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Mayday 2007

imc-uk-features | 04.05.2007 23:00 | Mayday 2007 | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements

While most workers were still working on their 'special day', hundreds of pickets, rallies, demonstrations and other events took place throughout the world on 1st May to celebrate the International Workers Day and the social and economic struggles of the working class and labour movement.

In the UK, Mayday 2007 was marked with a series of demonstrations, actions, events, pickets and strikes throughout the country. Click at the Full article link for an overview of what went on, and see the Mayday 2007 topic page for full coverage.

So its thumbs up for M&S!
So its thumbs up for M&S!

Mayday 2007 was marked throughout the UK with a series of demonstrations, actions, events, pickets and strikes. What follows is an overview of what went on based on a collection of reports published in the IMC-UK newswires.

In Birmingham around 70 people turned out for a rally in Chamberlain square called by the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS). Earlier in the day, groups of workers picketed in defense of work conditions in various locations of the city, as part of the PCS's national discontinuous strike action. A protest against the ESOL cuts also took place in the city centre. Picket lines sprung up all over Nottingham too [Photos] and on Saturday 5th there was a Mayday march and rally in th city centre. In Sheffield over 4,000 members of the PCS joined the strike against government attacks on pay, job cuts and increasing privatisation of public services. Pickets were also in place across the city. Strikers joined other protestors for a march and rally from Moorfoot to the Town Hall.

In Liverpool, about 800 people - including many from the striking Public and Commercial Services union, marched through the city centre in a demonstration organised by Merseyside TUC. After the demonstration a group of 10 activists from the Liverpool Social Forum staged a picket outside the city's Army recruitment offices. In Glasgow a street party took place in Buchanan Street which passed peacefully despite a strong police presence [Photos]. Whilst in Wolverhampton workers and activists from across the Midlands headed to the 13th Wolverhampton Annual May Day Festival. In Chesterfield there was a Mayday march and rally on Bank holiday monday.

In London a series of events took place throughout the day. Around 1000 people marched through the city centre in the traditional Mayday demonstration called by the TUC. The march included a 200 strong autonomous workers bloc [Photos | Videos 1 | 2] After the demonstration a violent arrrest took place in Parliament Square when 6 police officers approached a lone protestor holding a "Bollocks To Blair" placard. At the same time, around 50 people shared food, drink and music in a picnic in Kennington Park organised by the Camberwell Squatted Centre under the slogan "Workers of The World, Relax!". A 15 foot Maypole topped off by a large red CCTV camera was erected before the eye of bemused officers of the law and dancing proceeded. Later in the afternoon, and in a similar spirit of cellebration, around 200 people came together in the heart of the capital's new financial district and staged a street party in Canary Warf under the name of 'Dancing In The Streets' [Photos: 1 | 2 | Video and Report | Space Hijackers report] One protestor was snatched from the crowd and arrested, and two others where fined £80 for allegedly calling the police 'Bastards' [Report and discussion | Personal account]. Earlier in the day, Feministas were also out in the streets of London with a 'Feministas Guerilla stickering campaign'.

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07.05.2007 06:07

Here's the Global MayDay roundup from The Agitator blog, with over 60 events reported, from Alicante to Zimbabwe:

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