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UK May Day 2004 Newswire Archive

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Mayday proposal and meeting - Against the terrorism of everyday life

03-03-2006 23:15

Meeting to discuss what to do for this year's Mayday. 7pm Wednesday 8th March at the Square social centre, London, Russell Square.

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Dublin May Day charges thrown out of court.

12-11-2004 13:49

All charges against Polly Murphy and Joe Girardi are dismissed in Dublin trial.

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WOMBLES May Day cases adjourned

21-09-2004 13:21

Judge slams state over over lack of colleagues

Two people who were arrested in the run-up to the Dublin May Day 2004 weekend had their cases adjourned today (Monday) at the Dublin District Court due to a shortage of judges.

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un reve illusoire

08-09-2004 11:24

L’Algérie et son voisin de l’ouest ne se sont, en
réalité, jamais entendus depuis l’année 1975, date de
l’annexion du SAHARA OCCIDENTAL par l’armée marocaine.
Derrière, donc , les larges sourires que les
officiels des deux pays frères ennemis offrent aux
téléspectateurs se cache beaucoup d’arrière pensée
,d’hypocrisie et une haine mal contenue qui s’exprime
parfois les coups de gueule et parfois par la presse

Ce grand malentendu historique lié directement à
l’affaire du SAHARA OCCIDENTAL, necessite la
stabilisation du « mercure »pour ne pas tourner au
drame puisqu’il suffit dans certains cas d’une
malencontreuse déclaration aussi bien au Maroc qu’en
Algérie pour que l’avenir su grand Maghreb arabe
balance d’un coté comme de l’autre.
En effet après la suppression de façon unilatérale du
« fameux »visa imposé pour les algériens désirant se
rendre au royaume chérifien et ce à l’occasion du
cinquième anniversaire de la succession au trône du
roi Mohamed V ,les autorité algériennes ,au lieu
d’en faire de même ont préféré opter pour
l’indifférence et le maintien de la fermeture de la
frontière terrestre entre les deux pays jusqu'à nouvel

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Alert On Ontario MD's!

09-07-2004 22:03

Alert On Ontario MD's! A Penetrating Analysis of Corruption In Ontario's HEALTHCARE System.

According to a CMAJ-JAMC report on medical ethics "The profession has accepted that dishonesty is necessary because of the dire consequences of being truthful.".

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Dublin Mayday Update: Polly (uk arrestee) + witness appeal + more...

21-05-2004 08:30

Updates from indymedia ireland and other sources - main article on the outrageous treatment being given to Polly and others for a VERY MINOR matter - obviously part of a political persecution...

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New 1 in 12 Club Anarchist Library Grand Opening

20-05-2004 20:19

Protag performs the ceremonial cutting of the ribbon
The 29th of April saw the grand opening of the 1 in 12 Clubs new library in the recently renovated top floor room of its Bradford premises. Invited guests and friends enjoyed fine food, wine and humorous speeches as two seperate collections of books were brought together in one space. The original 1 in 12 Club's Albert Meltzer Collection, opened by the veteran anarchist in 1996, now combined with 1,500 new titles bequeathed to the club by the late Bradford anti-fascist Reuben Goldberg.

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12-05-2004 22:09

Protestors outside Gasgow City Chambers
Account of May Day 2004 in Glasgow, with pictures

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mayday Farmleigh video

12-05-2004 14:14

The video footage is of the black bloc trying to force their way through gardai lines. As you see it is quite 'fluffy' and looks a bit like a friendly 'mosh'. It was shot with my arm over the shoulder of a garda which is why it sometimes looks almost as if the camera is behind police lines.

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Fortress Dublin? Report by Dublin Grassroots Network

12-05-2004 08:25

Fortress Dublin? - The criminalisation of protest and the demonisation of dissent.

It consists of two parts: firstly a chronicle of recent events giving rise to concern from the moment of the banning of the Farmleigh march; secondly a dossier of "dirty tricks" which we prepared before the banning of the march and released on Friday, April 30th.

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Anarchy in Dublin Against the EU - A Personal Report

12-05-2004 08:13

A personal account from a member of the Black Bloc about the events in Dublin, including anarchist and Irish history and tactical discussion.

Alexander Trocchi - IMC-Scotland Monday, May 10

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Evaluation of IMC Facilities in Dublin (EU Mayday Mobilisation)

12-05-2004 08:10

Text of an evaluation doc sent to indymedia ireland email list after the dublin eu mayday mobilisation, where it's become one part of an ongoing discussion and review process following the events in dublin.

We thought it should also be published here.

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Irish SWP call Mayday organisers "Thatcher's Children"

12-05-2004 00:44

The Irish SWP have been caught in an embarressing slip. Within 36 hours of the biggest and most militant anti-capitalist march that the country has seen in decades, the SWP produced a leaflet which they handed out on the RTS in Dublin on Monday May 3rd. In this leaflet they denounced the libertarian organisers of the march as "Thatcher's children" for not preventing people from advancing and trying to push through police lines.

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Dublin Monday Mayday pictures - solidemo and streetparty

09-05-2004 14:34

Banners to get the street party moving
Around Mayday, in the city of Dublin the presidents of the EU celebrated their new expansion of globalisation via the Eastern European States.
Here are some pictures from the prisoner solidarity demonstration outside Mountjoy Prison in Dublin and the start of the RTS streetparty.

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May Day Magical Activists

09-05-2004 10:01

On Mayday a group of pagan political activists, under the banner of "the May Day Magical Activists (MDMA)" composed of members of the Dionysian Underground, the Serpent Goddess, Chaos Planet and other paganarchist and anarcho-surrealist groups, gathered at St Brides church for a day of magical activism, serpentine networking and apple crunching through the streets of the city of London.

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Lancaster Mayday Pix (2 of 2)

06-05-2004 15:18

Your Community Needs You!
more pix from lancaster mayday mayhem

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Lancaster Mayday Pix (1 of 2)

06-05-2004 15:15

punx picnic...
pictures of Reclaim Mayday/Mayday Mayhem Lancaster...