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May Day Party Arrests Total Lack Of Solidarity

Anon. | 02.05.2007 10:42 | Mayday 2007 | Mayday 2006 | Analysis | Other Press | Repression | London

1 person arrested, and 2 people where fined £80 for calling the police 'Bastards'. the lack of solidarity with those arrested, or detained by the police was sickening, with only one attempt at a 'de-arrest' and only by two people. most of the organizers took the side of the police, trying to force the crowed to give up our mates to the cops.
Those who act with the police, are the police!

Those who attempted to get close to the first arrestee whom the police where holding by the neck and hands where shoved about on a staircase. the police threatened us with batons while taking the other two in to custody. A large man in a suit started shoving one activist, and said he was 'head of security'. a few undercover police (one a short blonde woman in a blue top) held back another activist, urging him to be peaceful. Only those who are police, or working with them would have acted so forcefully in helping the police make arrests.

One of the people fined had a cut on his head and some bruises, a women had bruises on her arm caused by a police baton and her ankle got twisted during the shoving, I sustained a few minor wounds, and I'm sure there are more minor wounds, as there was one arestee that I have not seen, and one other person got detained and fined.

We must stay united in our struggle against the state, we cannot allow our mates to be captured with out a fight. We need to remember that any one who helps the police, is them selves acting as a copper, just with out the uniform.

All cops are bastards, all who work with them are informants and traitors.



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