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Warwick Uni Still Occupied

Chris | 23.01.2009 11:05 | University Occupations for Gaza | Palestine | Birmingham

48 hours in, the Warwick Occupation is going strong and momentum is building.

We've made it to a third day, and have an exciting schedule of events for this afternoon. After lunch, there will be a letter writing session sending messages of solidarity to schoolchildren in Gaza. At two we'll be holding a theatre workshop, at four a debate on possible solutions to the conflict, and at five, councillor Rob Winsor will be speaking. Then Friends of Palestine will be hosting a talk on the conflict and it's humanitarian implications. From eight onwards we'll be holding a film session, with both serious and more relaxed films.

Spirits remain high, and support is growing, both within the University and around the UK. In solidarity,
Warwick Occupation

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