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Indymedia European Newsreal #6 - now out

27-06-2003 22:00

The latest version of the Indymedia European Newsreal is now out. in Manchester are distributing the ENR6 for English language screeners. VHS's and CDroms are available or you can download and watch these films online.

As well as a selection of anti-war films, there are features about the Faslane big blockade, the Yesmen, the commercialisation of dutch education and critical mass - italian style.

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imc london: welcome to the building site!

22-06-2003 23:00

imc london is part of the imc network of the united kollektives (uk) [mission statement]. We are a local imc in transition.
Like imc london itself, the website is work in progress, an open space waiting for your input. After the Dsei Media Center, and the reporting of bush's pretzel tour the next project is an open day and social event with screenings at the end of january.
To find out more, check the archive of the imc-london email list, mail to the list, or meet us at the indymedia screenings (Spitz, Other Cinema).

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18-06-2003 19:40

Sheffield IndymediaAfter almost 4 months of planning Sheffield Indymedia's web site has been launched as part of the upgrade of the UK Indymedia web site.

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Oxford indymedia online!

17-06-2003 11:24

Oxford IMC
A group of people in Oxford joined recently to form an Oxford indymedia collective to cover local events and act as a communication tool throughout the Oxford activist community. IMC Oxford is an open-publishing platform for news, issues, actions and analysis reporting on grassroots, non-corporate, non-commercial social justice, environmental and political issues. Oxford indymedia has now its own website - for more informations about how the website works, go to this IMC UK feature - as part of the United Kollektives. See the Oxford indymedia editorial guidelines and mission statement for more informations about Oxford indymedia. The Oxford indymedia meetings and screenings are announced on this page: everyone is welcome! Don't hate the media, be the media!

If you want to get involved:
Get in touch with the Oxford indymedia collective
Join the Oxford IMC discussion list
Spread the word about Oxford indymedia and use the website! :-)

If you have any comments or suggestions about the new oxford indymedia website, click on "read more" and add a comment to this article!

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Welcome to the new imc uk site!

16-06-2003 22:00

IMC UK has changed to a new codebase (Mir). Welcome to the brand new site!
Users and moderators alike need to get used to the new code - please bear with us during this transition.
Click "Read more" for info on various browsers and instructions for publishing.
We had lots of feedback and hope you'll continue speaking up and getting involved by posting to the imc-uk list or the thread on Urban 75 [thread 1] [thread 2] Check our Documentation of the migration to Mir, the archives of the tech and features lists, and a summary of our working practices.
If you find any bugs please mail to the tech list - thanks!

we'll keep u posted
IMC United Kollektives

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Summary of previous IMC Scotland features

14-06-2003 23:00

Summary of features per month:

[October 02 | November/December 02 | January 03 | February 03 | March 03 | April 03]

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New structures.

30-04-2003 22:00

ImcScotland is at the moment building up its own Independant Media Centre. We are please to announce that with UK-IMC's planned move to a better web solution it will be easier to maintain the Scotland section on United Kollektives IMC and so should be more up to date and diverse, but please bear with us as to begin with it may take a little time to restore these features below and get posting new ones.
Feel free to contact those of us who maintain this Scotland sub section via the imc-scotland discussion email list. Also please do join this list if you wish to be involved and help IMC Scotland.

Archive of past months:
[ IMC Scotland March 03 | Camcorder Guerilla Weekend | IMC Scotland February 03 | IMC Scotland January 03 | IMC Scotland December/November 02 | IMC Scotland October 02 ]

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Don't believe the media!

21-03-2003 00:00

If you are sprayed with an unknown substance, stand and think about a cool design for a new tattoo.

With the war propaganda fighting full speed ahead an information war on our heads, independent media becomes more and more important as the ownership of the media is concentrated in fewer hands and conglomerates than ever before.

Discussion about the BBC- Blairs and Bush war-vertising Channel

Subvertising war propaganda.
Also check out Media Workers against the War!
We need your articles!
Please give us your news about what direct actions are happening in your hometown from all over, no matter how small.
If ImcUk publish does not work, please upload to North Carolina IMC and let us know about your article on the imc-uk- features email list ( imc-uk-features at ).
Please upload big files, like pictures, audio to
nc-imc .
Please publish videos on Houston IMC.
There might be technical problems with ImcUk due to high load on the server.
Please be patient. If you want to change anything about our technical abilities, please donate or get involved.
[ comment | Jo Wildings Iraq diary 19th of march | 20th of march ]

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Videoactivist training for Indymedia Scotland

09-03-2003 23:00

Indymedia Scotland hosted a three days event for video activists in Glasgow. The Camcorder Guerilla Weekend gave interested independent media makers a first taster of diy film-making with professional guidance, experiences and advice. Filmmakers from Undercurrents, I-Contact and Cultureshop mixed with community video workers and professional producers trained beginners and advanced camcorder activists in diy practical hands-on workshops, question and answer sessions, lessons by examining film-footage followed by a short introduction of the history of pictures and their composition.
The Camcorder Guerilla Weekend was also spiced with exceptional documentaries being shown for participants and public in the Glasgow Film Theatre and the Glasgow Media Access Centre.

[ report | report and video of red crew | Link to video of blue crew, realplayer format | Link to video of blue crew, windows mediaplayer format | Link to videos 2+3 | Camcorder Guerilla Weekend program]

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New structures.

02-03-2003 00:00

ImcScotland is at the moment building up its own Independant Media Centre. Please get in touch with us via the imc-scotland discussion email list. Also please do join this list if you wish to be involved and help IMC Scotland.

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WSIS Preparatory Conference Opened in Geneva

19-02-2003 23:00

On Monday 17 February, President of Prepcom Adama Samassekou opened the second preparatory conference for the WSIS - Prepcom 2. The aim of the conference, according to Samassekou, is to achieve a better understanding about content and themes of the summit. During the coming two weeks, the final declaration of the WSIS as well as the action plan will be drafted. The World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) will be the first UN summit to focus on issues of information and communication. The first part of the summit will take place in Geneva in December 2003.

Several fundamental lines of conflict already became apparent during the opening event; for example between those who propagate technology as a solution of all problems, and those who would like to extend the summit agenda to cultural and fundamental communicative issues. Diverse groups and organisations of civil society are participating in the summit preparations and will use the Prepcom to create networks, develop their own ideas, and influence the agenda in a positive way. At the same time a counter-summit is being discussed and campaigns around WSIS are already being developed.

Read more on global IMC

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The Camcorder Guerilla Weekend

09-02-2003 23:00

Camcorder Guerillas’ Weekend
MARCH 7-9 – GLASGOW INDYMEDIA SCOTLAND is organising a weekend event for Scotland ’ s “camcorder guerillas ” , bringing together radical underground film – makers with activists who want to know more about how the alternative media works and how Indymedia and political film – makers can be of use in political campaigning.

Print out the descriptions of the weekend:
[short description | long description | timetable | link to all pdf]

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Police Minister Threatens to Shutdown Indymedia and Anti-WTO Websites

08-10-2002 22:00

New South Wales Police Minister Michael Costa wants to shutdown several anti-wto websites he claims are designed to aid the violent disruption of the forthcoming World Trade Organisation meeting in Sydney in November 14-15.

The websites include Melbourne Indymedia, the melbourne no2wto network site and the Sydney based nowto network site. [Read the press release]

Melbourne Indymedia has responded by stating; The press release was an obvious attempt to "spin" the WTO event, focusing sensationalist media attention on a conflict between protesters and police rather than protesters' legitimate concerns about the WTO. All we can say is that it's a good thing that there are independent media outlets like Melbourne Indymedia to counter the daily spin of political hacks like Costa. [full story]

Dr Jude McCulloch, a lecturer in police studies, has written in a recent article concerning the protests:
A "hearts and minds" campaign against protesters is an important part of the modern day police strategy. In the lead up to the protests the police, aided by a conservative and compliant media, will vilify protesters in order to create a climate that attempts to justify any future violence against them. [full article]

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Indymedia.NL loses court case from German Railways

21-06-2002 22:00

On June 20, a Dutch court ruled that Indymedia.NL has to remove links to mirror-sites of German magazine Radikal, in a lawsuit initiated by German railway company Deutsche Bahn. Deutsche Bahn demanded that Indymedia deletes an archive page with links to sites that link through to two notorious articles on blocking nuclear transports, originally published in German magazine Radikal.

The links Indymedia.NL has to remove are part of reactions to an article on a previous lawsuit by Deutsche Bahn against Dutch internet provider XS4ALL, which hosted the Radikal page. Interestingly, only the two articles are illegal in the Netherlands, not Radikal as such. But since XS4ALL was not able to remove the articles only, it was initially forced to take down the whole site. Indymedia.NL is the first victim of the new Deutsche Bahn campaign that targets hyperlinks to the many mirror sites that sprung up after the XS4ALL case. Google and Altavista have received letters to the same effect.

The ruling of the court states that linking directly and indirectly to the illegal articles is not allowed, a worrying novelty in internet litigation. Prohibiting indirect links like this attacks one of the basic principles of the internet and severely limits the freedom of speech.

More info and updates on IMC Netherlands.

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Police Investigation against Indymedia Israel

15-05-2002 22:00


For the second time in a very short period, the Israeli police have begun an investigation against Indymedia Israel. The first investigation was instigated by the Israeli Ministry of Communication two months ago. The present one is in reference to an article tittled "Israel Starts Up Factories of Death" dated on March 29, and which had been deleted from the website newswire the same day by one of the Indymedia Israel volunteers. The current complaint being made to the police, and followed up by Israel's "National Unit for Computer Crimes", can be seen as part of a wider campaign being carried out by certain right-wing private and governmental interests, against both the democratic right to free speech and the right to privacy, with the broader intent to quash any form of critical dialogue.

Full report and an interview with a volunteer from IMC-Israel here
More info: IMC-Israel | Picture

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Angels descending on Washington DC

22-03-2002 23:00


A coalition of media activists was gathering Friday, March 22, in Washington, D.C. to confront the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the increasing monopolization of the US media. A colourful crowd, many dressed in angels costumes, demanded democratic access to communications infrastructure and an end to corporate control of information and communication.

The FCC has recently abolished a legal rule limiting the size and scope of media that one company can own. This opens the door for a new wave of mega mergers in an industry that is already characterised by massive largess and self serving cross ownership -- which threatens the publication and distribution of independent information.

Background info 1 | Background info 2 | Latest news on Indymedia DC | Video | Foto

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Rome: Reclaim Your Media

22-03-2002 23:00


On March 16th, a 20,000-strong Street Party took place in Rome to support Radio Onda Rossa and Italy IMC for free and independent information. The street party was called after four Italian social centres, allegedly housing Indymedia centres, were raided by the police on Feb 20th. During this operation the police seized audio and video material referring to the anti-G8 actions in Genova last summer, and confiscated computers, archives, and equipment needed by hundreds of Italian activists for daily cultural and political activities. In Italy the attack on independent information has also concerned Radio Onda Rossa - an independent radio station in Rome. On January 22nd, the ministry of communications officially notified that its broadcasting license will be revoked.

Report | Pictures: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | Indymedia Italy | Radio Onda Rossa | Foto

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Indymedia Caravan travels across Latin America

25-02-2002 23:00


The international Indymedia Caravan is currently in Buenos Aires (Argentina) after having been in the World Social Forum of Porto Alegre (Brazil) Indymedia volunteers from Argentina, Peru, Brazil, USA, Germany and Italy are present in the Caravan. The objectives of this project are to help strenghtening the alternative media networks in Latin America, and to co-operate in the building up of a sustainable network of independent media projects in the area. It is also closely working with activist networks in Latin America to create a space for the exchange of skills, resources and information.

This mobile Indymedia project will be in Buenos Aires for two weeks documenting the political and social process in Argentina, after the popular revolts of the 19 and 20 of December when hundreds of thousands of people took the streets of every major city in the country to protest against the current economic crisis, aggravated by the Structural Adjustment Programs imposed to the people of Argentina by the IMF and the World Bank. The Caravan is also taking active part in the project "Argentina Arde"; a counter information initiative that brings together different alternative media groups of Argentina. The next stop of this 35-day Caravan will be Bolivia. Read more...

- Indymedia Caravan website Moblile-((i))
- Indymedia Argentina
- get regular video updates from Argentina by the German video collective Kanal B

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Israel's Communication Minister gets the pie

04-07-2001 22:00


On July 4th, Indymedia activists from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem went into Israel Parliment Hall and threw a pie on the face of Rubi Rivlin, the Communication minister. The local Indymedia group is on the first steps of a campaign against the monopolization of TV infrastructure and contents. The 3 cable TV companies are on their way to merge into one monster which also owns the major newspapers and magazines in Israel. But the 5 families which hold the Israel economy don't work alone. They are supported by politicians which work on modifing existing laws not only to allow the merger, but to allow them to get the wide-band wires where they could sell also phone and Internet services.

Read more:
[ Full story | IMC Israel | Photo]

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National Association of Broadcastors in San Francisco

23-11-2000 23:00


Indybay media covered the National Association of Broadcasters convention, which has been called the WTO of the broadcasting industry. It spends millions of dollars every year lobbying to keep the airwaves out of the hands of the public. Find out more about the effort to create community radio stations and micro radio projects.

[ Indybay media | Photo ]

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