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BBC: French demonstrations: 1, 2, 3 ... many!

Foreign Press Foundation - Henk Ruyssenaars | 29.03.2006 10:19 | French CPE uprising 2006 | Globalisation | Repression | Workers' Movements | World

European slavery: "The Polish workers were paid EUR 5 an hour instead of the standard EUR 25 an hour. They worked 12 hours a day and the wages for a portion of each shift were allegedly not included in the agency's bookkeeping. The rest was paid at the standard rate for a seaman.''

by Henk Ruyssenaars

FPF/Europe - March 29th - 2006 - Around three million people demonstrated yesterday against the new inhuman labor laws in France: a figure too impressive to be mentioned by most and 'underreported' as always. With the further dilapidating BBC being as usual one of the worst examples in falsifying the facts. 'Their Master's Voice' reporting from Paris late last night described the - even by the French police estimated 'one-and-a-half million people' demonstrating in over 200 French cities - only as 'MANY'.

In text it later on was corrected to 'one million' - but the video report which was broadcasted globally and done by Clive Myrie in Paris - falsely showed 90% raw violence, 1 demonstrating but inarticulate young girl and of course a well dressed 'captain of industry' advocating de Villepin's low wage law. - BBC - Url.:

It's a known fact that in all similar cases the police figures - and those of the crooks which the demonstrations are aimed at - can be doubled. And even the through infiltration weakened so called 'unions' are forced to act different, while still behind the scenes trying to control the damage to their master's global plans: maximizing profits bymaking all people work longer for lower pay, forcing them by law to sell themselves to the cheapest bidder.*


And, as always, the facts and figures concerning the French people demonstrating against the labor laws and it's negative wage/work implications, have been and are falsified by many of the multinational's major information dispensers, formerly known as 'news' agencies. Reality in France is not only about the illogical fact that more work is created by more easy firing people, and than as is already seen around Europe, hiring people which are forced to work for low wages. It's about lowering the average wages for all workers in the production unit now named European Union, and making it for instance possible by law again for fifteen year olds to work night shifts in factories.

The BBC - (Broadcasting Blair's Crap) - was worst in it's propaganda broadcast at 22.00 hrs last night, and described via it's mouthpiece, the BBC's Master's Voice in Paris - the even by the French police estimated 'one-and-a-half million people' demonstrating in over 200 French cities - only as 'many'.


The 'many' of The Group's BBC, contradicted the information given by one of the main European PNAC-broadcasting companies RTL* and 'many' surprisingly was announced as: "In France today - and even in bad weather - around THREE million people took to the streets in two hundred cities to protest the new labor laws.'' - RTL - in Dutch - "Three million people" - Url.:

The CIA/Moon rag - [] - "Washington Times" in its usual deception: ''Chanting slogans and brandishing banners, HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of mainly young people spilled into the streets of Paris and other cities, denouncing the new law that makes it easier to hire and fire young workers.'' - Url.:

Two weeks ago an example was given in PNAC colony The Netherlands what cheap labor in the European Union leads to and what the French demonstrate against: "At least EUR 8 million in tax and social premiums went unpaid but was owed to 200 Polish plumbers - [ ] - electricians, painters and carpenters who worked on refurbishing ships in Rotterdam.


The Polish workers were paid EUR 5 an hour instead of the standard EUR 25 an hour. They worked 12 hours a day and the wages for a portion of each shift were allegedly not included in the agency's bookkeeping. The rest was paid at the standard rate for a seaman.'' - [endquote]*

One of the few good articles published today is "France: Millions of workers and students strike against Gaullist government" - 29 March 2006 - An estimated 2 to 3 million striking workers and students demonstrated in cities and towns throughout France yesterday in opposition to the Gaullist government’s “First Job Contract” (CPE—Contrat première embauche) legislation, which permits employers to dismiss young workers without cause or compensation during their first two years on the job.

The largest rally was held in Paris, where 700,000 people marched in cold and wet conditions. Other large demonstrations were staged in Marseille, where organisers reported that 250,000 people participated, Bordeaux (100,000), Toulouse (80,000), Nantes (70,000), and Grenoble (60,000). The turnout was twice as large as that for the previous national day of action against the CPE on Saturday, March 18. THE CRISIS HAS LED TO CALLS FROM WITHIN THE RULING ELITE for a fresh approach. In a speech on Monday, Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy declared that “social dialogue is an essential condition to the success of all reform,” and called for a single employment contract for all age groups." - [endquote]*

Sarkozy is in France the representative of 'The Group' in London, and also manages the police and secret services in the country. With as boss the by London named - not EU elected - Peter Mandelson who 'runs' the European Union. Sarkozy is now trying to misuse the crisis to become the next Prime - better said - Crime Minister, or even President of France, after which any law can be fabricated and enforced."

That's why the people in France - young, old, of all races and nationalities, demonstrate.

Henk Ruyssenaars


* You can read the rest of the quoted, very informative article at - Url.:

* 14 March 2006 - 'Massive fraud detected at Rotterdam Port' - Url.:

* RTL home page - Url.:

* For you who know French - Indymedia Paris etc. - Url.:

* FPF - Why is Paris burning? - Url.:

* France + demonstrations - PNAC's Google selection today - March 29th 2006 at 08.30 GMT - Results 1-10 of about 3,600 for France demonstrations - Url.:

* When ten million or more people all over the world demonstrated against the illegal invasion by the PNAC's 'Coalition of the Killers' - to take one example - the figures for the Florence march were falsified globally by the major info outlets which the PNAC Group owns - Url.:

Associated Press (AP) is with the BBC one of the worst major and global propaganda sewers which all are owned by the PNAC Group, and described the more than one MILLION people demonstrating against the Iraq war in November 2002 like this:

"Anti-War March Held in Italy   - Saturday, November 9 - AP / 1:18PM - FLORENCE, Italy (AP) -- THOUSANDS OF DEMONSTRATORS marched through Florence in a carnival-like protest Saturday against a possible war in Iraq and globalization. There was none of the violence that marred last year's Group of Eight summit in Genoa." [endquote]

The propagandists which are Judassing at AP hide their lies by 'killing' the links: trying to find the article by clicking the link in the headline given, turns up this result: "The page cannot be found.' which says enough about those criminals. - Url.:

* Who - for centuries already - has been doing this to the rest of us, the world's population? - The Global Elite: Who are they? - Url.:

* Who's financing and profiting from all the wars and the killing of millions of people in wars based on lies and greed? - The 'Federal Reserve' and it's usurers is the absolute biggest crime against all humanity ever. - Url.:

* Global Predators - ‘Frauds-R-Us’ - The Bush Family Saga - Url.:

* FOX: Video 49 min. - The example how viewers are brainwashed and 'outfoxed' - Url.:

* US War & Propaganda machine: Rumsfeld Declares War on Bad Press - Url.:

* 'Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one' — A.J. Liebling - The infamous US 'Lie Factory' - Url.:

* MSNBC - Live Vote - Concerning the "Project for a Nefarious American Century" (PNAC) - ''Do you believe President Bush's actions justify impeachment?'' - YES: 86% - Url.:

* Read the Fightin' Cock Flyer - Url.:

* THE ONLY SOLUTION? - Help all the troops - of whatever nationality - to come back from abroad! - AND WITH ALL THEIR WEAPONS, WHICH WE ARE FORCED TO PAY FOR BY TAXES - [] - We need them badly at home in many countries to fight with us against our so called 'governments' and their malignant managers - Url.:

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