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UK University Occupations for Gaza Newswire Archive

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Latest report from the plenary of the Cambridge University Law School

25-01-2009 19:00

A quick report from the plenary discussion in the Cambridge occupation, Sunday 25 January 2009 evening.

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LSE-Palestine Solidarity Initiative hails outcome of student resistance

25-01-2009 18:01

The founders of the Palestine Solidarity Initiative ( have welcomed the outcome of a 7-day theatre occupation by LSE students at the end of which the School administration conceded to several of their demands.

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The Law Faculty occupation continues...

25-01-2009 15:36

In the light of other campuses facing evictions of activists, the occupation at Cambridge's Law Faculty continues apace.

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Montreal: professors and university employees call for Israel boycott

25-01-2009 07:54

We are a group of teachers and employees at Quebec colleges and universities who stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people, and with the people of Gaza who have suffered through the Israeli siege as targets of Israel’s brutal military attack. It will take more than ceasefires to bring a just and lasting peace in Palestine and Israel. We are acting in response to an appeal for support issued January 2, 2009 by the Palestinian Federation of Unions of University Professors and Employees. In the wake of the Israeli bombing of the Islamic University of Gaza, the Federation of Unions has urged academics around the world to support a boycott of Israeli academic institutions.

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The Law Faculty Occupation - further developments.

24-01-2009 03:24

Meeting between students and building staff, with a Proctor present.
Currently there is a something of a low level power struggle going on inside the Law Faculty between the Proctors, other building staff and the occupying students.

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Analysis of UK University Occupations.

24-01-2009 01:37

Initial response to the wave of occupations in a dozen universities across the country in solidarity with Gaza. The Theorillas [Theory-Guerillas] are an affinity group throwing theory at the movement.

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First photos from the Cambridge Uni occupation for Gaza

24-01-2009 00:02

Some first pic, of the vote to occupy, a talk from Iraqui trade unionist, and the Proctor's visit. More info on:

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Cambridge University Gaza Solidarity Occupation

23-01-2009 21:39

An eyewitness report from the Cambridge University Occupation in
solidarity with Gaza

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Kings College London on Strand still occupied

23-01-2009 11:22

A lecture theatre at KCL has been occupied since 10am Tuesday... still going strong... large numbers have been overnighting since Tuesday..

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Warwick Uni Still Occupied

23-01-2009 11:05

48 hours in, the Warwick Occupation is going strong and momentum is building.

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Leeds Uni building still occupied!

23-01-2009 10:29

At 4.30 on the 22nd Jan, Botany House was occupied in protest to Israel's campaign of bloodshed against the Palestinians...

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University of Birmingham Free Gaza demo - 22/01/09

22-01-2009 23:40

the crowd gathers
Following an occupation on Tuesday in solidarity with Gaza, around 200 students gathered on the University of Birmingham's main campus for the Free Gaza demo, organised by a coalition of societies from the Guild of Students. There was also a small 'unauthorized' zionist 'peace' counter-demo separated by the presence of stewards, security, and police.

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The Siege of LR4 - Birmingham occupation ends

22-01-2009 21:53

The occupation of Arts LR4, University of Birmingham, which began at 9am on Tuesday 20 January, ended at around 9pm on the same day after 12 hours in. West Midlands Police and university security lay siege to the building from 7pm in a bid to isolate the protesters. The occupiers were denied access to water and food (from outside) and had to blockade the lecture theatre as police and security massed outside it...

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Leeds Uni Occupied!

22-01-2009 18:24

Leeds University has been occupied!

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Leeds University building occupied

22-01-2009 17:01

Students have occupied a building in the centre of Leeds uni campus, in protest of the Israeli slaughter.

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Occupation of Manchester Metropolitan University in solidarity with Gaza

22-01-2009 16:38

MMU Students are currently occupying lecture theatre 7 of the Geoffrey Manton building in solidarity with Gaza

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Manchester Met - 10th uk university occupied in solidarity with gaza

22-01-2009 14:59

Manchester Met - 10th uk university occupied in solidarity with gaza

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Oxford occupation for Gaza

22-01-2009 13:36

In the first week of term, over 80 Oxford University students have occupied the historic Bodleian building to demand that the university releases a statement condemning the attack on Gaza and cancel the lecture series at Balliol College inaugurated by Shimon Peres.