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Victory in France?

xxxxx | 10.04.2006 19:51 | French CPE uprising 2006 | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements

The hated CPE law was scrapped this morning after weeks of protests, strikes and occupations.

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Jacques Chirac has announced the replacement of the CPE with a device in favour of getting disadvantaged young people into work.

“Upon a proposal from the Prime Minister and after having heard the presidents of the parliamentary groups and the persons in charge for the majority, the President of the Republic has decided to replace article 8 of the law on the equal opportunity [the CPE] with a device in favour of the professional insertion of the young people in difficulty [getting disadvantaged young people into work]”, reads the official statement of the presidency.

This text was published around 10 hours, report Le Monde, after a one hour long meeting in Chiracs residency the Elysée with the Prime Minister, presidents of the two assemblies, and principal persons in charge for the parliamentary majority.

At the time of a declaration his residence, the Matignon at 10.30am CET, Domenique de Villepin confirmed Chiracs statement. “I proposed to the president the replacement of article 8 of the law on the equal opportunity by measurements in favour of the professional insertion of the young people more in difficulty”, he declared, before adding that “the new private bill will be introduced as of this morning.”

He noted that “the conditions necessary of confidence and serenity are met neither on the side of the young people, nor on the side of the companies to allow the application of the contract first engages”.

“I wanted to act quickly, because the dramatic situation and the despair of many young people required it”, it has says. “I wanted to propose a strong solution, because I have the conviction that beyond the engagement necessary of the State, only a better balance between more flexibility for the companies and more safety for the employees will enable us to break with unemployment in our country”, it explained. “That was not included/understood by all, I regret it”, it added.

“For several weeks, our country has known agitation. The disorders in the universities and the high schools threaten to affect the good organization of the end of year examinations. The demonstrations on public highways endanger the safety of the young people. All that means we now needed to find a fast exit from the crisis”.

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Assemblies go on

12.04.2006 18:03

About the General Assembly in Tolbiac University, Paris, Tuesday 11 th April

After Tolbiac was closed, the Assembly General of Tolbiac met in Censier on Tuesday 11 th April, and it has consisted of about 200 students. Not bad for holliday season.

The Assembly General has voted this decision:

"The government has announced the replacement of the CPE with the developement of the extant temporary hiring terms. It has kept the CNE and the remnant of the so-called Equal Chance Act. As we have already said before the government announcement, we say the strike must go on and spread until the CNE and the so-called Equal Chance Act are brought down. We support the appeal from the National Meeting of students and workers, who met in Lyon, and who voted for the general strike to get our claims and bring down this government, and who called the trade unions to calle it at once. We decry the trade union leaders who cry "victory, victory" to stop the strike and rescue the Chirac-Villepin-Sarkozy government"

(Translated the best I could from Indymedia Paris:)