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Bradford Uni occupation for Gaza a success!

bradford student | 28.01.2009 13:44 | University Occupations for Gaza | Palestine

At midday today an agreement was reached with the university management, ending negotiations and the occupation. We thank everybody who has contributed towards this success; the students for taking part, the staff for their friendly comments, our MP for his support and the university management for their prompt willingness to meet with us.

Following an intense but mostly amicable 24 hour long occupation of the university boardroom, the university agreed to join the students in condemning violence and to take various practical steps in solidarity with the Palestinians. There was agreement regarding twinning with the Islamic University of Gaza, ethical investment, financial support/scholarships for Palestinian students, fund-raising, and raising the issue of Interpal with Lloyds TSB, the university's bank amongst other things.

See for more info.

Solidarity with the other occupations!

bradford student


full text of the agreement

28.01.2009 17:19

Here is the full text so people can judge for themselves:
The University of Bradford and Gaza

1. The University of Bradford Student Union and an ad hoc group of students have articulated their concerns over recent events in Gaza in two submitted documents.
2. I had the opportunity to hear their concerns in a meeting which was also attended by the Chair of Council and the DVC.
3. The University reiterated that it has already:
a. Sent out a message of sympathy to all staff and students at the University who might be affected by recent events in Gaza together with information on getting support from University offices
b. Informed UBU that it has no investments in CAT
c. Communicated a statement about the strong ethical guidelines that inform our investment strategy.
d. Set up payment facilities for disaster relief to Gaza within the University
e. Agreed that the food and drink task force should consult with staff and students about the ethical status of products sold on campus.
4. Following discussions with the student meeting the University will:
a. Write to Lloyds Bank to seek an explanation of policy regarding banking facilities for Interpal.
b. Include the on-going issue of revisions to our ethical investment policy at Investment Committee
c. Provide a list of companies for whom we hold shares in our investment portfolio to UBU for comment and discussion
d. Explore the feasibility of a twinning link with the Islamic University of Gaza subject to the usual due diligence that has to be done by any UK University in formalising such links.
e. Consider a range of forms of support (financial hardship grants; scholarships) for students in financial difficulty as a consequence of the events in Gaza.
5. The University joins with the students in condemning violence wherever it occurs and wishes to express its commitment to the principles of peace, justice and the rule of international law.

Mark Cleary
Vice Chancellor



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