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Verdict in lost court case Indymedia.NL

Maria V. | 22.06.2002 10:26

Lay translation of the Indymedia.NL verdict

The court:

1. orders Indymedia immediately after this verdict has been signed to remove and keep removed the hyperlinks, that are located at a website under Indymedia's control, in sofar as these hyperlinks lead directly or indirectly to the Radikal articles "KLEINER LEITFADEN ZUR BEHINDERUNG VON BAHNTRANSPORTEN ALLER ART" and "AEG Productinformation", regardeless whether these links are part of messages from visitors. This at the punishment of Eur 5,000.- for every day that Indymedia neglects to adhere to this verdict, with a maximum of Eur 200,000.-.

2. orders Indymedia to pay for the costs of the case, which currently from the side of Deutsche Bahn are estimated at [a total of Eur 1,166.56].

Full Dutch text
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Maria V.