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Thousands of migrants demonstrate in Italy for Mayday

trans | 03.05.2007 01:23 | Mayday 2007 | Globalisation | Migration | Workers' Movements | World

More than one thousand migrants took part to a demonstration in Reggio Emilia, Italy, last 1st of may.

The demo was organized by the autonomous Comitato Lavoratori Irregolari supported by Lab. Aq16 and association Ya Basta! of Reggio Emilia.

Like their brothers and sisters in the US, on the worldwide day for precarious workers'rights, migrants workers asked for the immediate closure of all detention centres (CPTs), for the end of deportations and for the right to stay of everyone, saying that no change of the Bossi Fini law is possible without these measures.

Everyday paperless workers are exploited in Reggio Emilia and in Italy: they work without a salary, they work under unsafe conditions, they pay big rents for dreadful accomodations and everyday they risk detention in CPTs and expulsion.
Migrants from nothern and southern Africa and from Eastern Europe claimed for an immediate general regularization of all paperless migrants and denounced all profits made on migrants'shoulders.

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