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Riseup Radio February- Occupation Special

riseup | 30.01.2009 03:51 | University Occupations for Gaza | Free Spaces | Palestine

This months podcast comes from the Law and Social Science building, room B52. Listen here:

On this month’s very special show we have music from Fredia May and her impromptu orchestra. Guest presenters Green Tom and HatMatt, along with Eva and Jaques interview the inhabitants of B62 L.A.S.S. Those inhabitants include Musab about Anarchism and Nationalism, Saleh about his response to the J-Soc retaliation, Aimee about creating a social space within a hierachical institution, Corin about the tactics of the occupation and as an added bonus Sharon joins us to discuss the landroots project. All rounded off with a 20 minute mix from Jack the Scarecrow playing a host of Nottingham produced bass music.

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