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UK University Occupations for Gaza Newswire Archive

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Minipodcast from the third night of the occupation at Nottingham Uni

31-01-2009 03:33

Listen to the members of the occupation and their experiences of the day’s events. Including four people making their Riseup Radio debuts and more insights into the University’s feeble threats.

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Wave of University Occupations

30-01-2009 19:44

Update on the University occupations in solidarity with Gaza.

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King's Occupation call demonstration

30-01-2009 11:54

King's Occupation needs your support to win their full set of demands. Support the occupations, deprive Israel of support and investment.

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Riseup Radio February- Occupation Special

30-01-2009 03:51

This months podcast comes from the Law and Social Science building, room B52. Listen here:

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Riseup Radio Report on day one of the Occupation of Nottingham University

29-01-2009 04:58

We speak to four students about their experiences on the first night of the occupation of room B62 in the Law and Social Science Building at University of Nottingham.

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Pictures of Law Faculty occupation from Sunday...

29-01-2009 01:48

Cantabridgian & Palestinian Trade Unionists come together...
In case you're wondering why I'm so late delivering these pictures, it's because I've been a bit ill this week.

Here goes...possibly what will be my last photo report from inside the occupation, given recent events.

Mind you, it's not over yet!

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(Cambridge) Statement on the behaviour of the university authorities

29-01-2009 01:07

This is the statement issued by the general assembly of the Cambridge law school occupation about their imminent threat of eviction.

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Update on law school occupation

29-01-2009 00:51

At about 9pm the university closed the doors of the occupation not
allowing anyone to go in any more. A statement from the university was
distributed inside stating that the occupiers were trespassing (but of
course no injunction -- therefore not making it an actual legal issue
yet.) A group of about 50 people were outside to show their
solidarity, including lots of people who had left the occupation to be
present at the CUSU (student union) meeting where motions relating to
the occupation were discussed.

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Breaking News: Student Occupation at Nottingham University

28-01-2009 23:24

A sizable group of Nottingham students have tonight occupied a large lecture hall in the Law and Social Sciences building at Nottingham University. This action appears to be both in solidarity with the people of Gaza, and in defence of students' own right to protest and free speech, and students have already indicated a number of demands for action on the part of the University.

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Eviction Threat at Cambridge Gaza Occupation

28-01-2009 22:05

The following is from the Cambridge Gaza Solidarity Occupation at the Law Faculty...

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Sheffield Hallam Occupied in Solidarity with Gaza

28-01-2009 20:40

Students of Sheffield this evening occupied an upper floor lecture theater in Sheffield Hallam University after a meeting on the conflict in Gaza.

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Bradford Uni occupation for Gaza a success!

28-01-2009 13:44

At midday today an agreement was reached with the university management, ending negotiations and the occupation. We thank everybody who has contributed towards this success; the students for taking part, the staff for their friendly comments, our MP for his support and the university management for their prompt willingness to meet with us.

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Sussex Occupation Declares Victory

28-01-2009 11:39

At half past nine last night, an agreement was reached with the university management, ending negotiations and the occupation. We thank everybody who has contributed towards our success in achieving our demands.

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Speech of Craig Murray to Students Occupying Cambridge University Law Faculty

28-01-2009 03:03

Despite being denied proper access to the Law Faculty building, ex-ambassador Craig Murray spoke and answered questions from the entrance for over 45 minutes. He spoke on the US war in Central Asia for control over natural gas pipelines, Lord Taylor of Blackburn and other war profiteers, and anti-Muslim propaganda in the media. Murray explicitly supported several key demands of the occupation as reasonable: that the university withdraw investment from the arms trade; that there be bursaries for Palestinian students; and that the university condemn Israel's recent actions towards Gaza.

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Bradford Students occupy University Boardroom in solidarity with Gaza.

27-01-2009 13:33

Following a midday rally in the centre of campus, over 80 students took occupation of the university's boardroom. The previous week, students had voted to submit various demands to the university relating to the Gaza conflict but the Vice-Chancellor has yet to respond fully.

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Sussex University Occupation Interview

27-01-2009 13:21

In solidarity with the people of Gaza, students at Sussex University have now occupied a leacture theater for over a week. Yesterday Last Hours interviewed a student that has been involved with the occupation.

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Cambridge occupation latest photos

26-01-2009 22:39

Lots of changes today at the occupation, that got visited by the proctors, and where people not belonging to the university see their access blocked again. Check the blog for details at:

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Latest news and comment from the Cambridge Occupied Law School

26-01-2009 02:39

I just spent the last 6 hours at the Law School occupation in Cambridge – this is the last report from Sunday evening / Monday early morning. It seems the university has issued an ultimatum for students to clear the school by Sunday midnight, which still has to happen, as people are slowly drifting to sleep in the lecture theatres. It seems they otherwise have refused to continue negotiations which has not allowed for any progress on the demands or people to go home. The music night planned was delayed by a talk from students of Sussex University that is still under occupation, as well as a last plenary for the evening.

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Sussex occupation: Discussion on boycott of Israel Mon 7pm

25-01-2009 21:59

Please join us to discuss the question of the boycott of Israeli produce and academic institutions tomorrow at 7pm in our occupied space: Arts A2.