unusually use the 'posh' word precariat!



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  1. >>sigh<< — Johnny Wupt.
  2. class politics is alternative media (and vice versa) — Barrykade