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Toni Negri talk in Cambridge

immaterial labour | 07.04.2006 14:06 | French CPE uprising 2006 | Analysis | Cambridge

You are invited to attend a lecture


by Professor TONI NEGRI

DATE: Friday 28 April 2006 - 7.30pm

VENUE: Keynes Hall, King's College

ADMISSION: Admission is free, but all tickets MUST be reserved in advance.

Please send your contact details to ed.emery [AT], specifying number of tickets (maximum 2 tickets per person) and the names of the people for whom they are required.

[If you are registered for the "Immaterial Labour" Conference, you do not
need to reserve a ticket.]

Antonio Negri has taught Political Science at the Universities of Padova and Paris VIII, and at the College Internationale de Philosophie. Among his many publications are the best-selling volumes "Empire" (Harvard, 2000) and "Multitudes" (Hamish Hamilton, 2004), written together with Michael Hardt. His writings have redefined the way we see globalization, and the possibilities of liberation struggles within and against globalized capital.

This lecture is part of the programme of the conference

"Immaterial Labour, Multitudes and New Social Subjects: Class Composition in Cognitive Capitalism"

to be held in the Keynes Hall, King's College, Cambridge on Saturday 29 -
Sunday 30 April 2006.

Programme details and registration forms for that conference are available at

There is also a public seminar:

The Political Meaning of the Recent Events in France
2.30 to 5.30pm Friday 28 April 2006
McCrum Theatre, Benet Street, Cambridge

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